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How to Assess the Efficacy of Interventions & Outcomes

To determine the effectiveness of the treatment that is being provided, you would need to look at the different psychological responses and then determine the underlying degree of the client's involvement, in various forms of therapy. This means that you must examine the different: cognitive and emotional factors that could determine if the intervention, along with the desired outcome were successful. Cognitive factors are when you want to see what the person's immediate thoughts about seeking out treatment and how it is affecting them. Emotional factors are when you are attempting, to determine the underlying amounts of emotions that are associated with the various thoughts / actions. (Mensch, 2008, pp. 171 -- 172) In the case of Danielle, these two factors would help to provide psychologists with a glimpse of: the various thoughts and emotions that she is feeling during treatment. When this is revealed to the mental health professional, they can begin to determine, if the effects of the treatment are successful and how they could be improved, to positively impact the client's behavior. When you compare this to seeing how the client is reacting to these various forms of therapy, it is clear that this can be used in conjunction with looking at the different psychological responses. As they will tell you, how the various thoughts and emotions are affecting the patient. At which point, it will have an impact on the actions of the individual. This is when you can see how the clients involvement, in the underlying amounts of therapy are working. As these two different approaches are helpful, in identifying how effectively Danielle is responding to the various forms of therapy. (Ballou, 1995, pg. 13) When you compare this with the two different types of intervention strategies, it is clear that both will work well with the above tools. As they are helping mental health professionals, to able to determine the underlying effectiveness of the intervention and various treatment options.

Additional Type of Information Needed

The additional types of information that would be needed, to determine effective treatment options as well as the underlying condition are: more detailed information about the patient's family history of the disease and if there are specific incidents that caused the person to begin to feel, the various negative emotions of depression. In the case of Danielle, she has hinted that her mother may have suffered from depression. Yet, beyond this family member, it is difficult to tell if the condition was isolated to a particular person or if this is a genetic mutation that passes from one generation to the next. When you compare this with specific events that could have occurred in the patient's life, it is clear that the past events could have an impact upon the current mental state of the individual. As the person will more than likely, engage in various responses that they learned from certain emotional events that occurred in the past. For example, someone who is suffering from depression may be using the emotions tied with the condition, in response to various events that will occur in the real world. Where, a past disappointment could solidify the feelings of sadness and despair that someone will feel from the event. Over the course of time, this will cause a similar reaction to occur. Where, they will use the emotions from the past as a crutch, to help them deal with the current challenges that are being faced. In Danielle's situation, she had a happy childhood (for the most part). However, the fact that her mother suffered from depression and the obvious distance in the relationship with her father, would establish a foundation for depressed emotions she would experience throughout her life. As she would struggle to seek approval from her father, which would often lead to feelings of disappointment and resentment, causing the emotions of depression that she is currently experiencing. Where, the various negative feelings were used in twisted way, to help her to cope with the underlying situation. In many ways, one could argue that this is the root cause of Danielle depression. With the relationship that she would have with her parents, determining how she would react to different internal and external challenges faced later on life. As result, it is easy to draw a parallel between these events and the current frustrations that Danielle is feeling. When you compare this information with the two different types of interventions that can be used, it is clear, that this can be helpful, in determining what specific approaches and tactics should be utilized during the event. As various psychological factors will play an important role.

Compare and Contrast

When you compare the various theories on addressing Danielle's situation, it is clear that different areas need to be addressed, to provide the most effective treatment options. To achieve this objective there are two different strategies that could be utilized, to help Danielle deal with the underlying situation. Given the fact that she could possibly be suffering from both major depression and manic depression, means that some kind of immediate actions must be taken. Two ways to achieve this objective are through: the traditional family intervention and the gentle family intervention. This would work most effectively, because Danielle has sought out treatment on her own and she has responded to the influences of friends / family members in the past. This would involve less prep time and it could help her to see how the condition is affecting the people in her life. To determine the effectiveness of the intervention and treatment options, you must examine the various cognitive as well as emotional thoughts that Danielle could be experiencing. This will help to decide, if she is responding favorably to what is occurring, based upon her underlying thoughts and emotions. When you compare this with determining how she is involved in the discussion, it is obvious that these tools can be used, to see if the intervention was successful and if the treatment options are helping her. Once this takes place, you can see the total impact that process is having on Danielle by: monitoring her emotions, thoughts and behaviors. At which point, she can be able to make consistent progress, in addressing the underlying challenges of her depression.

Clearly, Daniel is suffering from some form of depression. Based upon the all relevant information, it appears as if she is being affected by major depression, combined with episodes of manic depression. This double diagnosis is very realistic, because she has shown behavior of going between various extreme emotions, at select times in her life. Once this occurs, the possibility of suicide increases, as these emotions can overwhelm the client. To deal with the various challenges, requires that a gentle family intervention is utilized. This was selected, because Danielle did seek out treatment options in the past and she has accepted the fact that she needs help. As a result, this type of intervention would allow her to fully see how the underlying condition, is affecting the relationship she has with friends and family members. To determine if the intervention and treatment are working requires examining: the underlying thoughts, emotions and behavior that Danielle is showing during therapy. Where, her underlying amounts of interest or lack of, will decide if the current strategy is working. That being said, additional information would be needed on: Danielle's family history of mental illness and how the relationship with her father, would establish depression as mechanism for coping with the different challenges. Once these areas have been addressed, the trained mental health professional, can begin to create various strategies, for tackling the underlying amounts of depression that are affecting Danielle's emotional well being. At which point, the therapy can begin to discuss these hidden issues that have been causing her to have frustrations on a professional and personal level. If she can remain committed to the various treatment options, Danielle can be able to make a profound impact, upon improving her overall levels of happiness and focus.


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