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On the other hand, online training tutorials offer the user a great many more benefits. For one, the user would have instant access to hundreds of other users, and can share his views and even his designs with them. Secondly, he would have access to constant updates of his training materials, and study at his own pace. (Online Training Library, benefits)

However, it must be remembered that in general opinion, learning Photoshop is by no means an easy task, perhaps because of the hundreds and thousands of applications that it can be used for. It must be noted that Adobe Photoshop is one of the world's more renowned and recognized digital graphics application software to have ever been made, and unlike any of the others, it is most probably the only one that has an endless learning curve, and even today, there are probably very few people in the world, who can truthfully state that they know everything there is, to know about Photoshop. For people who are just beginning to learn the software, Photoshop may well seem like some extremely complex and un-learnable programs, and this is the reason why very many people tend to give up after the first few lessons, making the retention levels very low. The option of teaching oneself, through an online training tutorial, was eventually conceived, and ever since, many learners have been trying to learn through these programs. As a matter of fact, it is said that learning and training online may be one of the best ways to obtain the most out of an online tutorial, and since most training programs do offer free training to interested learners, like for example, Photoshop, one of the better options for a learner, and not only a beginner, would be to enroll in an online training program, and thereafter, go on to becoming a well paid professional graphic designer. (Online Photoshop Tutorials and Training)

Similar online tutorials, training materials, and updates and valuable inputs from other professionals are available to advanced learners too, and these would prove to be extremely useful to those who needed them. Interest would be maintained, and therefore, the retention level would be high. (Adobe Advanced Photoshop Artistry Tutorial) After all, it is one's own interest and persistence and diligence that would prove to the first step towards achieving success in one's chosen field.


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