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Schizophrenia Website


This is an article about schizophrenia.

This is an article about Schizophrenia posted on the Canadian Psychiatric Association's (CPA) website.


The information presented on the CPA's website is very accurate. The website is edited by psychologists and professionals in the field and the information is vetted by the CPA, which is a leading authority in Canada and internationally psychological issues and illnesses. The information presented on this site is a brochure on schizophrenia that was funded by a public health education grant.

The information on the website is provided by freelance writers who work for Demand Studios. Demand studios provides freelance writers with topic titles to write about and then the writers follow pre-formatted templates to create articles about the provided topics. Freelance writers then submit their writing to a copy-editor who is supposed to fact check the information and sources provided in the article, but the copy-editors are also freelance workers. Thus, the information presented on this site may or may not be provided by an expert in the field. The topics are not restricted to freelance writers who have experience with the topic, anyone can write about any topic, so the person writing about schizophrenia may not have any actual professional knowledge of the topic. However, the information is fact checked, so it can be considered more accurate than information presented on sites that do not provide fact-checking services.


The CPA is an authority on mental health issues and as such is quite qualified to provide a brochure on schizophrenia. The specific author of the brochure is not named, but it is attributed to the association itself. The CPA is very reputable as an organization and has a number of academic journals that it publishes. As such, the information on their website can likely be trusted to be accurate. is reputable in terms of being an information source on the internet, but not reputable in terms of being an accurate source of information in comparison to academic sources of peer-reviewed sources. There are fact-checking processes in place, but it is still entirely possible for false information or less than accurate information to be published on this site. The individuals doing the fact checking are not any more familiar with the topics than the individuals writing the articles and as such the information is not highly scrutinized prior to publication. In general the information on Ehow is…

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