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Why Hitler Was A Good Transformational Leader

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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889. From an early age he wanted to be an artist, though he also considered entering the clerical life and becoming a priest (Shirer). His father was a practical man and wanted to see his son enter into government service and eke out a decent living for himself. His father had not had much luck with work, having tried farming and various other activities, and had been required to keep moving his family from place to place. Hitler did not have a practical vision, however. He was moved by a romantic vision of life and, deciding against the applying to the clergy, he insisted on becoming an artist, much to his father’s displeasure. Hitler relied upon his mother for moral support and when his father died in 1903, Hitler’s mother permitted him to leave school and pursue training…… [Read More]

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Mock Investigative Interview Assault On Staff In A Hospital Causing Malicious Criminal Damage

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Mock Investigative Interview:   Assault on Staff in a Hospital Causing Malicious Criminal Damage


The purpose of this mock investigative interview is to provide the results of a hypothetical interview with a witness to an alleged physical assault on a registered nurse, “Martha,” at the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, a tertiary medical center, on 30 July 2020 at approximately 0933 hours.  

Background of the case

It has been alleged that the suspect walked into an office at the hospital and became extremely agitated, at which point he struck a registered nurse in her face with his fist and then picked up the computer monitor off of her desk and smashed it against a wall. The estimated cost of the destroyed computer monitor was $200. No other patients or visitors were involved in this incident. 

The registered nurse who was the victim of the assault works in the Community…… [Read More]

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Why Family Therapy Should Be Used Before Foster Care

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Ethical Issues, Criminological Theories, and Public Policy
Removing children from the home for a single instance of domestic violence, abuse, or drug/alcohol offenses committed by the legal guardian is terribly severe. Families face challenges and should be permitted to grow, develop, make changes and take ownership of their issues. People should be permitted to fail, to learn from failure, and to have second chances. It is a cruel society that does not permit moments of imperfection. It is all reminiscent of Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter in which the Puritan society marginalizes the woman who commits adultery and punishes her with ostracism. There is nothing human or even Christian in such an approach, and it is a clear ethical violation of the common good doctrine of utilitarianism. Families that are broken up tend to cause more problems for children than families that stay whole and that are permitted to continue on and…… [Read More]

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Neuroscience Associated With PTSD

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The Hippocampus Region of the Brain and PTSD Prevention
This paper examines the relationship between neuroscience and PTSD. In particular it looks at recent findings in neuroscience regarding PTSD onset and prevention. The latest research shows that brain volume is impacted by PTSD and that individuals afflicted with PTSD literally see a diminishment of brain volume in both hemispheres of the brain. Other findings show that individuals who are most susceptible to PTSD have a deficiency in their hippocampal region of the brain, where associative learning has been linked. The conclusion is that the hippocampus is not stimulated enough to develop and thus this region of the brain is smaller than it normally is in most people. This could also explain why the majority of people who experience trauma are not afflicted with PTSD: they have adequately developed their hippocampus through associative learning and are able to process trauma…… [Read More]

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Millennials Are Depressed Because Of Student Debt And Poor Job Prospects

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Millennials are Depressed because of Student Debt and Poor Job Prospects
Depression among Millennials and Baby Boomers is not the same: it has been found to be more severe among the younger generation than among the older generation, for various reasons. Some of those reasons include economic instability, fear of joblessness, debt concerns, and too much time involved with electronics and digital media to the point where it interferes with the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle (Brown, Richman & Rospenda, 2016). This paper looks at the generational differences and the social interaction challenges that occur among these two generational groups and how these factors play a part in the different levels of depression.
Generational Differences
Brown et al. (2016) found “that the associations between economic stressors and symptoms of both depression and anxiety were significantly greater for members of the millennial cohort compared with baby boomers” (p. 267). Millennials…… [Read More]

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The Development Of American Colonies

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History 105
American Colonial Diversity and Marginalization of Oppressed Groups
It is often said that history is written by the winners. In the case of early American history, this is also true. Although America’s founding settlers, much like the Founding Fathers of the new nation, are often portrayed as enthusiastic proponents of liberty, the truth is far more complicated. Although the New World did offer greater social mobility to some groups than did the original Mother Country from which so many settlers came, a new form of social immobility, partially based upon race was instituted in many ways, which disenfranchised African Americans and Native Americans.
Economics and Race
The New World colonies were founded for diverse reasons, and this is reflected in their evolution. Geography, the character of the settlers, and a number of other critical social and historical factors ensured that the colonies evolved in very diverse ways. For…… [Read More]

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American Dream

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American Dream Essay Titles
The American Dream is something numerous writers and researchers have written about in the past.  The best way to attract new attention to your essay is to give it a great title that catches the eye of potential readers.  American Dream essay titles should pop with imagination and excitement.  After all, this is one topic that incites a great deal of enthusiasm in people, whether they believe in the Dream or denounce it as a nightmare.  So don’t be boring with your title.  Check these out for inspiration.
Top 25 American Dream Essay Titles
1. Ben Franklin and the Myth of the American Dream
2. The Pursuit of Mammon:  How the  American Dream Turned into out to be an American Nightmare
3. Edward Albee and Satirizing the American Dream in American Drama
4. Is the American Dream Still Possible?  For Those Who are Naïve Enough…… [Read More]

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The American Short Story Hearts Of Gold And Native Tongue

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The American Short Story
Hearts of Gold
Henry L Golemba is of the opinion that the society’s perception of nobility could be somewhat skewed. According to the author, the unlikeliest of all – the unemployed cowboys, prostitutes, gold-seekers, as well as gamblers - have hearts of gold. As a matter of fact, Golemba is categorical that specific circumstances could prove the so called society’s outcasts nobler than some of those the society already deems noble. This is despite the fact that such persons are often times rejected by the society.
Most men in Roaring Camp (in The Luck of Roaring Camp by Bret Harte) could largely be perceived as reckless, tough, and ill-mannered. However, in reality, very few of them could fit this description. Despite their perceived incivility, these are persons who actually have a pleasant personality and intrinsic goodness. These are persons who, unexpectedly, possess hearts of gold.
We…… [Read More]

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Maintaining Extending Identification For Bilingual Students

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Owing to contemporary trends such as globalization, refugee and migrant influx, increased social and geographical mobility, and global education dissemination, progressively more multilingual and multicultural settings have been emerging worldwide (Trisnawati, 2017). Such settings have led to the growth of bilingualism (and multilingualism) in population groups. Consequently, this research will address the subject of how bilingual persons (those who speak their native tongue, as well as the language, is spoken in the place they have migrated to) maintain their identity within multilingual/ multicultural contexts. Familiarity with their native tongue accords them a sense of pride and internal strength about their heritage.
Problem and its context
The chief topic of discussion in this research will be how multilingual or bilingual persons retain their ethnic/cultural identity within multilingual/multicultural contexts. Evidence to support the research will be collected from several related multilingual/multicultural contexts. But the specific context for the research is multicultural…… [Read More]

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Public Relations Role Of School Leaders

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School Leaders Should Use Social Media to Engage the Community
This paper compares and contrasts seven articles related to the theme of the public relations role of school leaders. The articles in either look at the ways in which leaders can effectively engage with the public or they look at the importance of having a public relations role and what tools can facilitate the development of that role. The paper first discusses the similarities of the articles, then it discusses the elements that make them different from one another. Thus, each article is discussed at least twice over the course of the paper, once in regards to how it aligns with what the other articles say and once in regards to how it distinguishes itself from the others.
Keywords: public relations school leaders, social media public relations, schools social media
School leaders must be able to “negotiate with…… [Read More]

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Field Observation

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Problem Statement and Research Questions
Problem Statement
To a large extent, the relevance of a problem statement cannot be overstated when it comes to efforts to clearly capture the issue under consideration. Towards this end, I will be seeking to offer a concise and clear description of the primary concern, i.e. the educational attainment of teen mothers and why it warrants attention.  Thus, in this case, I will not only put the issue into context, but also highlight what is already known about the issue, and the relevance as well as objective of the study.
Teenage pregnancies are a concern in the United States. As a matter of fact, various surveys have indicated that a significant percentage of school girls in their adolescence get pregnant each year. Indeed, as Humberstone (2018) observes, the U.S. happens to be a leader in teenage pregnancies among developed countries.  Teenage pregnancy as well as…… [Read More]

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The Immorality Of Abortion From Deontology And Divine Command Perspectives

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The immorality of Abortion from Deontology and Divine Command Perspectives
I. Introduction
The moral question of abortion is whether one is morally justified in killing a child growing in the womb. In section 1, I will summarize the argument. In section 2, I will explain my view on the moral question. In section 3, I will discuss two objections to my view. In section 4, I will provide a response to these objections. In section 5, I will conclude the paper with a summary of each section.
The argument involved in the issue of abortion comes down to two points of view. The point of view of those who oppose abortion is that people have a duty to protect, nourish and support life: they have no right to end or prevent life from happening. The point of view of those who support abortion is that people have a right to…… [Read More]

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Foundations Of Nursing Education

Words: 4192 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 42769719

Foundations of Nursing Education
Table of Contents
Changing from an Associate Degree Nursing Program to a BSN Program 3
Two Factors That Influence the Need for a BSN Program 3
How the IOM Has Informed the Decision for a BSN Program 4
IOM’s Recommendations for Guiding the Integration of Quality and Safety Initiatives in the New BSN Program 5
Rationale for the Recommendation 5
One Possible Barrier 5
Learning Theory to Support the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in the New BSN Program 6
Two Advantages of the Theory 7
Two Disadvantages of the Theory 7
Key Components of Authentic Learning That Can Inform the Development of the New BSN Curriculum 7
One Advantage of Authentic Learning in the New BSN Program 8
One Disadvantage of Authentic Learning in the New BSN Program 8
Two Current Modalities for Delivery: Traditional Classroom Learning and Online Education 8
Justification for Traditional Classroom…… [Read More]

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Types Of Risk Banks Address

Words: 1710 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 34507523

How Credit Risk and Interest Rate Risk can Impact the Liquidity of a Bank
The banking industry is on the oldest in American history with origins dating back to 1784 with the founding of Bank of New York Mellon. The financial system, and in particular banks are a major component of a properly functioning economy. The banking system in general, is essentially a network of financial institutions that provide essential services to the economy. They are responsible for operating payments systems, providing loans, providing investment banking services, taking deposits, and so forth. From a consumer perspective, they are integral to the efficient movement of funds and capital from one entity to another. These are essential aspects to industry as well, due to their ability to help ensure efficient payments while also enabling business and household formation through credit services. As one of the most important industries in America, it is…… [Read More]

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Traditions And Cultures In India

Words: 1648 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27203305

Indian traditions and culture are widely known worldwide for their uniqueness and diversity. However, we rarely stop to think about why Indians do certain interesting things in certain ways. The majority of these customs can be traced back to ancient Indian texts and scriptures that governed the Indian lifestyle for several centuries (Holidify).
Interesting Areas
In my opinion, the four most intriguing Indian customs, beliefs, and values are:
1. The 'Namaste'
The Namaste/Namaskar represents one among the most widely- recognized Indian customs, currently not limited only to India. Translating to 'I bow to you,' it is one among five traditional greetings described in the Vedas, the ancient scriptural text of Hinduism. The folding of the palms before one's chest that accompanies the words implies 'May our minds meet.' Further, the term 'Namaha' may adopt the following meaning: 'na ma,' implying not mine, for signifying a lowering of one's ego when meeting and…… [Read More]

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Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Titles Paper #: 253849

Sometimes it’s best to save the title for last.  Other times coming up with a title first helps one focus the essay.  Either way is fine when it comes to writing abortion essay titles.  These titles are generally merely reflective of the subject of the paper.  So if you’ve written the essay already or are in the pre-writing stages, it makes no difference.  The title of the paper should give the reader a good sense of what your position in the paper will be.  Here are some examples to help you get started.
Abortion Essay Titles
1.  The Abortion Dilemma: How Duty to Protect Life Gave Way to a Focus on Political Rights in the 1960s
2.  Pro-Choice Does Not Mean Pro-Murder:  Why Women Who Would Never Personally Have an Abortion Still Support Others’ Right to Have Them
3.  Abortion is Infanticide:  The Ugly Truth behind the Abortion Rights…… [Read More]

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Globalcast'supply Chain

Words: 3442 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 86173631

Supply Chain
Q1. The trends outlined in the case have several implications for the way that Globalcast does business. First, the increased transparency and demands for one global price means that Globalcast will see shrinking margins. It will not longer be able to source from cheaper locations, charge a markup and pass that on to the customer. The customers, which tend to be large companies with significant bargaining power and access to information, are now seeking that low price themselves. If Globalcast wishes to continue winning this business, it will need to be able to provide that lowest price.
Further to this trend, Globalcast has to remember that its brand is not relevant to the end user, and therefore not really relevant to its own customers. As such, Globalcast is set to face intense competition from other suppliers around the world. As the supply chain becomes more globalized, the products…… [Read More]

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Words: 3083 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 93250822

Why Due Process Matters in the US Constitution
The Importance of the 6th Amendment and the Right to Effective Counsel
Unit 1-5 Journals Criminology: The Core
Unit 1
This unit looks at biological and psychological trait theories, social structures and how standards influence criminal outcomes. Conflict theory was the most interesting theory for crime because it looked at the persona conflict issue and that people are inherently in conflict with one another at some point, and that crime occurs because of that conflict. It is interesting that it grew out of Marx’s approach to capitalism, but what I find most compelling about it is that it explains crime basically perfectly: crime is committed because one person wants what someone else has. There is a conflict because person B is not willing to do what person A wants. This is especially relevant because of the role confusion that resulted after the…… [Read More]

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The Problem Of Homelessness In The United States

Words: 3348 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95577748

Homelessness in America
Homelessness is one of the major issues in the United States given its significant social and economic impacts. As a result, homelessness has been the subject of epidemiological studies, public debates, and policy initiatives. These efforts have sought to examine different aspects relating to the problem of homelessness including its prevalence, causes or contributing factors, and potential solutions to address it. Over the past few decades, various policies and programs have been developed to help address the problem of homelessness. However, these policies and programs have failed to address the issue of homelessness in a conclusive manner. Despite the adoption of these policies and programs, the prevalence rate of homelessness is still high. Homelessness in America is a big problem and it is time to review homelessness, allocate more resources and funding to address the problem.
Background Information on Homelessness
Homelessness is defined as the lack of…… [Read More]

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Weight Loss Essay

Words: 1500 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Outline Paper #: 517441



For years, people have been told that the key to weight loss is reducing calories and increasing activity.  While the calories-in, calories-out model of weight loss works for many people, the fact that there is an obesity epidemic suggests that it is not the right approach for all people.  Instead, there seem to be other factors that contribute to weight loss and to individual resistance to weight loss, which go beyond simple calories equations.  In addition, some people seem to naturally consume more energy to perform basic functions.  These people have higher metabolisms, which means they can consume more calories before experiencing unwanted weight gain.  Other people have lower metabolisms, which means that they experience unwanted weight gain after consuming a lower number of calories than average.  This outline for a weight loss essay will explore some of the factors that can help contribute to a successful weight…… [Read More]

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Crime Prevention Proposal

Words: 2443 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97018422

How Community Policing Promotes Social Justice
As Howell (2010) points out, youths “join gangs for protection, enjoyment, respect, money, or because a friend is in a gang” (p. 1). In the city of Cincinnati, gang activity among young people is on the rise, and City Council has expressed concerns over how to address this issue. The city of Mesa, Arizona, recently completed the Mesa Gang Intervention Program (MGIP), which focused on crime prevention among youths. This program primarily focused on the law enforcement aspect of the juvenile criminal justice system; however, it incorporated help from case workers, community leaders, probation officers, and youth workers. The program was a major success. As Mesa and Cincinnati are relatively similar in size, it is recommended that Cincinnati get serious about juvenile crime by implementing its own Gang Intervention Program modeled on MGIP. This paper will show why this program makes sense for…… [Read More]

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Gender Equity In The Workplace

Words: 2429 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42537091

Gender Equality: The United States versus the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is often called the mother country of the United States. However, in some ways, the countries still differ, including in their measures of gender equality. Perhaps the most notable example can be found in the leadership of the United Kingdom. Unlike the US, the UK has already had a female head of state, in the form of Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May, and before that the UK was led by female monarchs as heads of state. The US has lacked such a female figurehead at such a prominent position, though Hillary Clinton did come close to securing the White House in 2016, and several female Congresswomen have risen to prominent positions, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has said on record that he will pick a female VP as his…… [Read More]

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Child Advocate Children's Rights

Words: 2611 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 87792274

Child Advocate
There have been widespread writings regarding the promotion of children’s rights to support their well-being, development, as well as capacity to realize maximum potential ever since the 1960s (Bruyere, 2010). It is a common human dignity value that people get to possess indisputable rights. An important issue in child activism, however, is establishing the best rights extension to kids in the milieu of their need for utmost protection, partly since kids do not possess basic rights and also partly since they lack the competency to settle on the best decisions for their best interest. There is, therefore, the considerable debate concerning the suitable protection for kids, how far a state should or can go in ensuring these rights are granted to kids, and who sits in the best position to make certain decisions regarding the best interest of kids when guardians or parents are not capable of…… [Read More]

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Words: 900 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Outline Paper #: 555025

The resume is an important part of any job application. To help you create the perfect resume, our resume outline template is available.  This template shows what you should put on your resume, and why.  A resume is simply a depiction of what has been important in your formation as a person and as a professional.  It is what recruiters look to for information about you, and it helps them to see if you will be the right person for the job.

The resume is really where you get your foot in the door—it is not going to be what gets you the job in the end.  Therefore, the focus of the resume should really be on experience, education and skills—the three most important things that will stand out to any recruiter or hirer looking for a candidate to fill a position.  Experience will matter most because it will indicate…… [Read More]

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Arguments For And Against Multiple Personality Disorders

Words: 2293 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77942011

Multiple Personality Disorders
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a mysterious condition and remains controversial. Biological psychiatrists who use medication for treatment claim that MPD in most cases, is non-existent. However, it is iatrogenic, in cases where it does exist. In other words, they mean that the condition is created by therapists who train their patients to view their symptoms as though they carry a separate set of personalities. Nevertheless, specialized clinicians take the condition with notable seriousness. They even arrange for separate meetings with the various facets of the patient's personality. The believers in the existence of the condition, based on data, highlight that the various personalities come with various electroencephalogram history. The cynics, on the other hand, will claim that actors can trigger various EEG tracings when they decide to switch between characters (Bhandari 2020). Like other psychiatrists, I have my considered view regarding dissociative disorders. The argument…… [Read More]