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Male Reproductive Disorders

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Urinary tract infections can occur in the upper or lower areas of the urinary system. The urinary system includes the bladder and kidneys. Upper urinary tract infections (UTIs) occur in the kidney and often have similar symptoms as lower UTIs that occur in the bladder. Similar symptoms are frequent urination of small volume that is painful and can progress into a fever. A key difference however, is that upper UTIs can result in severe and possibly life-threatening kidney infections and thus people may experience pain in the flank area along with vomiting and nausea (Huether & McCance, ).Maintaining the theme of the urinary system, a male reproductive system disorder that is common is urethritis. Urethritis is an inflammatory process that usually, not always caused by a sexually transmitted organism. Infectious urethritis caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae is often called gonococcal urethritis (Huether & McCance, 2015, p. 855). Additionally, there are nonsexual…… [Read More]

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Remote Management And HR

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Future of Human ResourcesThe role of human resources in the future will increasingly be to manage a remote workforce as more and more employees work from home or in areas that are some distance from the office place environment (Stone, Deadrick, Lukaszewski & Johnson, 2015). Remote management of a workforce will be the new norm thanks to advancements in technology and computer usage (Navimipour, Rahmani, Navin & Hosseinzadeh, 2015). With the Internet and could-based frameworks that can be used to share knowledge, skills of human resources, monitoring, and updating, human resources personnel will have more opportunity to do all of the tasks they would normally do with staff working in-house. The Internet has ushered in the Digital Age, which has in and of itself changed the way people work and communicate all over the world (Colbert, Yee & George, 2016). As such, more people are more connected than ever before,…… [Read More]

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Experimental And Correlational Research Designs

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Comparing and Contrasting Experimental and Correlational Research DesignsThe two research methods are both quantitative research methods. Experimental research designs are mainly used to investigate causal relationships and studying relationships between one variable and another. Correlational research designs mainly try to establish if there is a relationship between two variables. Correlational research is nonexperimental because the researcher will be measuring two variables and assessing their statistical relationship. While experimental research will make use of independent and dependent variables, correlational research will not use any of these variables. In experimental research, the researcher can manipulate one of the variables, but for correlational research, no variable is manipulated but both variables are measured. The two research designs make use of hypothesis and the difference will come out based on whether the researcher assigned the participants to particular groupings or they just asked the participants the intended questions. In essence, correlational research does not…… [Read More]

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Descriptive Epidemiology Promises For The Future

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Descriptive Epidemiology: Future ConsiderationsTopic 1: Descriptive epidemiology offers clinicians a look at the bigger picture of how disease manifests because it creates a way of arranging and assessing data in order to understand variations in disease frequency geographically and over time, and how disease (or health) varies among people based on a host of personal characteristics (person, place, and time) ( As a result of these methods, it provides clinicians with the ability to spot patterns within health and disease, empowering them to engage in planning resources for populations and communities. Descriptive epidemiology is also important in developing hypotheses about the main factors of certain health conditions and disease. This is important because it means that descriptive epidemiology offers a starting point for analytic epidemiology, which officially investigates the connections between possible determinants and certain health or disease outcomes. There are numerous jobs that descriptive epidemiology can complete, such as…… [Read More]

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Senior Official’s Resignation As A Result Of Favoritism

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Favoritism Results in Senior Officials ResignationIntroductionIt is important to note, from the onset, that officers in the Service look up to their seniors for guidance and direction. Towards this end, the said officers are likely to model their behaviors and approach to issues on the basis of the core values embodied by the said seniors. For this reason, senior enlisted leaders must strive to do the right thing at all times. In so doing, they must not only demonstrate ethical and moral maturity, but also desist from abusing their positions of authority, fraud, and other violations. As this text will demonstrate, for those in positions of leadership, the relevance of adhering to the appropriate standards of conduct, fundamental moral values, and ethical rules cannot be overstated.DiscussionIn one of the ethical failures catalogued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), a senior official had to tender his resignation as a consequence…… [Read More]

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JFK In Europe Over NATO

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Kennedys 1963 Europe TripKennedy felt the need to strengthen the Atlantic alliance in 1963 for a number of reasons. He was suspicious of Gen. De Gaulles motives in backing away from the alliance in so far as France appeared to be withdrawing from NATO and promising not to help NATO defend the West in the case of an attack from the East. De Gaulle had stated that he would not help pay for NATO, and Kennedy viewed that France was, in its own way, trying to divide the West. Pick described Kennedys viewpoint in 1963 by writing: the President has evidently become convinced that General de Gaulle will stop at virtually nothing to divide Western Europe from Britain and the US. His actions are considered to have gone beyond mere nuisance value. The US resents the fact that the French decision against paying for United Nations peace-keeping operations was recently…… [Read More]

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Standardized Testing Conflicting Viewpoints

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Conflicting Viewpoints Essay: Standardized TestingStandardized testing has become increasingly common throughout the American educational system. It has become a critical part of national and state education law and policy as a way of ensuring greater accountability for American schools. But merely because a policy is more popular does not necessarily mean that it is doing what it purports to do. Since the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) mandated standardized assessment on the individual and school level, serious questions have been raised regarding such tests validity and their ability to render schools truly accountable for the education their students receive.Supporting My Position (Against Standardized Testing)Perhaps the most damning indictment against standardized testing was provided by a nonpartisan study by the Brookings Institution, which found annual standardized testing by schools to be highly unreliable in the data they yielded (Standardized Testing, 2018). An estimated 50-80% of year-to-year test score improvements…… [Read More]

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Recent Changes Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders DSM 5

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Running head: DSM DSM 5Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5): Recent ChangesDiagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5): Recent ChangesThe Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is considered the gold standard of how mental illness is diagnosed and treated within the psychiatric community of the United States. Although laypersons may think of mental illness or sanity versus insanity as stable classifications, the DSM has, in fact, undergone a number of significant changes over the years. For example, in much earlier editions of the DSM, homosexuality was classified as a mental illness. This is fortunately no longer the case. Changes from the DSM-IV to the DSM-V are far more recent and less extreme, although there have been some notable shifts that are clinically and culturally relevant.Perhaps the most significant of these is the elimination of Aspergers syndrome as a separate classification and its classication as part…… [Read More]

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Actor Classificaiton And Auteur Theory Film

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Assignment : TarantinoAuteur theory suggests that directors place a personal stamp, imparting a unique signature style and voice to each film they make. There are several filmmakers that support auteur theory, such as Hitchcock and Spielberg. Tarantino is another filmmaker whose style is unique, and whose films are almost instantly recognizable because of their unique approach to filmmaking. In some cases, a film is characterized by its director in a way that all a person would have to say is that they are seeing a Tarantino film and it would not matter what it was about. Knowing the director is enough to brand the film, which is why auteur theory is linked to the way films are marketed (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014). Tarantino is an auteur because of the way his films contain humorous violence, and the ways the scripts tend to be about revenge. The combination of violence and…… [Read More]

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Technology And'social Issues In Film

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Assignment Technology is instrumental in certain films, especially in animated features and in science fiction and fantasy films. The most recent set of Star Wars films, such as Rogue One, for example, have all depended on technologies for special effects rendering. The technologies have transformed the viewer experience, allowing for a more media-rich immersion into the film. Even the earliest Star Wars movies like Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi did not use CGI like the modern films in the franchise but still depend on special effects to communicate with the audience about the realities of space politics. The Star Wars films have changed tremendously to reflect changes in technologies, and the overall look and feel of the newer prequel films is different from those of earlier installments. It would have been impossible to set a film in a galaxy far, far away without the use of special…… [Read More]

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Answers To Questions Nursing

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Nursing: Answers to QuestionsWhat and how was the Research question summarized?The research question was condensed into the main objective, with the study seeking to investigate student nurses experience about their clinical experience (Sharif and Masoumi, 2005).What was the Summary of findings?In summary, the study came to the conclusion that, in essence, nursing students were not satisfied with the clinical component of their education (Sharif and Masoumi, 2005). In that regard, inadequate professional nursing skills as well as feelings of incompetence caused nursing students to experience anxiety.How was the Discussion of research approached?In addition to restating the concern themes for students, the discussion clearly identified the outcome of the views of students toward clinical experience. The discussion also related the results of this particular undertaking to findings of other studies. This had the effect of further enhancing the validity of the present research.Identify another way the data could have been collectedIn…… [Read More]

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Marxist Doctrine And Materialism Working Class

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Marxs Dialectical Historical MaterialismMarxs position on dialectical historical materialism and the importance of the economic system was that materiality deserves its primacy of place in the discussion of ideals. Ideals should be connected to materialism and not an independent subject, such as in the Hegelian ideal. Marx (1873) believed that the ideal is nothing else than the material world reflected by the human mind and translated into forms of thought. His view was that all things were connected, in nature, and through materialism, everything integrated and intertwined and thus nothing should understood in isolation: a phenomenon could only be understood and explained if considered in its inseparable connection with surrounding phenomena, as one conditioned by surrounding phenomena (Stalin, 1938). The surrounding phenomena, moreover, are responsible for the constant development and rising into being of things: and the dialectical historical materialism of Marx transposes this view of nature onto society, showing…… [Read More]

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The Jury System And Justice

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The Jury System is the Only Way to Ensure JusticeOverviewIn jury trials, the key focus is usually on factual findings on the basis of the evidence laid bare by the trials parties. Towards this end, the jury not only lends its ear to the dispute, but also conducts an assessment of the presented evidence so as to come up with a decision founded on facts, and directed by the jury guidelines and legal parameters in place (Jonakait 2006). It is important to note that in general, the jury is only responsible for the guilt determination, whereas setting of the actual penalty is a preserve of the judge. In that regard, therefore, the judge looks at the legal aspects of the case, while the jury concerns itself with the facts. On the other hand, bench trials are not inclusive of a jury and they essentially take place before a judge who…… [Read More]

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The Ethics Of Human Trafficking

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Human TraffickingThe issue of human trafficking is one that poses substantial ethical concerns, which can be understood from a variety of philosophical perspectivesdeontology, utilitarianism, and virtue ethics. Even from other moral standpoints, such as the moral standpoint of Christianity, human trafficking can be viewed as an unethical and immoral activity. Each approach allows for a different aspect of ethical understanding to be utilized so as to see how the issue of human trafficking is one that violates ethical norms, regardless of how one perceives those norms in any of three ethical systems named here. This paper will show the moral issue of human trafficking violates the ethical principles of Kant, Mill, Aristotle, and the Christian approach to morality based on their respective philosophical and even theological foundations.The deontological perspective on ethics is that one has a duty to do what is moral towards others. This system of ethical practice is…… [Read More]

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Feminist Drama Trifles By Susan Glaspell

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Trifles by Susan Glaspell Early 20th century feminist drama Women have no rights inside of marriage. Womens concerns are ignored by the male-dominated legal system. Spousal abuse is tolerated within marriage. Minnie loses her voice (song) inside of marriage like a caged bird. Her husband kills her bird, an implicit threat that she will be next. Women understand the trifles (clues) that men do not. Minnie strangles her husband, after losing her own voice. The women save Minnie from being hung for murder but feel guilty that they did not do more before it was too late. The play is a call for female empowerment and a defense of female self-defense in abusive marriages that is radical even today.Questions to Ask: How have things changed since the first production of Trifles? How have things remained the same? Do you agree with the womens decision? What do you think life will…… [Read More]

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Issues In A Lease Agreement

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Samanthas Case StudySamantha, a 10th grade educated, stay-at-home mother who was forced to retire due her ill health, is facing a situation relating to the enforcement of provisions of a lease that she signed without reading. This case is an example of a scenario surrounding enforcement of the provisions of a lease between a landlord and a tenant. As evident in the case, the clauses or provisions in this lease grant the landlord the right to amend the agreement at will. In essence, the lease is structured in a manner that seemingly favors the landlord over his/her tenants. Garson (2006) states that lease agreements between landlords and tenants sometime contain unenforceable clauses or provisions that work in favor of one partly, especially the landlord. In this scenario, the lease is designed in a manner that gives Samanthas landlord some unenforceable rights.Samantha can use the concept of severability to invalidate some…… [Read More]

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FinTech And The Financial Industry

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FINTECH AND THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY FinTech and the Financial IndustryIntroductionCurrently, it is impossible to think of a world without the internet and mobile devices. These have become core elements in our lifestyle and they have brought with them a high degree of disruption in virtually every area of businesses, with no exception to the financial services sector. This digital revolution is transforming how customers access financial services and products. The financial sector might have experienced some degree of change in the past. However, this constant penetration of technology-driven applications in almost all segments of financial services is something new. The phenomenon that has been accelerating the pace of change and reshaping the financial industry is known as FinTech.What is FinTech?FinTech refers to the usage of technology across all financial services functions. For example, replacing paper-based processes with applications and software. In the past, FinTech was mostly used in the back-office…… [Read More]

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Doing Business In Third World Countries

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Economic risks and foreign investmentsThere are various cases where American based manufacturers opt to expand their businesses through acquisition of the competitor brands and entire investment and turn it around to use it for their own good. In this instance is the T-shirt manufacturing company based in the USDA opting to buy out the competition based in Bangladesh so that it can increase their volume of sales as well as expand the brand name. For this company to successfully expand the brand name in the Bangladesh economy, there is need to understand both the economic as well as the economic aspects that shape business operations within the new country.Politically speaking, when a foreign company or corporate organization is taking over another company in another country, the political risks involved are numerous, firstly the laws and by-laws that regulate trade in different countries substantially differ hence the buying company needs to…… [Read More]

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Intelligence Analysis Of Different Issues

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5Intelligence AnalysisPrimary Intelligence Problem1. A recent wave of terrorism in Egypt is threatening the stability of the central government. What does this mean?Sub-problems, associated PIRs/EEIs, and Methods of Intelligence AnalysisWhat form of terrorism? Whats its origin and intention? (PIR-1)Method: Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) would be the most appropriate method for examining this sub-problem. ACH is an intelligence analysis method that has proven highly effective when examining huge amount of data (Heuer, 1999). This technique is commonly used to identify alternative explanations (hypotheses) and examine evidence to confirm or refute the hypotheses (U.S. Government, 2009). For this sub-problem, ACH would enable intelligence analysts to assess and develop probable identification of the new terrorist threat. It would help provide more guidance on how the terrorist regime conducts its operations, its ideologies, and intent.What are the lifestyles of individuals in this new wave of terrorism?Method: Predictive analysis in which the analyst determines…… [Read More]

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Unit III Wrongful Convictions

Words: 641 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 72425745

Wrongful Convictions: Unit III Article CritiqueIn their article titled, Safeguards Against Wrongful Conviction in Eyewitness Identification Cases: Insights from Empirical Research, Smith and Dufraimont evaluate the efficacy of two of the safeguards that have in the past been put in place to ensure that mistakenly identified persons are not convicted. One of the key issues the authors raise has got to do with the fact that in the past, there have been numerous instances of wrongful convictions based on eye witness mistakes. In the words of the authors, several researchers have catalogued known wrongful convictions and documented their commonalities. Yet another important issue highlighted in the article is the fact that wrongful convictions do not come about as a consequence of eyewitness mistakes only. Instead, wrongful convictions could be caused by defense and Crown lawyers as well as police officers. This is more so the case when the decisions the…… [Read More]

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From Drone Delivery To Green Energy The New Retail

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Technology and RetailIntroductionTechnology is playing a major role in shaping retail. E-commerce (thanks the Internet) has already revolutionized retail in a big way, with Amazon changing the manner in which people shop and in which goods are sold. As technology continues to advance, retail is going to change even more in the future. This paper will examine what the near term future holds in terms of how advancements in technology will shape retail in the coming 10-15 years. It will discuss, specifically, the way that robotics, green energy, drone delivery, and blockchain will alter the way in which retail exists and functions in terms of 1) customer service, 2) product delivery, 3) payments, and 4) energy consumption.RoboticsChanging Customer ServiceRobotics are the wave of the future: as OShea (2017) points out, more and more retailers will be developing and implementing robotics to help out with everything from the supply chain to…… [Read More]

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Building Survey Australian Standards Of Assessment

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Building Surveying AssessmentTask 1: Planning Application requirements George Rivers Councila. All documents needed to achieve satisfactory planning-approval submission for a three-storey home and whether or not the venture would acquire council approval.Development Application lodgment requirementsApplication forms (Hard copies accepted) Complete Development Application Consent of the owner on a separate letter or formPlans- PDF (All new additions colored) Survey Plan (needed in case of every new structure and any additions or extensions made to extant structures) Site Analysis Plan Site Plan (All applications) Needs to display site area, size, north point, extant vegetation, structures locations and their distance from the boundaries, and adjacent plots building locations Elevations (Fresh external modifications and developments) that explicitly display individual floor, roof and ceiling levels heights, besides extant and planned ground levels Sections (Every fresh external modification and development) Floor Plans (Every fresh development. In case of additions and modifications, there is a need…… [Read More]

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Building Survey Australian Standards Of Assessment

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Building Surveying assessment_ , 4Task 1: Planning application requirements for Mosman Councila. Documents RequiredIt is always a priority to check the kind of approval needed.Development ExemptA lot of minor changes to buildings such as renovations of the interior and other work touching on non-structural part may fall under the exempt development category. Retention of fences, walls, blinds, awnings, greenhouses, gazebos, sheds, privacy screens, enclosures, pathways, driveways, decks, pathways, internal structures that are non-load bearing, maintenance repairs and landscaping are some of the exemption works cited (NSW Government, n.d). If the alterations suggested comply with all the requirements for exemption indicated in the NSW Environmental Planning Policy, they be done without securing consent from the CouncilComplying DevelopmentInternal and external changes that are not exempted must fulfill complying development criteria. Complying development refers to a specific class of low effect development that complies with criteria already established by either the Environmental Planning…… [Read More]

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Building Survey Australian Standards Of Assessment

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Building Surveying assessment; , 5Task 1a. All documentation for boarding house in Marrickville Councili. Cost of Works fee costii. Structural Engineer certificate or Party Wall Consentiii. Plans Site Plan Site Analysis Plan Roof and Floor Plans Survey Plan Landscape Plan Sections and Elevations Notification Plans Shadow Diagrams Storm waterDrainage ConceptPlan Vehicle Access and Car Parking Plans Subdivision Plan Extra Solar Access Prerequisitesiv. Supporting Documentation BASIX Certificate Environmental Effects Statement Arborist Report Flood Risk Management Report Water Management Statement Heritage Impact Statement Foreshore Risk Management Report Conservation Management Plan Waste Management Plan Structural Engineers Construction Methodology and Report SEPP65 Developments Development Standards Exceptions Fire Safety Schedule Geotechnical Report Access Report RAP in case of Contaminated Land Acoustic Report Parking and Traffic Assessment Social Impact Assessment 3D Model Photomontage and Sample and Materials Board Management Plan (Inner west Council N.D.a)The extant application lacks a few key plans and supporting documentation…… [Read More]

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Sports And Universities The Special Relationship

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How Universities Benefit From College AthletesIntroductionCollege sports is practically an industry all by itself: it rakes in more than $11 billion in revenues annuallywhich is more than professional sports (Edelman). Universities thus make a great deal of money off college athletes, who, in return, get nothing more than an athletic scholarship (sometimes) to attend the university and its classes for free. They receive no payment (indeed, paying college athletes for playing is against the lawwhich is why the FBI is currently investigating several high profile colleges, like Louisville, for violating this law) (Hobson). When coaches break the law, it gives universities a black eyebut when athletes win trophies for the college, it increases the universitys brand image and value exponentially. Thus, college athletes not only enable universities to make money off their services directly, but these athletes also enable universities to develop their college brand and attract a following. More…… [Read More]