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On the other hand, those explanations do help the reader conceptualize the mechanisms that are responsible for their moods and for the reactions that may otherwise seem to be completely unexplainable or irrational judging purely by the manner in which they are experienced subjectively. This continual juxtaposition between the world of neurological processes and the external world of everyday perception of mood and impulse is extremely helpful to the reader and may also provide a basis for imposing a form of self-regulation along the same lines of traditional biofeedback principles.

Reflection about Psychology Self-Help Books in General

In general, this genre of literature exhibits a very wide range of quality, primarily because there are no formal requirements on who can refer to himself as an expert provided he or she does not use any of the specific terms (such as "psychotherapist") whose use is regulated by state and federal law. As a general rule, one should always research the professional credentials, formal training, and professional certifications and acknowledgments of the author of such works before assuming that the information provided is necessarily accurate, applicable, and useful. Another danger is that certain psychological symptoms and conditions are attributable to bona-fide illnesses that require professional attention and/or regulation through psychotropic medications. If individuals suffering from these types of conditions rely exclusively on self-help books, they could remain untreated and continue to suffer needlessly. Otherwise, as long as the reader performs due diligence with respect to researching the credentials and expertise of the author, some self-help books can indeed be very helpful. This particular work seems to be an example of just such a book.
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