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¶ … Professional Growth Through Mentoring and Coaching

Since the year 1995, over a hundred persons have received training to become mentors, within Ohio State's Extension. Yearly appraisal of its mentoring initiative has revealed that most proteges feel their program development and implementation skills have been enhanced; they also feel the program has aided them in understanding their workplace's economic and political environment. Proteges as well as mentors reported that their interactions were carried out in a relaxed and calm setting. This article concentrates on employee coaching and mentoring approaches within the Extension. By presenting research works and discussing latest applications, authors of the paper examine the differences between, and common benefits of, coaching and mentoring. The article cites numerous examples of processes implemented in the 'Extension' for supporting the ideas (Kutilek & Earnest, 2011).

Personal success story or experience that you have had with a mentor or a job coach

I had an amazing experience in the role of program assistant last year, for the "Mentoring for Success" initiative. This initiative enabled me to understand that hard work, motivation, and perseverance go a long way to aid us in our personal and professional development. In specific, the support and resultant reward for my dedicated work for this initiative helped me inculcate within myself numerous crucial communication and work-related skills in the past year. I believe this role wasn't only a mere job, as I felt I was benefiting and working for not only others, but myself as well. I could undertake projects, aid and guide my peers, work in close collaboration with...


Thus, I can gladly profess that I wholly enjoyed my work with the "Mentoring for Success" initiative, and had a good time working in cooperation with my helpful, humble colleagues in the past year.

Does attempting to guarantee an alleged "right" to health care violate actual individual rights that require a person to buy something he or she does not want?

The notion that Obamacare steals one's freedom is untrue. It can't and doesn't make any individual do something they don't desire, in connection with their personal healthcare. The lone example of restrictions is the requirement of either purchasing insurance or paying a tax. It is a false claim that Obamacare costs citizens their freedom. Rather, citizens will most probably be saving money and accessing more regulated Affordable Care. Everyone will be able to enjoy improved preventive services, as well as the security that they will not be left unaided when unwell or denied services for any preexisting health issue.

Will the structure of Obama's health care plan cause employers to stop providing health care and expect the government to pay for it?

No. By the year 2016, small companies having between 50 and 99 FTE (full-time equivalent) workers will be required to begin insuring them. Companies having a minimum of 100 workers will have to provide health…

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