How to Use Our Plagiarism & AI Checker

Using the plagiarism and AI checker is easy. You paste your paper text or upload your writing and set the tool to check for plagiarism or AI produced text. Our AI already knows to eliminate commonly grouped together words or phrases to avoid highlighting these common terms as plagiarism. It then highlights material you submitted that is substantially similar to other writing found online. You can then compare what you have written with the original results. Is it a quotation that you neglected to properly site? Is it original writing that is uncomfortably close to source material? Is it accidental plagiarism? Whatever it is, once you are aware of the issue, you can fix it.

Copy / Paste Paper Text
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  • Fix Grammar Errors

    You should be using a grammar checker before you turn in any academic writing. However, MS Word’s Editor and even basic word processing programs can miss some common errors. Give your paper a higher-level once-over by using our plagiarism checker.

  • Find Accidental Plagiarism

    When we think of plagiarism, we think of someone intentionally using another’s work. Most plagiarism is accidental and the result of forgetting that you saw an idea, thought, or even a sentence in someone else’s work. Our plagiarism checker will let you know if your writing was properly cited, helping you avoid accidental academic dishonesty.

  • AI Text Detection

    Our AI text detection tool harnesses advanced algorithms to accurately identify, analyze, and interpret textual data from various online sources. Ideal for improving your text, and making sure that all of your outside information is properly cited.

  • Become a Better Writer

    Learning from all of your mistakes will help you become an improved writer, which will result in higher quality assignments. Great recommendations can make the difference between an "A" and an "F".


One of the great things about the internet is that it puts thousands of resources about almost any topic at your fingertips. This greatly simplifies research, and searches that may have taken hours, days, or even weeks a few decades ago can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. You can get access to quality academic writing about a variety of topics and use it as a resource in your own writing. This is great.

Well, except for when it is not. Having access to so many sources also makes it difficult to find sources that you professors have not encountered. Exposure to so many sources also makes it very difficult to write something that seems original. In fact, exposure to such a wide variety of sources makes it entirely possible that you will do all of your research and then sit down to write, accidentally incorporating someone else’s work as your own. The fact that your professors have the same access to the entire internet that you have means that plagiarism, whether accidental or intentional, is not going to be overlooked. Instead of getting back a decent grade for your hard work, you could be facing charges of academic dishonesty.

It does not have to be this way. Paperdue’s Plagiarism Checker allows you to upload your writing to check for plagiarism. Our algorithm looks for similarities between work you are submitting and other works that are available online. It will highlight the troubling section, so that you can paraphrase or appropriately quote material, depending on what is required. Even better, it does this without loading your writing into the existing plagiarism checker for your school.

Customizing your Plagiarism Checker Search

We think that the broader your plagiarism detector search, the more likely it is that you will check any instances of accidental plagiarism and keep yourself from being wrongly accused of academic dishonesty. What is accidental plagiarism? It is when you see someone else’s writing and inadvertently include that same writing, either exactly or very similarly, in your own writing, under the mistaken belief that it is your original material. While it is an impossible thing to defend, it is actually not uncommon, especially if your research has included a number of different resources. Broadly setting your search parameters allows you to detect instances of inadvertent plagiarism.

Plagiarism and AI Detection

If your social media looks like ours, you are getting tons of ads for AI essay-writing services. It can be tempting to use one of them, especially when you have an assignment due and a bad case of writer’s block. The problem is that schools know about AI, too. They are using AI detection tools to see if a person or a computer wrote your essay. Of course, these tools are imperfect. Sometimes, they detect AI, even when you wrote it all yourself. Use our AI detector to make sure that your essay is not going to trigger a false positive when you turn it in.  

Terms of Art and Common Phrases

One of the biggest problems with many plagiarism detectors is that they do not understand terms of art or other common phrases you are likely to find on a topic. For example, if you are writing a paper for law school it is going to feature legal terms that are sufficiently specific that they might require quotations in other contexts but are simply terms of art in the legal context. Likewise, if you are writing a paper about Romeo and Juliet, you are probably going to use the term “star-crossed lovers” somewhere in the paper. It is not original, but it is also not something that needs to be attributed to another writer.

Help from the Beginning

Some writers really struggle with how to turn great research into great writing. Assume that you have done the work and found several high-quality sources that can really contribute to your academic topic. How do you change that research into a great paper? How do you strike the balance between including enough research and writing your own original material for an academic paper? You can use our plagiarism checker to help you with the process. Instead of waiting until you have finished your entire paper to check your writing, write your first paragraph or two and then use the tool. It will help you determine whether or not you are including enough original content in your writing.

Help During the Writing Process

All writers struggle with balancing original content and properly cited resources. The struggle can even vary for writers from topic to topic. For many writers, the more familiar the topic, the easier it is to write original material. Conversely, if the topic is one with which a writer was unfamiliar before beginning the research project process, it can be difficult to incorporate the information you have learned into your paper in a fresh and original way.

We suggest using two of our tools together to help you master more original writing. Use the Plagiarism Checker to highlight areas of your paper that are too familiar to works already in existence. Then, use the paraphrasing tool to help you change the way the paper is written and make it more original. You can go back and forth between the tools, tweaking your results until you find something fresh, original, and free from even accidental plagiarism.

Our plagiarism tool is also a great way to use our example essays to help you write. If you are confused about a topic or the format of a specific type of essay, our example essays serve as a great template for your own original work. However, it can be difficult to work with an example essay without incorporating too much of it into your own work. Using our plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tool, and example essays you can use the template to create your own unique works, while still having the help provided by a high-quality example essay.!

Let Our Tools Help Reduce the Stress of Writing

At Paperdue, our goal is to turn you into the best writer you can be. This means working with your own innate talents and abilities and highlighting them in any paper that you write. Our tools help you turn your raw ideas into highly polished academic writing.


Do not get hit with claims of academic dishonesty. Make sure you run all of your works through a plagiarism checker before you submit it for credit. The reality of modern education is that your schools are using plagiarism detection software on student works; you should make sure you use it as well.