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The Spirit Of Logos In Barth's Theological Orientation

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Barth Review
Part 1
The main ideas of Barth’s Evangelical Theology are that it is a combination of New Testament theology and early Reformation theology. It is not meant to be confessional or denominational. Evangelical in this instance refers to the Bible—and thus it might be better to describe what Barth has written as biblical theology. Thus Barth relies on the principles of biblical theology to explain his perspective in writing his work. One should use the Bible to clarify one’s theology; one should do so impartially and without bias. He also asserts that theological exegesis is necessary, meaning that one must not attempt to discern more in the Bible than what is deduced from the standpoint of faith. This is an important idea and serves as the foundation for Barth’s approach to Evangelical theology. It is essential that readers of the Bible interpret it in good faith, not attempting…… [Read More]

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Disorder Of Consciousness

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Genetics Stress and Trauma as Causes of Insomnia
One disorder of consciousness is insomnia and involves the inability to lose consciousness in sleep. The DSM-V defines insomnia as difficulty initiating sleep, maintaining sleep, wakefulness when one wishes to sleep and dissatisfaction with the quality or quantity of one’s sleep (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The etiology of insomnia is that stress is the typical causal factor but trauma may also contribute to it. Cox, Taylor, Strachan and Olatunji (2020) show that insomnia and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) share similar symptoms, suggesting that trauma and insomnia are linked. Whatever the cause, insomnia involves abnormal neurological control, with neurotransmitter systems failing to connect, and the functional nervous system pathways being blocked. Abnormal brain structures are typically found in the frontal cortex, hippocampus and/or anterior cingulate cortex. Lifestyle and environment have been determined to be the main contributors to insomnia as this is…… [Read More]

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Ethnocentrism Analysis

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Ethnocentrism Analysis Paper
This paper explores ethnocentrism in all its manifestations, including the stages, i.e., denial, defense, and limiting cultural differences. It also highlights the strategies needed to change an individual into a culturally competent person.
Ethnocentrism refers to an individual's tendency to prioritize their race, culture, or ethnic persuasions and use them as their thinking foundations. Northouse ( 2013, pp. 384) contends that everyone harbors some ethnocentrism in one way or another. Dr. Milton Bennet developed the Developmental Model for intercultural Sensitivity. In six stages, the model describes a continuum of attitudes focused on cultural differences. It aims at moving from the ethnocentric point of denial and minimization to acceptance, adaptation, and integration. Bennet describes ethnocentrism as a mindset or attitude that presumes that one's view is superior and often oblivious of other possible and existing views.
On the other hand, ethnorelativism does not judge other people basing…… [Read More]

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Strength Plan Using MORR Training Framework

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The M.O.R.R. training system is a continuing education program developed for the sports performance, rehab, and strength and conditioning communities. The program consists of a basic and specialized certificate of proficiency course. M.O.R.R. is an acronym for Movement, Overspeed, Resistance and Reaction (MORR overview, 2021). This system was developed by renowned sport’s performance coach Chip Smith. Chip developed this system after studying at the world famous Soviet Sports Institute in Moscow, Russia in the late 80’s. The Russians trained their athletes in a sports specific and position specific system, using overspeed, resistance and reaction. The purpose of this system is to provide training and instruction for coaches and trainers who want to add movement specific training to their coaching repertoire. Chip Smith Performance Systems has been training athletes in this system for over 30 years and is ready to help coaches and trainers successfully implement the M.O.R.R. training system (MORR…… [Read More]

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2020 Presidential Election My Preferred Candidate

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My Preferred Presidential Candidate for 2020
My preferred US presidential candidate for 2020 is Joe Biden. Biden is the Democratic Party’s nominee for president. His worthy competitor is the Donald Trump, the incumbent president and Republican Party nominee. There are a number of reasons why I believe that Biden would make a better president for our great nation. To begin with, in comparison to his competitor, he is calm and collected. The relevance of stable and calm mind cannot be overstated when it comes to leadership. This is more so the case with regard to the leadership of a nation. Today, the US faces a wide range of challenges including, but not limited to terror threats, possibility of a downturn in economic activity, a major pandemic, etc. The country deserves a leader who is able to have a rational (as opposed to emotional) perspective of issues and formulate the most…… [Read More]

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Liability Obligations

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High liability balances might indicate that a company is not in a very secure position going forward; however, it depends on what kind of company it is. If it is a growth company, which is projected to grow earnings exponentially in the coming years, high liability balances might not be a bad sign. For example, Netflix had high liability balances for many of its early years, and many were skeptical of its growth potential, particularly because it failed to show much revenue. However, it continued to grow subscribers and put its competition out of business by killing off Blockbuster. On the contrary, it could indicate that lenders and investors are satisfied with the company’s business plan and thus do not see the liabilities as a problem. However, if the company is in the decline phase of its life cycle, high liability balances could mean that bankruptcy is imminent, especially if…… [Read More]

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Compare And Contrast'scientology And Christianity

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Is Scientology a Religion?
One common objection raised against so-called New Age religions like Scientology is that they are not truly faith-based systems, but function more as businesses or cults. Scientologists and atheists and agnostics alike, however, have objected to this distinction, arguing that there is little difference between conventional Christianity and newer faiths. In fact, scholar and podcaster Reza Aslan has argued that the only difference between Scientology and other religions is its age, given that it was founded in the 1950s by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard (Gilgoff and Escobedo).
It is true that when Christianity was just beginning, it was a persecuted and marginalized religion. It originally sprang up as a distinct sect of Judaism, but gradually spread to the gentile community, thanks to the preaching of Paul (“Early Christians”). While Judaism was a religion very much located in the belief structures of the ancient Israelites,…… [Read More]

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Congress And Role Stereotypes

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Part 1
There are two chambers of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate has two representatives from each of the 50 states for a total of 100 senators. The House has representatives that from each state that are proportional to the state’s population. So some states have more representatives than others. This difference is so that big states do not have more say in the federal government over small states (i.e., this is how the Senate is made up) while at the same time big states with big populations are also represented fairly (i.e., this is how the House is made up). Senators are elected to six year terms. Representatives in the House are elected to two year terms and elections are held every even year (Visit the Capitol).
Part 2
While women in positions of leadership is nothing new, there is the perception that there…… [Read More]

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Intraprenurial Opportunities For Cigna

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It is important to note, from the onset, that intrapreneurs are instrumental to the progress of any enterprise. This is more so the case given that they happen to be not only action-oriented, but also proactive and motivated. In essence, there exists no standard definition of intrapreneurship. This effectively mean that various definitions have been floated in the past in an attempt to define exactly whom an intrapreneur is. In the words of Gifford Pinchot III (as cited in Daykin, 2019), “intrapreneurs are employees who do for corporate innovation what an entrepreneur does for his or her start-up." This is the definition that has been embraced in this context. It therefore follows that in playing this role, I will be assessing the various intrapreneur opportunities that could be of benefit to Cigna. Following the identification of one specific opportunity, the impact of the said opportunity will evaluated with regard…… [Read More]

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International Culture And Its Impact On Walgreens

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As the world becomes more globalized, international firms will have to focus on the complexities of creating culture. As with any international business element, no two solutions will illicit the same results. What may be acceptable in one country could potentially be shunned in another. Adding more complexity to the culture problem is the application of corporate standards and values within an international context. A country that emphasized individualism may not properly adhere to corporate culture of collectivism. It is therefore important to understand the culture influences that determine individual behavior with a particular country. It is then important to address any discrepancies and institute solutions that may overcome these cultural barriers.
Walgreens was started in 1901 within the United States and has quickly grown into one of the world’s largest drugstore chains. Its overall size and scale allow the company to penetrate many of the world’s strongest and fastest…… [Read More]

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Promoting Children’s Social And Emotional Competence

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Children's Social and Emotional Learning
Social-emotional learning, which is also known as social competence, is a term used to refer to the ability of children to recognize and control emotions, create and maintain positive relationships, solve social issues in a constructive manner, and make responsible decisions. The development of social competence is essential since children express their emotions and behaviors differently in groups. Their expression of emotions and behaviors are influenced by various factors including individual and cultural differences. This implies that the social-emotional learning of children is linked to cultures, relationships, and contexts in which they learn and grow. Therefore, adults have an important role in shaping positive social and emotional development of children. Given the role they play in shaping children’s learning and growth, teachers are critical in the development of social and emotional competence of children.
Teachers can help promote positive social and emotional development of children…… [Read More]

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Field Grade Officers And The Development Of Leaders To Achieve Results

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The building blocks of the American Army are Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs). They are large formations, blunt instruments of the national military power element tasked with the responsibility of fighting and winning our nation's wars. To accomplish this duty, the BCTs and their subordinate battalions must move on the same axis of progress, march to the same beat by the same drummer, and reach the objective simultaneously to deliver success required in the modern battlefield[footnoteRef:1]. Key in ensuring this success is the field grade officer, who is tasked with ensuring that the battalion's duty roaster is accurate and being enforced, the training schedule is being followed, and the regulatory tasks are being completed[footnoteRef:2]. In this essay, therefore, I discuss as a Brigade Commander how field grade officers lead in ethical organizations' development. I will analyze and respond to the provided case study through critical analysis and application of relevant…… [Read More]

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Words: 381 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53279144

Oversight The Use of Drones
Should agencies like the CIA or DoD be able to use drones – outside of warfare – with little or no Presidential oversight?
No person, organization or even government agency should be able to use drones with no (or little) oversight. This is more so the case given that it has been established that although they could be used for a wide range of beneficial and positive missions, drones could also be used for illegal surveillance activities. Further, when used out of a structured framework, they could interfere with other aviation activity, i.e. with regard to airport operations. It should, however, be noted that the greatest concern with regard to CIA or DoD utilization of drones relates to breach of privacy (McNeal, 2014). According to McNeal (2014), there are those who are concerned that without legislative oversight, the government could actively deploy drones and engage…… [Read More]

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Leadership Issues And Ethics

Words: 386 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 50849536

Summary of the Article
· The article I gained access to is titled, if you have a close relationship with your boss, you’re more likely to lie, cheat, and make other unethical decisions on their behalf, by Jennifer Jordan and Tim Vriend.
· In basic terms, the article advances the argument that strong relationships, outside of the professional realm, at the workplace could be breeding grounds for unethical behavior.
· It should, however, be noted that the article does not discourage the forging of great relationships at the workplace. As a matter of fact, the authors are categorical that strong work relationships could come in handy in the promotion of job satisfaction and morale. Instead, it advances the perspective that even in the development of close relationships, all those involved should be notified that unethical behavior will not be condoned.
Impact of the Article
· The article is an important…… [Read More]

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Assessing And Treating Children And Adolescents With Disruptive Behaviors

Words: 784 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 97405434

Assessing and Treating Children and Adolescents with Disruptive Behaviors: The Case of the Hyperactive Child
Client Assessment
The client is an African-American child aged between 8 and 12. Her identifying symptom is the inability to remain calm when the situation requires her to, such as during counseling, where she keeps nagging the counselor to play (APA, 2013). She also talks excessively during the session, displays intrusive behavior such as using the counselor’s things without permission, and seeks to play in situations when play is inappropriate (APA, 2013). She displays a tendency to blurt out answers without giving the same much thought, such as when she refers to the counselor as ‘stupid’ for leaving his things out. Further, she seems to be ‘on-the-go’ as if anxiously waiting for the session to end so that she can play. She plays with a toy throughout the session, signifying lack of concentration. The client…… [Read More]

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Social Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1742 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 29494693

Final Topic: Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
Dryman, T., Gardner, S., Weeks, J.W. & Heimberg, R.G. (2015). Social anxiety disorder and quality of life: How fears of negative and positive evaluation relate to specific domains of life satisfaction. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 38, 1-8.
The authors of the present article point out that SAD has been associated with poor quality of life. Indeed, according to the authors, persons diagnosed with SAD appear to experience impairment in a number of facets, i.e. in on the occupational, educational, as well as social fronts. This is what ends up having a negative impact on the quality of life. It is on this basis that the authors attempt to establish the relationship between a number of quality of life inventory domains and fear of positive evaluation as well as fear of negative evaluation. The quality of life inventory domains that have been highlighted by the…… [Read More]

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65 Year Old Female With Pneumonia

Words: 1983 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 98721201

A 65-year-old female with pneumonia
CHIEF COMPLAINT: A 3-day long fever accompanied by a persistent cough
HISTORY: The patient's name is Mrs. Alcot, a sixty-five-year-old woman with a complaint of persistent fever and cough. The patient stated that the illness started three days ago after waking up. A feverish feeling and the ejection of yellowish-green phlegm from the mouth during coughing fits were the symptoms reported at the onset of illness. The symptoms of the illness have since worsened as time passed. A notification was also given a recurring pain in the right chest whenever a deep breath is taken. The patient's husband was reported by the patient to have been ill with similar but milder symptoms a week ago.
Vital Signs: BP 128/86, HR 101 (regular), RR 18, T 37.4°C
GEN: Slight increase in breathing speed; no discomfort is expressed
Working Diagnosis:
Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)
Tobacco use…… [Read More]

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Abscess Drainage

Words: 373 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34154374

A patient has visited the clinic with an abscess that clearly needs to be incised and drained. An abscess is basically a skin infection that is common among people of all ages. Since these infections are common to all age groups, incision and drainage is usually carried out in a variety of settings including pediatric, adult-geriatric, and family practice settings. As a family nurse practitioner, the incision and drainage of an abscess is within my scope of practice. While incision and drainage is not widely taught in nurse practitioner programs, this clinical procedure is common in nursing practice settings. Current programs that offer training on this clinical procedure focus on providing a basic competency level using simulation-based learning (Adams et al., 2017). Therefore, the responsibility of the family nurse practitioner in abscess incision and drainage is to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to carry out the procedure.
In light of…… [Read More]

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Congestive Heart Failure

Words: 874 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73156674

The heart is an important muscle in the body: the body depends on the heart muscle to pump oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the circulatory system. There are four chambers in the heart, which collect the blood from the body and send it back out to the lungs and the other parts of the body. When a heart muscle valve fails, the circulation of the blood is reduced, and this creates big problems for the person (Savarese & Lund, 2017).
In Arizona, there are 223 cardiovascular deaths per 100,000 people that occur annually (United Health Foundation, 2019). Since congestive heart failure is not a seasonal issue but rather a lifestyle issue, these figures are fairly constant from year to year. This is in line with national figures, as there are 5 million people in the US with congestive heart failure (Savarese & Lund, 2017). Congestive heart failure can affect people…… [Read More]

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The Use Of Restorative Justice Programs

Words: 3261 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46196697

Introduction: Overview of the Relevant Facts
One of the problems of criminal justice today is the challenge of systemic racism that has been leveled by critics such as Angela Davis (2012) and numerous others. The charge is that the criminal justice system is inherently racist for a number of reasons (Lentin, 2020). These reasons include the existence of a for-profit private prison industrial complex that represents a clear conflict of interest to the system since the complex profits off incarcerations and businesses exploit the labor of the prisoners by paying them pennies on the dollar (Pelaez, 2019); and the fact that 37% of America’s prison population is black, yet blacks are only 12% of the total US population (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2014). On top of all this is the practice plea bargaining, which is pushed on those charged with a crime by prosecutors, essentially robbing the accused of due…… [Read More]

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Southern States Civil War And Slavery

Words: 799 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39721060

Southern States
Before the Civil War, slave labor in the Southern States numbered almost four million black slaves (Constitutional Rights Foundation para 2). The agricultural proceeds of cash crops such as tobacco, cotton, and sugar cane enriched the Southern States and made the region the nation's economic engine. And fuelling this engine was the slave labor tasked to cultivate the agricultural wealth. The slave economy was so profitable it enriched the nation and, particularly, the Southern States. The wealth enjoyed by the Southern States was so vast, the South produced more millionaires per person in the Mississippi River valley than in areas across the nation. The South was also producing about 75% of the world's cotton by starting the Civil War. The slave economy had become such a big part of the Southern economy to which it had brought wealth that almost nothing could separate them, not even the belief…… [Read More]

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Internet Or Bandwidth Throttling By Verizon

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Internet or Bandwidth throttling is the slowing or speeding of a user's internet service that is provided by the internet company. The slowing of internet service is done to reduce the usage of service supplied to the local network. Verizon's throttling and the lawsuit against it became the news's highlights in 2018 during the California wildfire when the said company tried to slow down internet usage by the fire department (Brodkin, 2018). This throttling was impeding the ability to respond to such a huge crisis, and there was lateness in providing emergency services. The image of fire departments became suspicious in public, and there was national condemnation. The reason behind this massive damage was throttling by Verizon.
It was declared by the county's Fire Chief, Anthony Bowden, that the internet has become an essential tool in our daily lives and in such a nationwide emergency, where the arrangement of a…… [Read More]

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How The Art Of Frida Kahlo Impacts'society

Words: 374 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75408550

The artist Frida Kahlo draws from here experiences in life to create unique and inspired artistical masterpieces. As an artist, Frida Kahlo depicts many of the common challenges felt within American society. To begin, she was divorced from a fellow artist. This heartbreak is depicted in many of her works through imagery. As nearly 50% of society is divorced many can related to the physical, mental and financial toll a divorce can have on an individual. Kahlo used strong autobiographical elements with her works to depict how she was personally feeling. For example, Kahlo was disabled by polio as a child. She also suffered a horrific bus accident at the age of eighteen which caused her lifelong pain, discomfort, and medical problems. These circumstances are not unique to Kahlo however, but instead are indicative of a larger societal problem. Here, Kahlo’s art is used to depict such circumstances. In her…… [Read More]

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Public Health Initiative

Words: 356 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32794488

Maintaining Physical and Mental Health through Prevention
One important public health initiative is the initiative to inform, educate, and empower people about health issues. In other words, this means to engage in the promotion of health literacy, which is typically associated with preventive care (Lindau, 2002). Health literacy increases the public’s awareness of disease and what steps they can take to combat disease, such as congestive heart failure. By teaching people about eating a proper diet and getting exercise, one can inform, educate and empower the public about how to take care of their health more effectively.
This initiative is particularly significant because so many health issues in the US can be prevented if people were just better informed about what the issues were and how to avoid lifestyle habits that can increase one’s risk for those health issues. In a lot of cases it comes down to simple healthy…… [Read More]

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Traditional Government Contracting Program

Words: 1570 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38781230

Acquisition of Innovative Technology and Weapon Systems
Government contracting plays a critical role in the acquisition of innovative technology for different departments such as the Department of Defense (DoD). Over the past few years, DoD has enhanced its development and acquisition of innovative weapon systems to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency. However, the conventional government contracting process is characterized by challenges resulting in delays and significant costs for taxpayers. This issue has attracted the attention of various researchers and stakeholders such as the U.S. Government Accountability Office. These stakeholders have conducted various studies and researches on the government contracting process and provided recommendations that could help enhance it and improve efficiencies in the operations of government agencies. This paper compares and analyzes two publications conducted on this issue and discusses the significance of procurement law and the applicable government requirements.
Primary Goals of Each Reading
Complicated government procurement programs have…… [Read More]