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Social Psychology And Human Behavior

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Psychology and Social PsychologySocial psychology is considered the scientific study of how individuals thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are influenced by other peoples behaviors and characteristics, notwithstanding if these behaviors and characteristics are inferred, real, or imagined. Social psychology is critical in understanding how the psychology of individuals works and the external factors that have an overarching impact on developing the self-concept.Psychology and social psychology intersect as the individuals interact; they may act following social expectations or depending on peoples behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts in different cultures (Morris & Maisto, 2016). Thus, behaviors often are perceived as reflections of individual traits, such as values and attitudes, instead of situational behavior that other peoples social expectations may prompt.Social psychology acknowledges peoples behaviors are greatly influenced by a sense of universality, exploring how social behaviors differ in different cultures. Further, social psychology is not oblivious to the biological influence on a persons behavior;…… [Read More]

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Binge Watching And Depersonalization Disorder

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Is Binge Watching Harmful?The average time spent binge watching is just over three hours, which means it is really nothing different from watching a long movie. Are people spending more time in front of screens than they used to? It absolutely isespecially since the COVID lockdowns of 2020, when people spent as much as 13 hours per day in front of a screen (Eyesafe). This is perhaps the more alarming statistic because it means that people are not interacting as much with one another or with nature out in the real world. That kind of disconnect can be harmful on psychological, emotional and social levels. As the Cleveland Clinic notes, it can lead to depersonalization and derealization disorder. However, not every binge watcher is going to develop such a disorder. If the binge watching does not interfere with ones ability to interact socially, perform ones work, or maintain a normal,…… [Read More]

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The Causes And Treatment Of'sickle Cell Anemia

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Healthcare has recently become a very polarizing and contentious issue within the United States. Healthcare expenditures as a percentage of GDP are currently percent. Over the next decade these expenditures are expected to be 20% of GDP or roughly $6.2 Billion. COVID-19 has only exacerbated many of the prevailing trends surrounding healthcare and its subsequent treatment. For one, the government has passed the affordable care act which attempts to lower healthcare costs through a series of legislative efforts. In addition, governments are attempting to redirect healthcare expenditures to focus primarily on outcomes as oppose to simply treatment. This quality over quantity approach is very apparent when revieing sickle cell anemia and its overall complications. Sickle cell treatment typically costs $1,389 per month.Sickle Cell Anemia is actually a group of interrelated disorders that are often inherited at birth. Here, the disorder results from not having enough healthy red blood cells to…… [Read More]

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Goal Setting In Counseling Suicidal Ideation

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Social Work with IndividualsPractice Skills: Goal SettingHope restoration: The client should be become more hopeful about the future and what it holds, be capable of formulating medium-term and long-term goals, etc. As per the psychotherapy model, one of the key suicidal ideation contributing factors happens to be hopelessness (McLeod, 2013). For this reason, the relevance of eliminating hopelessness cannot be overstated on this front. Towards this end, the client will be tasked with the accomplishment of happiness and morale boosting tasks. These could be inclusive of, but they are not limited to participating in visits to child shelters, active engagement in spiritual activities.Adapt/vary though processes: In this case, deliberate actions ought to be taken to ensure that the client is able to not only identify faulty thoughts, but also replace them with thoughts that are more rational or accurate. For instance, in the present scenario, the client appears convinced that…… [Read More]

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Focused SOAP Note SAD

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Focused SOAP NotePatient Information: The patient is a 9-year old boySUBJECTIVE.CC: Patient feels worriedHPI: XX is a 9-year-old boy who presents with anxiety and worry. The patient reports that he is worried and anxious most of the time. The patient also has difficulties sleeping and is afraid of being left alone in his room at night. He has also been having nightmares (with the said nightmares being themed around losing and being unable to find his mother or brother). He has difficulties in school in terms of being unable to relate well with other children and has gotten in trouble in the past for throwing things. He does not like staying in school for lengthy periods of time and is often worried about his mum dying or failing to turn up to pick him at school. Most times, he complains of headaches or stomach aches especially when he is…… [Read More]

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How Individual Values Can Be Impacted By Morals

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Do the results of the questionnaire seem true to you?Yes, the results of the questionnaire seem correct. I scored relatively high as it relates to the Harm/Care statistic and the Fairness/Reciprocity statistics.Do the moral foundations and the results of the questionnaire accurately describe how you judge right and wrong?Yes, the questionnaire does describe how to judge right and wrong. From a personal perspective I care heavily about the dichotomy of harm relative to care. Many of the questions that revolved about harm elicited the strongest responses from me. Admittedly, this is partially informed by many of the racial injustices that I have witnessed both personally and in the news. We continue to see individuals of certain races victimized in the country. What first started as an issue related directly to the African American community has subsequently reached the Asian American community. Here, these communities have experienced physical violence, racial biases…… [Read More]

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How Jews And Muslims View Christ

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Judaism, Christianity and IslamIntroductionThe three main world religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These religions have a great deal of influence around the world. They are hundreds and even thousands of years old and share some similarities in terms of morals, values, and beliefs about the goodness of God. However, they also contrast sharply when it comes to specific doctrines. This paper looks at the historical timeline of these three religions, their theological divisions, how they contrast particularly on two pointsthe nature of Jesus and holy booksand challenges that they face in terms of relations with one another in a globalized world.TimelineThe historical relationship among Judaism, Christianity and Islam is that Judaism appears first on the historical timeline around 2000 BC. Abraham is considered the founder of Judaism, as he is cited as the Father of the Hebrews (Brenner, 1952). However, Moses is also viewed as a founder of Judaism,…… [Read More]

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Effective Contract Management Practice

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AbstractContingencies such as peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, domestic or international disaster relief missions, and regional conflicts mandate that military forces are deployed immediately. This immediate deployment of military assets and military agents requires that supporting assets, including Contingency Contracting Officers (CCOs), are concurrently deployed on such missions. As an aspect of effective contract management, a clear understanding of the contracting authority and structure, to a large extent, lowers any risk that might be accrued and uncertainties. This paper seeks to distinguish between command authority and the contracting officers authority, as well as the contracting structure. This paper further merges the two and establishes why their understanding of the CCOs is essential. The introduction part of this paper provides the background to the research topic and demonstrates why the discussion of the identified issue is necessary and who is affected. The papers literature review analyzes various works that have been done…… [Read More]

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Changing Trends In Nonprofits And Consumerism

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The Role of Consumerism on NonprofitsIt would be prudent, from the onset, to note that consumerism does not have an assigned definition. This is to say that in the past, there are a number of definitions that have been floated in an attempt to develop better understanding of the particular concept. However, to a large extent, consumerism has got to do with the purchase of goods and services to meet certain needs or wants. Further, it has also got to do with not only the promotion, but also the protection of consumer interests. There are a myriad of factors that are often at play in purchase decisions. What this means is that an individual paying for a good or service could be motivated by a unique set of factors. While persons have traditionally been motivated by the desire to satisfy a need or want in their purchase decisions, today, persons…… [Read More]

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Charlotte And Her Personal'struggles

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COUNSELING Counseling: Charlotte Case StudyDepression starts growing when its signs and symptoms become visible such as feeling irritable, becoming angrier, and having sleeping and eating disorders. In some serious cases, people suffering from depression are also have known to be victims of substance abuse. This paper aims at explaining the case of a similar patient who is undergoing anxiety and depression conditions. Further sections of the paper would discuss her problem in detail, her family structure, and multicultural considerations.Presenting ProblemCharlotte is a 28-year-old female who is heterosexual and has grown in a Christian family. Her employment history is not greatly varied since she had only been employed at a restaurant and then a retail company. However, she has been unemployed for the past three months and has financial difficulties. There are no evident legal problems and the only social problem she faced includes dealing with parental pressures to have studied…… [Read More]

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Assessment And Reflection On Survey Design

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Survey Design and ReflectionOne of the major health-related problems considered the root causes for all chief diseases in the later stages of life is reduced physical activity and improper diet. The problem needs to be addressed even in developing countries to reduce healthcare costs and the economic impacts (Dubasi et al., 2019). This paper aims to design a survey (see Appendix) that would help gain information from the individuals impacted by the health-related issue. Also, the reasons for formulating the questionnaire would be provided based on the relevant literature and the rationale for choosing the questions according to best practices.Use of Best Practices in Design and Analysis in Construction of Survey QuestionsThe primary best practice for formulating any survey advises keeping the survey simple. This strategy was used explicitly in the survey of this paper as no fancy words were used to make it easy to understand for the respondent.…… [Read More]

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Committee Meeting On Quality Improvement

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Quality Improvement Committee MeetingThe Environment of care is also known as any site where treatment of patients is administered, including outpatient and inpatient settings. The primary purpose of the Environment of care is to ensure an effective, functional, and safe environment for the patients and staff members. Following the meeting report, occupational safety and health administration statistics reported the status of environment care based on specific parameters, including; safety, security, emergency management, fire safety, Hazardous materials, utility management, and medical equipment. According to the report, injuries and illnesses seem upward (Parvizi et al., 2017). For instance, in 2019 and 2020, 85 and 90 cases of injuries and illnesses were recorded, respectively. However, there is improved security compliance among the members through wearing the official badge. Also, a positive trend in emergency management has been recorded until the first quarter of 2021. Unfortunately, the response to fire safety still fluctuates, with…… [Read More]

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Effective Supervision Social Workers

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Social Worker SupervisionEffective Supervision-Social WorkersSupervision in social work encompasses emotional support, administrative management of cases, professional development and mediation, and learning from and reflecting on practice. Effective supervision refers to giving a social worker the responsibility to work with another social worker or worker to meet the intended goals. Professional supervision is key to achieving effective social work. It plays a significant role in the general functioning of the social care organization. It is essential for social workers, both leaders, and managers, to manage and deliver effective supervision. Poor supervision is a barrier to effective and good social work; hence there is a need for supervision to be incorporated in each department as far as social work is concerned (NASW, 2012).Effective supervision is an essential mechanism necessary for social workers, particularly within a society with many vulnerable individuals. Whether one is a newly qualified social or support worker or an…… [Read More]

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Support For Family Members Of Mentally Ill Patients

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When Madness Comes HomeSecunda (1997) shows in When Madness Comes Home that tens of millions of people, if not more, are directly impacted by mental illness in the family. This means that there is an urgent need for people to understand what mental illness is, what it is not, and how to care for a person experiencing mental illness. Secunda (1997) addresses issues of trauma, stigma, and how relationships can best be fostered through support systems and networks. The main point of the book is that mental illness affects more than just the person who is diagnosed or experiencing it himself; it also affects those people who are family members of the individual or who are in a relationship with the person. They need care and support as well.Secunda (1997) spends time reinforcing the argument that family members of individuals with mental illness have to know that they are not…… [Read More]

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Solution Of Social Media Addiction

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According to Pew Research Center, almost 90 percent of the people aged 18 to 29 years use social media in any available form, and 15 percent of the ages 23 to 18 years admit their high usage, out of which females are the most addicted ones (Maya). Who should be concerned with this type of addiction? It could be positively of concern for the marketing agencies and the people behind managing special media platforms. Also, it could be negatively of concern to the individuals themselves who are the most proficient users of social media and their parents or families. 
Social media addiction is a behavioral addiction that has major risk factors, such as girls being more addicted to internet usage due to lower body satisfaction, extraversion, narcissism, or higher physical attractiveness (Perris et al. 13-15). Girls’ social interaction is more evident through social media, whereas boys use it more for…… [Read More]

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Benefits Of The Language Access Plan For ICE Agents

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Immigration has become a very polarizing and contentious issues within the Untied States. The primary catalyst for such visceral responses on both sides of the argument often related to illegal immigration. President Donald Trump also caused social unrest due to his racist and often divisive characterizations of immigrants. His overwhelmingly negative stance, which was heavily echoed by his supporters caused widespread disagreement on how to handle illegal immigration. Trumps rally cry, and what was a heavily influence to his successful election was to build a wall on the Mexican/US border. The opposition vehemently believed that a wall was very anti-American and an inefficient use of tax payer funds. In addition to disagreement regarding the border, disagreements also arose on how to properly deter illegal immigration in the first place. Disagreements ranged from the manner in which to detain illegal immigrants, how to identify family members, how to properly repatriate immigrants…… [Read More]

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Current Health Policy Issues Covid 19 Stimulus Bill

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Week 6 AssignmentWrite an essay about a current event elated to health policy. It could be local, state, national, or internationalOn 11th March 2021, a $1.9 trillion Covid-19 Stimulus Bill was signed into law by President Joe Biden. In essence, the said bill seeks to deliver direct and immediate relief to workers and families impacted by the Covid19 pandemic. Among the core provisions of the Bill, which was passed by Democrats in Congress without a Republican vote, is an incentive to encourage the various states that have not undertaken to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act of 2010 to consider making such a move. The provision is based on the Federal Medial Assistance Percentage (FMAP), which as Rudowitz, Corallo & Garfield (2021) observe happens to be the total amount advanced to states by the federal government to ensure their Medicaid programs are funded. The FMAP is 90 percent…… [Read More]

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The Subculture Of Drugs And Crime Female Drug Offenders

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Female Drug Offenders and the Subculture of Drugs and CrimeAbout the Reading, the Author and her ExpertiseMy reading is about female drug offenders and the drug and crime subculture, specifically gender, stigma, and social control. It has been obtained from the book Rethinking Gender, Crime, and Justice. The author of the book is Susan E. Martin, specializing in clinical social work and a therapist based in Los Angeles, CA. the authors specialties are mood disorders, relationship issues, and anxiety. She works with individuals in transition to help them unlock their potential and uncover the best path for them.The Main Issue in the ReadingThe main issue in the reading is gender, stigma, and social control. Female drug offenders face greater stigma compared to male drug users. They are mostly labeled as failures both as mothers and as women in general. Moreover, they face more social controls concerning their behavior than formal…… [Read More]

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Medication Error And Its Causes Reduction And Prevention

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Errors are unavoidable in our everyday routines. Numerous mistakes are part of the changing cycle of psychological-behavioral adjustments that lead to appropriate behavioral abilities. The following of medical directions is an essential element of the healing process, as is medical experience. But it is the most critical factor in healthcare success. In addition, it plays a vital role in patient safety. With the recent advancements in medicine, many prescription medicines and countless counter medications are available (Tariq et al.,2021). Because there are so many medications in the industry, accidents may happen when professionals recommend or administer them. However, the ASPH has come up with guidelines that help prevent and reduce medication errors.With the increasing growth in medications and prescriptions, there is a considerable increase in the medicine prescribing and administration process (Watcher,2012). Any foreseeable incident that may contribute to incorrect prescription use or medical damage, whereas the treatment is administered,…… [Read More]

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The US Healthcare System And Payer Mix

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Payer MixThe payer mix refers to the proportion of patients under government medical plans such as Medicaid and Medicare compared to private or commercial insurance plans. It gives a representation of financial reimbursement plans which in turn determines the quality of health care. More straightforwardly, the payer mix can be interpreted to mean the percentage of patients enrolled in private health insurance. To understand the role of the payer mix in health care marketing, it is essential to contextualize the idea of payers. In the context of the health care providers, the payer negotiates the rates for offering health services, revenue collection, and payment of claims (Allen, 2012). Thus, with those financing controls in place, the aspect of marketing is directly affected. For example, when government policies affect the financial positions of hospitals through penalization, those hospitals are impaired, leading to low performance and ultimately leading to a lower payer…… [Read More]

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Psychological And Emotional Issues In Elderly Care

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ELDER CARE Psychological and Emotional Issues Related to ElderCarePost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the one in which a child or adult who has experienced trauma keeps recalling the memory of that mental or physical distressing situation (Osmosis, 2016). Extreme stress of this kind is risky since it can pose serious health issues for adults. This paper aims at elaborating on the effects of stress and its effective coping skills for the health of older adults.The removal of psychological stressors, including traumatic events, chronic or daily stressors, is mandatory for better middle age and adult health to improve quality of life in their later years (Frias & Whyne, 2015). The troubles are more visible in adults in the form of outbursts, stomach problems, high blood pressure or hypertension, memory issues or dementia, obesity, diabetes, depression, irregular sleep patterns, and angry moods (Yaribeygi et al., 2017). Stress can affect individuals differently as…… [Read More]

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Contingency And Contract Administration Its Risks

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The Risks of Contingency Contract AdministrationThe uncertainties and risks result from workers' performance, quality of parts and materials, the complexity of the project, cost control, project budget, and delays in the supply of the essential materials. One risk associated with contingency contract administration is the failure to meet a precedent condition or when a clause passes without action, particularly when the clause or condition in question is related to safety matters. The measures should always be put in place before the commencement of any project. Should an injury occur without the measures in place, the company should face the consequences. This is a mistake that can be very costly for any organization coupled with possible financial and legal consequences (Yeo, 1990).Another risk is the inconsistency in treating the contracts or the systems of document management that might occur in cases where the management of contracts differs within the departments. This…… [Read More]

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Financial Analysis Practicum Within The Healthcare'sector

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As your practicum experience proceeds, talk with individuals in your practicum setting about social, political, technological, and/or financial considerations related to the implementation of an evidence-based practice project. For instance, you may opt to meet with a nurse manager or executive involved in financial matters to do a cost-benefit analysis or a return-on-investment analysis, or to develop a pro forma statement about how much it would cost to implement one practice versus another.Healthcare has become one of the more contentious and polarizing subjects within the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated many of the shortcomings within the Untied States healthcare system and how these shortcomings can have grave implications for society at large. As of the time of this writing over 600,000 people have died as a result of COVID-19. Many of these deaths can be attributable to weak healthcare infrastructure as many hospitals around the nation experienced heavy capacity…… [Read More]

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Evolution By Natural Selection And The First Mover

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On Why Evolution is TrueIntroductionDarwin catapulted the theory of evolution to the main stage with his Origin of Species. In Why Evolution is True, Coyne (2009) takes a look at the theory of evolution and breaks it down from various perspectives to show why it has more explanatory power than the theory of Creationism. This review identifies the themes in Coynes (2009) book, discusses my own personal journey of discovery, addresses the issue of evolution from philosophical, theological and sociological points of view, and finally offers a critique and evaluation of the book.ThemesCoynes (2009) book is divided into nine chapters with each chapter focusing on a specific theme. The first chapter defines evolution. The second looks at what the Earths crust reveals about evolution. The third discusses how biology is only understandable from the standpoint of evolution. The fourth examines the biogeographic evidence for evolution. The fifth identifies how evolution…… [Read More]

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Prevalence And Symptoms Of Neisseria Meningitidis Nm

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Neisseria Meningitidis (Nm)BackgroundIt would be prudent to note, from the onset, that this particular pathogen happens to be exclusively human. In the words of Seib and Peak (2019) Neisseria meningitidis is a leading worldwide cause of sepsis and meningitis, with the highest increase in infants, young children, and adolescents resulting in significant morbidity and mortality (p. 87). Nm, according to Rouphael and Stephens (2012), was first identified in 1887 by a Viennese pathologist by the name Anton Weichselbaum. Rouphael and Stephens (2012) also make an observation to the effect that over time, Nm has been able to evolve multiple mechanisms. This, according to the authors, makes it possible for the pathogen to effectively colonize a persons respiratory tract via the relevant adaptations. This text concerns itself with not only the description and prevalence of Nm, but also its transmission, infection symptoms, as well as prevention efforts.DiscussionDescription and PrevalenceMeningitis could be…… [Read More]