Does my membership include unlimited access to all of your learning tools?

Yes, once you sign up you would get unlimited access to all of our learning tools (flash card generator, citation generator, conclusion generator, outline generator, topic / title generator, question / answer forum and more.

You do not have many documents on my specific topic or college course, where can I find them?

With the amount of topics and courses available there is always the slight possibility we will not have documents on your specific area.

Can I ask a specific question about my assignment, to help me complete it?

Of course you can! All our paid subscribers and visitors have the ability to ask any question(s) for free. You would receive a detailed response to your question(s) within 2-4 hours of posting. You can post your question now.

Will my college allow me to use this service?

Absolutely! The purpose of our service is to provide students with a sample / template / guideline / reference / educational tool in helping them complete their assignments. All our subscribers must adhere to our strict "student honor code".

How do I cite information from a document I found on your website?

You would cite any paper on our website the same way you would cite information taken from other websites. You can review the various methods for citing a website at the following link: How to Cite Paperdue / Electronic Inspiration LLC.

My copyrighted material was found on your website without my permission, how do I get it taken down?

Please submit a takedown request or send an email to [email protected] including a link to your copyrighted material, and we will have it removed from our index.

Billing FAQ

How do I cancel my subscription with Paperdue?

We offer seven convenient online and offline methods to cancel your account 24/7/365 days a year:

1 : You can go to the cancel account page. click here

2 : Or you can send an email to our support department ([email protected])

3 : Or you can contact us via our toll-free support telephone during normal business hours at 1-800-797-9968. Our local phone number for our International customers would be 1-786-923-8617. During non-office hours you can leave a message providing your customer # for cancelling your account. Your customer number can be found in your email receipt or in your customer control panel.

4 : Or you can login to your account, click on "Account Settings" and cancel your account.

5 : Or you can contact us via live chat and request that your account be canceled.

6 : Or you can send a text message to 1-786-923-8617.

7 : Finally, you can send a fax to our office at 1-786- requesting your account be canceled.

Can I still use my account after I cancel?

Yes, you would still have unrestricted use of your account until your re-bill date. After that time you would need to reactivate your account and pay for the next month before you can continue using our service.

Can I receive a refund for my subscription?

You are responsible for any initial charge to your credit card if the service provided was utilized. You are free to cancel your subscription / account at any time to avoid additional billing. Any refunds or credits are at the discretion of our billing team.

In the event a refund is granted, how long does it take to receive?

It normally takes 3-4 business days for a refund or credit to post to your statement. If after this time you have still not received your refund, please contact our support department as [email protected] so we can further investigate.

How do I know my next billing date?

Login to your customer control panel and in your account information you will see the next date your account will be billed.

I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it or reset it?

Please visit our "Forgot Password" page to reset your password.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my current membership plan?

Login to your customer control panel and click "Plan Options". You will then be given the options for upgrading or downgrading your account to another package, and all costs (if any) involved in doing so.