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The Phenomena of "The Beatles"

The purpose of this work is to explore how "The Beatles" have influenced the way that we make, compose, play and record music and as well what is unique about "The Beatles" in relation to that which they have accomplished.

It is astoundingly and incredibly amazing in comprehension that a group of young men from England singing a few tunes in nondescript attire of suits and ties would change the entire music industry in the timeframe of just a few years and still be affecting the music world and industry nearing fifty years later. The stamina and popularity of "The Beatles" as well as their music has not faded even today and all predictions are that their music and legacy will live on for quite some time to come.

" Talkin Bout a Revolution":

"The Beatles" were a revolution in and of themselves as they entered the United States with the force of a Tornado and had everyone 'Living in a Yellow Submarine

' or either in 'Strawberry Fields Forever'

. When John Lennon wrote the lyrics "you say you want a revolution ... well you know, we all want to change the world" one must consider that perhaps he and the other group members at least had some idea that they were doing just that. "The Beatles" were a phenomenon that as of yet words have been found by no-one to render a full explanation of what it was that instantaneously brought them fame. Although their first three releases were not hits, the release of "Hard Days Night"

in 1964 was an unpredictable success that started the Beatle-mania revolution within the United States and throughout the modern world. The entire music industry as well as the way that music is played and even conceived was redefined by the bright-eyed boys in the black suit and ties. "The Beatles" wrote their own songs which have been called "magnificent" among other things and the fact is that "The Beatles" held some essence of brilliance within themselves in terms of their talent as well as their interactions with the media and public. (Goldsmith 2004)

II. Changes in the Music Industry Norms:

"The Beatles" were noted for their advanced and revolutionary use of the studio as a tool in their composition of music. (Glassman 2001) The group members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. This group first became the choice among the boomers generation in Britain and the United States but it didn't take long before the entire world was theirs as well as their astounding success claims records sales of over 1.3 billion albums.

"The Beatles" were originally a "high-energy pop band" in the "Twist and Shout" style.

However, as they were influenced by other artists their style matured and developed. The debut appearance of "The Beatles" on Ed Sullivan's tonight show is a moment in history that will not be soon forgotten. Fans near worshiped the group and hysterical displays were the norm at the appearance of "The Beatles" in public performances.

Their appearance drew what was estimated to be 73 million viewers and the appearance has been named "an audience benchmark."(Gundersen 2004)

The later part of the sixties witnessed the hippies, peace, love, free sex and drugs while "The Beatles" were busy with progressive use of "studio tricks such as sound processing, unconventional microphone placements, and vari-speeding recording along with use of unconventional instruments inclusive of "string, brass elements, Indian instruments, tape loops and early electronic instruments.

" Compared to the other musical artists of the day the sound of "The Beatles" was a sound that contained more depth and more dimensions and created a whole new standard in music as well as shredding the norms and shaking up the entire industry worldwide.

III. Songwriting is for Performers Too:

Before the entrance of "The Beatles" onto the scene it was the general practice of musical performer to hire their songs written by professional songwriters however, as "The Beatles" wrote their own music, the standard in the industry shifted and more and more performers began striving to hone their own songwriting skills.

In an interview with "The Christian Science Monitor" magazine, Carl Grefenstette, a Pittsburgh-based vintage guitar dealer and Beatlephile stated of "The Beatles" that:

"The Beatles" impact was multidimensional…[continue]

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