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Guidelines on oral and written communication with job applicants

One important guideline is that the human resources department is solely responsible for setting the policies and procedures regarding staffing and management of all aspects of the staffing process. Therefore any written or oral communication to job applicants should come from the human resources department except where the management team may need to reply to an item that they are formally delegated for.

The second guideline is that all oral and written communication with job applicants should be clearly stated and in a conspicuous manner in the appropriate document. This is in order to prevent any misunderstandings or misinformation that comes from the job applicant not receiving or comprehending the message. The members of the organization should require the job applicants to acknowledge receipt or the message being passed and they should be given an opportunity to ask for clarification where it is needed.

All staffing procedures should be recorded in writing. When oral communication is used, it should be properly documented so as to ensure proper record keeping. All communication should pass through a review by a member of the human resources department before it is conveyed to the job applicants. The departmental managers are allowed to use HR procedures to help them create requests for filling positions and to participate in the staffing process. However, they should consult with members of the human resources department.

How to get individual managers aware of legal requirements of staffing systems

One method to raise the awareness levels of individual managers on the legal requirements of staffing systems is to send out a memo to pass information on the importance of managers being accountable and transparent in their staffing activities. Another method would be to schedule a training program which will be attended by all managers within the organization. The training program will be designed to educate the mangers on the laws and regulations surrounding the staffing system in the organization and the negative consequences that are associated with violating the staffing laws and regulations.

The training program can be divided into two parts based on the objectives of the training program. The first would be to help the managers to understand the laws and regulations in the staffing system and the second part would be to understand the impact and consequences of complying with laws and regulations. The training can be done using case studies, role plays and hand on training to enable the managers gain an in-depth understanding of the legal requirements.

Another way to get individual managers to understand the legal requirements of the staffing system and for them to take the appropriate steps to engage in legal staffing decisions and actions is making it part of their job description. This will make them responsible for the staffing decisions in their department.

Investigation of criterion-related validity

Criterion-related validity of the test can be found by looking at the performance of the hired applicants in the real world. By looking at their performance then comparing it with their performance on the general ability test, the staffing manager will be able to evaluate its validity. The staffing manager would need to create measures of the performance on tasks which will be used to gauge the performance of the new hires on the job. This will then be related to the key indicators in the general ability test which would have been used to assess the validity of the test.

The best way to conduct the criterion-related validity test is to seal the results then review them after a period of between 3 to 6 months after the new hires have been with the company. This way, the staffing manager will be able to assess the work performance of the new hires and correlate the results of the general ability test to their work performance. The general ability test becomes the predictor while the work performance becomes the criterion.

As in the study conducted by Ispas, Iliescu, Ilie, and Johnson (2010)

Job performance can be measured using supervisor ratings of the employees which can be collected as a part of the employees' annual or monthly performance evaluations. The performance appraisal can be based on a 5-point scale with four dimensions being evaluated. The four dimensions to be evaluated are quality of work, professional[continue]

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