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Social Work

Comparing micro macro approaches

Social Work from Different Perspectives

In this paper, we will assess the roles and duties which a social worker can provide from an individual and through a community basis to any other individual or community. We will also examine the advantages and disadvantages in both of the work types and then prefer our chosen methodology supported by valid reasoning. Finally, we will list our current capabilities to carry out a community/administrative practice approach.

Individual/Micro basis

On an individual basis, social work can be performed by any person having a specific set of means needed to help any other person who is in need of any sort of aid. The means with which any person can rely on to help others can vary such as through financial assistance, skills, technical expertise and so on. There are many different fields which allow its practitioners to help others through social work; one of those fields is nursing. Let's focus on it in some detail.

The field of nursing is related to medical practice; it involves a trained personnel who offers its services to those who are sick or suffering from any sort of physical or mental problems. The field of nursing is a vast topic and the practitioners here are also of various types depending on their overall education in their field and on experience.

Nurses perform various sorts of social work besides their regular duties which bound them to a specific institution which they represent such as any hospital. Nurses often perform health related checkups for those who cannot afford the expensive medication or treatment facilities, these treatments are extremely valuable in many different parts of the world where war, famine or any other calamities arise.

The practitioner of the field of Nursing is required to be extremely calm under any emergency situation, always mentally and physically prepared for any emergency and it should also be able to help more than one person at a time. These are only some of the qualities which can make a nurse an extremely valuable social worker who tends to help humanity regardless of any return favor.

Besides through field of nursing, any person can contribute to the social work through financial means such as donating money to a charity, feeding the hungry and providing shelter to the needy people of society or just to help others in starting any business or job which can benefit the needy person and its family in the short as well as the long-term.

Let's focus on some of the advantages and disadvantages of performing charity on an individual basis.


When a person chooses to perform a social work on an individual basis it does not rely on anyone else's assistance. This greatly benefits the person in doing what it wants to do and how it wants to do it. Any person can get involved in social working depending on its expertise and desire to help others. The goodwill it earns by doing the social work is also a huge benefit which it earns from the practice and this encourages others to do the same since it is tougher to perform any social work alone rather than through any organization or charity.

Similarly, an individual social worker is its own boss and does not rely on any foundation for support. It also makes the worker free to perform its services in the manner which it desires i.e. It is not bounded by any restrictions, stipulations or conditions of its employer.


A single person is often not capable of doing social work at a huge level, i.e. any nurse might help any sick or disabled person for a time being but it may not help hundreds of others who are out of its reach in different other places where the nurse can't afford to go to.

Community/Macro approach

Helping through a community base is often deemed as a more appropriate way to perform a social work as compared to individual basis for a common person since most of the people who want to perform social work do so by doing any sort of monetary support to the needy individuals. The macro approach also helps any person to have a broader platform through which it can help communities far away from its reach and which can only be contacted through vast means that can be done only through group effort.

Community approach also helps in giving any person a sense of…[continue]

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