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Response To Colleague Neuroanatomy And Psychiatry

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Discussion Board Topic: Neuroanatomy and PsychiatryIn this post, my classmate opted to focus on neuroanatomy and psychiatry. As has been highlighted in the write-up, mental illnesses have largely increased in the United States and the demand for treatment interventions that have fewer side effects has led to development of neuropsychopathology approaches. This is more so the case given that mental illnesses are associated with the brains functioning and physical structure. According to Quach et al. (2016) the brain is a complex network of systems which supports memory, learning, action, thought, and emotion. Therefore, neural network disorders are associated with mental disorders. Psychiatric diseases have different phenotypes which are difficult to define (Najera et al., 2017). Therefore, as highlighted by my colleague, systems biology happens to be one of the most effective approach used in neuropsychopathology for the clinical treatment of mental illnesses.A systems approach comes in handy in the diagnosis…… [Read More]

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Impact Of Family Therapy On Members

Words: 3393 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 26798091

Vulnerable Children & FamiliesPart 1Interrogation Vs. Trauma-Informed Therapy Session1. Compare and contrast three differences in the two interviews. The police officers were dismissive and unempathetic, while the therapist was empathetic and respectful of the victim.The police officers seemed to care more about the differences they had uncovered in her statement to them and others, and they never seemed to care about how her trauma could be impacting her memory of the events. The therapist was categorical that whether her statement was true or not, it did not matter, displaying empathy and understanding. She focused on solving her trauma and did not care about her incorrect or different statements. Since there were different reports regarding the days events, the police officers dismissed Maries rape report and accused her of lying based on the victims past. The therapist did not focus on her lying aspect, and she was welcoming of Marie by…… [Read More]

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Prison Culture And Restorative Justice

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Prisoners with Ties to TerrorismDescribe and Explain the unique challenges associated with the increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and other extremist groups. Develop a plausible approach that prison administrators could implement in tackling some of the most significant challenges.One of the challenges associated with the increase in prisoners with ties to terrorism and other extremist groups is the problem of preventing terrorist recruitment in correctional institutions (Hamm, 2007). Another challenge is that prisons can often be where inmates are first introduced to radicalization (Siegel et al., 2019). However, as Jones (2014) notes, it is not necessarily a given outcome that terrorist prisoners will recruit or radicalize others; in fact, a lot of it depends on the type of programs the prison has available. An additional concern is the culture of the prison and whether or not it is giving inmates the dignity they require in order to have…… [Read More]

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How'sleep Habits Are Correlated To Academic Performance

Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 15764696

Determinants of Sleep Quality in College StudentsReference: Feifei Wang, va Br, (2021) Determinants of sleep quality in college students: A literature review, Explore, Volume 17, Issue 2, 2021,Pages 170-177, ISSN 1550-8307, ( This academic article looks to detail the common element of sleep quality within college students. Here, the authors leverage a variety of academic sources such as PubMed, Web of Science, and other library databases to examine sleep quality factors and outcomes for college students. The authors classified roughly 110 studies into determinates that impacted sleep quality. Here the authors coded each research article within the three databases. They were then separated into several categories based on their risk factors. A snippet of the consideration criteria is listed belowFigure 1From the review of the academic literature, the authors found that sleep quality is a large contributor to academic outcomes for students. Interestingly the authors found that caffeine and…… [Read More]

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Teaching Children About Rape And Sexual Violence

Words: 1723 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 45458649

Research Proposal on RapeBackground and RationaleTo keep children of our society safe and prevent them from suffering from the negative psychological effects of sexual assault in childhood, it is mandatory to teach todays children about healthy relationships and with whom they can feel protected. Also, it is now felt even more important to tell anything suspicious about someone close who wants to harm them and not to keep it a secret even if the person insists or threatens. Various reports worldwide have cited that sexual violence towards children is mostly from their acquaintances or people they know well, in which men abuse females more. In contrast, males have been mistreated by both genders equally. Hence, children of both genders and adolescents are the primary subject of child rape and sexual violence that needs crucial attention for the social and health welfare of the entire community.Sexual assault could be defined in…… [Read More]

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Framework For Understanding Gender Identity

Words: 1551 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47584727

Sex vs. Gender VideoSex refers to biologygenitalia, chromosomes, hormones, and so on. Sex is all objectively determined. Gender, however, is subjective, according to the lecture: gender is how you move through the world, and how you see yourself as well as how others see you. In the lecture Dr. BP even admits that these concepts are confusing and that even though it is important to understand the distinctions between the two, it is easy to confuse them.I would have to agree with that statementespecially when it comes to identifying others. So, for instance, what happens if a person who is objectively a mani.e., his biological sex is malemoves through the world identifying as a woman. He identifies as a woman and wants to be seen as a woman. Yet, another person, identifies him still as a male. This entire situation seems explosive and like a giant conflict waiting to happen.…… [Read More]

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How Public Safety Leaders Achieve Their Organizational Goals

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Public Safety Leadership AnalysisPublic safety leadership has assumed new importance and relevance in recent years as the nation continues to struggle to respond to the global Covid-19 pandemic with seemingly endless variants as well as the ever-present threat of domestic and international terrorism (Bjorge, 2020). Likewise, the role and responsibilities of public safety leaders have greatly expanded in response to these and other natural and manmade threats, creating a concomitant need for more effective leadership in all public safety realms. The purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion concerning the styles of leadership that are most commonly associated with public safety as well as a description concerning the styles identified by the results of the personality and leadership assessments. In addition, explanations concerning the applicability of these styles to public safety leadership and which styles would be more beneficial for public safety leaders are followed by a summary…… [Read More]

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Finance Policy Proposal And Local Administration

Words: 1041 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28117574

Local Administration and Finance Policy ProposalThe Corona Virus pandemic resulted in an economic recession that caused the U.S. real gross domestic product (GDP) to decline by 3.5%. This led to the loss of employment for more than 20 million workers, initially prompting the federal government to initiate interventions that would cushion county, district, and local governments (OECD, 2022). Initially, the intervention adopted was a domestic cash-transfer program involving a $1200 monthly stipend disbursement. However, the economic stimulation as the covid-19 regulation protocols have been withdrawn will necessitate more strategic financial policies at all levels of government (Aharon et al., 2021). The governments responsibility is to create the environment and structures that prevent economic damage. Cash transfers were intended to inject money through consumers expenditure into the economy. Still, as the economic environment changes, the government needs localized financial policies to stimulate new business and growth of existing ones.The pandemic led…… [Read More]

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Human Services The NonProfit Sector

Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 23148037

The act of spending in the human services industry is part of the small proportion of the public expenditure in America, especially when it is compared to the massive outlays for healthcare in the nation (Bunger, 2012). Using these standards, it is imperative to say that the field includes a nonprofit component that seems to be a minor part of the political and economic landscape (Bunger, 2012). Looking at it from another angle, the human services sector is barely on the political consciousness horizon when the debate is on the ticket items like hospital care, social security, and others (Almog-Bar & Schmid, 2013). The article mainly examines a slow but great American revolution in human services for 5-10 years (Grnbjerg, 2001). It also gives a general overview of human services, what it entails, its size, and how nonprofit organizations promote its growth (Almog-Bar & Schmid, 2013). Besides that, it also…… [Read More]

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School Leadership And Research Methods

Words: 357 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 65758687

Critique of Article: Leading for Low-Income StudentsYou summarized effectively the research design of the quantitative study by Brown (et al., 2017), which linked the presence of high-performing school leaders to high-performing schools that better served the needs of low-income and minority students. All schools in the study derived 75% of the population from low-income students. The survey comprised 25 questions, which were then submitted to teachers. Confidence and trust emerged as the key factors in teacher confidence in their principals. You also highlighted a limitation of the study, namely there was no attempt to link teacher perception with actual student performance. Even if teachers may feel positively about their principals, this does not mean that their feelings actually translate into students education gains. There may be a correlation between liking the principals and the schools higher performance, but the principals may not be the main causes. The study did not…… [Read More]

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How Climate Change Can Be Positively Impacted Through Consumer Eating Habits

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IntroductionFood security is quickly becoming a very contentious and combative issue within society. Not only are populations rising at an alarming rate relative to available land capacity, overall family consumption of goods and services is also increasing. In addition, the rise of climate change and its impacts on surrounding communities heavily impacts the ability to nations to provide sustainable food solutions for its constituents. Finally, economic conditions have created adverse circumstances by which producers of food have an incentive to cater to certain market segments while neglecting others. These economic factors combined with climate change have created a circumstance by which overall food sustainability within the world is threatened. This threat has manifested itself over many years and require bold and decisive action to correct. Here, not only should the United Nations take bold action, but individual countries must look to collaborate with one another to improve societal well-being (Alviola,…… [Read More]

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Securitize SWOT Analysis And Portfolio Analysis

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IntroductionThere are a wide range of tools that business enterprises deploy in an attempt to assess not only their competitive position, but also their performance. Some of the said tools are inclusive of, but they are not limited to; SWOT analysis and portfolio analysis. These tools are of great relevance to both large and small/medium enterprises. They can also be applied to mature businesses as well as businesses that are just starting out. This text concerns itself with Securitize, one of the startups in FinTech. Assuming the role of Securitizes CEO, I will assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two approaches identified above (i.e. SWOT analysis and portfolio analysis), and consider how each approach could be applied to the company.DiscussionCompany BackgroundOver the last few years, a number of startups have mushroomed in FinTech. These are inclusive of, but they are not limited to; Securitize, Coinbase, Opendoor, Paydiant,…… [Read More]

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Learning And Instruction

Words: 2327 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 37841147

Annotated Bibliography AssignmentHivner, E. A., Hoke, A. M., Francis, E. B., Hwang, G. W. & Kraschnewski, J. L. (2019). Training Teachers to Implement Physical Activity: Applying Social Cognitive Theory. Health Educational Journal, 78(4), 464-475.The authors use the social cognitive theory to gauge the impact of physical training on teachers. According to the authors, school happens to be an effective setting where students can engage in physical activity. Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program is largely encouraged in schools so as to promote physical activity. Hivner et al. argue that strategies such as classroom-based physical activity can be incorporated in schools so as to increase physical activity. For instance, the authors suggest the inclusion of short fitness exercises during class lessons. The said exercises can be done during different lessons throughout the day, and thus contribute to achievement of the recommended exercise time of sixty minutes per day. From the study, the…… [Read More]

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Nigerian Autism

Words: 1288 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 41627937

Early Detection of Autism and Mental Health Disorders in Nigerian Children before the Age of 5Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are conditions that affect brain development, impacting social, behavioral, and communication abilities. ASD includes Aspergers Syndrome, autistic disorder, childhood disintegrated disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS). Can you please provide clarity or a brief summary of how these conditions impact brain development, social, behavior and communication abilities? A brief overview may be important for those unfamiliar with the list of disorders and syndromes you mentioned above. These disorders affect people of all ages and mostly begin in childhood. Therefore, ASD in children below the age of five is a topic of interest for many researchers. This paper is an article critique of: Approaches to enhancing the early detection of autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review of the literature. The research paper was written by Amy M. Daniels, Ph.D.,…… [Read More]

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Businesses World And The Use Of Crypto Currency

Words: 669 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91549232

Use of Crypto Currency in Businesses TodayMost businesses have now moved on to dealing in cryptocurrencies since it is more convenient and fast. Managing transactions with the help of blockchain technology have upsurged by 89% in comparison with the last year, especially for government and corporate transactions (Forbes). The investment in blockchain tech has even surged to 95% of the previous year. This has shown that cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity among companies quicker than expected as they have started to maintain their online transactional ledgers without hassle.Reports have found that Ethereum is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies today as the development of this currency and management of blockchain technology is quite favorable. JP Morgan has recently declared that it uses Ethereum as its digital corporate token. It created Quorom, a business-focused version of Ethereum specially designed for making online transactions in traditional back-office tasks (Comben). For this, it has…… [Read More]

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Humanitarian Response To Natural Disasters

Words: 405 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23024580

Response to Amber YoungYour article identifies and describes Hurricane Katrina as a natural disaster that affected peoples lives and property. As your pointed out, the disaster claimed the lives of over 1,800 people. However, you did not discuss the public health crisis that emerged as a result of the disaster. Hurricane Katrina did not only claim the lives of hundreds of people but also created a public health emergency that involved response from various stakeholders including FEMA. In addition, you talked about how the response to the disaster was slow without specifying what kind of humanitarian response was adopted by the respective agencies. The humanitarian response to this disaster included providing relief like food and medical supplies and evacuation.Response to John MurphyThe Tornado Super Outbreak in Alabama in 2011 is a natural disaster that changed the lives of many people. Natural disasters are mostly associated with loss of lives and…… [Read More]

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Merits Of The BCG And GE Matrix

Words: 309 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 68135212

What are some key differences between BCG and GE portfolio matrices? Please consider an industry in which you have worked, are working, or would like to work when addressing the questions.The key differences between BCG and GE portfolio matrices is their overall usage. Here a BCG matric is used primarily to decide capital allocations decisions. The matrix is also very simple being divided into four segments to based on industry growth and industry market share. Although simplistic, it does provide management with a broad guide on how to properly allocate capital to segments within their business. For example, a high growth market with the business having high market share is considered a Star. Here a majority of capital should be allocated to this business as it provides the highest potential for risk-adjusted profits. In this instance Stars are businesses that earn profits well above the companies cost of capital. An…… [Read More]

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Words: 825 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 87548042

NSAIDs Case Study AssignmentNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs), also available on prescription, have been among the most regularly instructedpharmaceuticals in the universe: Ibuprofen and Aspirin. It is due to their broad spectrum of painkiller drugs andanti-inflammatory. The molecular formula of NSAIDs and their preference for cyclooxygenase are used to classify them. Therefore, this paper presents a case study of the 65 yr. Older man having chronic kidney disease after using NSAID Ibuprofen for a long time and case study of low dose aspirin by patients with coronary artery disease.a)Based on many health conditions, the link involving kidney problems andibuprofen may occur immediatelyor after using it for a longer duration. Individuals with kidney impairment may get chronickidney disease when taking this NSAID. Nephropathy, a disorder that can emerge with lengthy usage ofibuprofen or other NSAID medications, may be detected as a relationship involving ibuprofen and kidney disease2. Treatment may reverse acute problems, but…… [Read More]

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Crohn's Disease And Treatment

Words: 1089 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 60727028

Case Study: Crohns DiseaseCrohns disease can often be difficult to diagnose, given it shares many similarities with inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. In this case, a 27-year-old man with Crohns disease has been admitted to the emergency room. Crohns disease is usually initially treated with drug therapy, although depending upon its severity, surgical intervention may be required. Though most patients respond to medical therapy, mainly steroids, with the addition of immunomodulators and more recently biologics agents, surgical intervention is usually required only for obstructing gastroduodenal disease secondary to strictures (Schwartzberg et al., 2019, p. 231). Asking the patient if he has had any surgery, a review of his drug treatment regime, and the degree to which he has been adhering to it (and when he discontinued specific medications) before abandoning it would all be essential in a first interview.One advantage for the patient in this instance…… [Read More]

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Identity And Self Worth In The Ugly Duckling

Words: 1070 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 15575779

Identity and Self-worth in The Ugly DucklingThe Ugly Duckling, which was written by Hans Christian Andersen, is a popular and inspiring fairytale. It is a story about a little, ugly duckling that undergoes a transformation into a beautiful white swan. In this story, the little bird known as the Ugly Duckling was born in a barnyard where he was teased about being ugly and plain. As a result, the Ugly Duckling went to live with a flock of geese and ducks until the flock was shot down by hunters. The plain, little bird then went to live with an old woman but does not stay there for long as he was mocked again by the old womans cat and hen. He eventually found a flock of swans that accepts, embraces, and treats him like one of them. The little bird realizes that he has transformed into a beautiful swan when…… [Read More]

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Scalia And The Law Of Rules In Decision Making

Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Creative Writing Paper #: 66911699

Guns and SuchAre there any sources that add a different perspective to the blog below?One source that could add a different perspective to the blog is Scalia (1989) who describes the rule of law as a law of rules. This provides a helpful lens that can be added to the lenses described by the author already. What Scalia (1989) identifies as fairness in justice is that which the author in the blog sees as customers rights compared to the rights of the business. The laws of the land may allow customers to conceal carry, but the business also has the right to set its own policyand the big issue in the article is how it should set policy so as to consider its customers.That is where Scalias (1989) article can be seen as helpful: Scalia states that the rule of law should be balanced by a consideration of factors on…… [Read More]

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Models Of Family Therapy In Psychology

Words: 2873 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 41760661

Models of Family TherapyIn identifying the models of family therapy and the theories involved, the film used as the case study is The Birdcage Film of 1996. Nichols film, released 26 years ago, remains strikingly relevant in its comical sensibility. This Birdcage film was a worldwide mainstream comedy that grossed about two hundred million dollars internationally. However, in Hollywoods mid-nineties, the film was radical, with a great emphasis on the LGBTQ+ community. It assisted an audience devastated by ten years of living daily with the fear of the disease.Family TheoriesFamily theories and therapies will be analyzed to appraise, set goals and objectives, intervene, and evaluate therapy that works with this family using a theory from the course material (BAKER, 2015). Eighteen years later, La Cage aux Folles and the version from America was released. Its main focus was on how the films disrupt the old depictions of family in various…… [Read More]

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California Criminal Justice Agency Budget Proposal

Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37732536

Budget Proposal in California Criminal Justice AgencyA budget proposal is a formal document essentially detailed and research-supported for a given operating period. It provides the financial budget plan and displays information on the project expenses and a digital signature. It provides information to investors and grant providers on the amount of money a project is expected to cost. This description gives a clear view of all expenditures involved; hence, the budget proposal is defined as a description of the project in numbers. A budget proposal in the criminal justice agency in California was of importance. According to Governor Gavin Newsom, the budget proposal was due to electronic filling; records were to be digitalized and updated of management software cases in 2020-2021. During the covid 19 pandemic, courts moved proceedings online, leading to remote technology and cybersecurity taking center stage. This led to a proposal of $33.2 million being devoted. Newsom…… [Read More]

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Quality Of Life Impact Urinary Incontinence

Words: 1853 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95218313

Definition of Quality Of Life Impact of Male Urinary IncontinenceQuality of life could be defined as the level of health and comfort in the lives of human beings as they would have experienced it, most relevantly being a positive impact on life. It should not be related to social isolation or disconnection from friends, and family members as that negatively influence ones health (Mallah et al., 2014).It is mostly said to come with age since aging is a natural risk factor for urinary incontinence in both males and females. Therefore, it is considered a physical and psychological impediment in enjoying the good times and hence is not talked about openly (Pizzol et al., 2020). It is considered a shame as it is deemed to produce negative outcomes. This negativity imposes adverse life consequences on psychological health, such as depression, anxiety, social segregation, and a decrease in overall life happenings.Urinary incontinence…… [Read More]

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Family Stigmatization Due To Substance Abuse

Words: 1367 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Question Answers Paper #: 82451095

Social Workers AgencyPart 11. Is it possible for a parent to use/abuse alcohol and/or other drugs and meet their childs needs? Why or why not?When a parent begins abusing alcohol or other drugs, they will spend most of their money buying alcohol or drugs, and they will not manage to provide for their childs need. Alcohol and drugs affect their thinking, making it hard to recognize and meet their childs needs. The parent will have a chaotic and unpredictable lifestyle where they are sober and aware of what they need to do for their child, and the next minute after taking alcohol or drugs, they lose focus and awareness. While the parent might be willing to provide, their priority changes, and they prefer to meet their alcohol or drug need first. The result is the child is neglected and cannot receive their needs from the parent. Alcohol and drugs affect…… [Read More]