Preparing for the Spring Semester

Preparing for the spring semester

There is snow on the ground and the temperature is below freezing in many areas—but classes begin soon so it’s time to start preparing for the spring semester. Preparation means more than buying new school supplies and books. Look over your classes and see what challenges await you. If you struggle with long research papers and one of your required classes for your major requires a long one, start looking around for sources of assistance now, like help from your university writing center. If you have a day when you must take many classes back-to-back, have a plan to deal with the mental fatigue that may set in, like bringing a snack with you to get you through your lunchtime classes. Create a calendar of your class times and deadlines so you can coordinate them with outside commitments to family and work.

Keep PaperDue in mind this semester before you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Juggling the demands of classes and other commitments is more hectic for students than ever. Don’t be afraid to seek out assistance when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Think positive and remember that you can succeed! Students who use PaperDue show substantial improvement in their grades and reductions in their stress levels, thanks to the fact that they are proactive in seeking out help when it is really needed.



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