Writing a Good Introduction for Your Essay / Term Paper

Writing a good Introduction for your Essay or Term Paper

It’s a common but very true cliché that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. This is not only true at parties and during job interviews but also on the written page: a good introductory paragraph with a strong attention-getting ‘hook’ that is grammatically correct and compelling can predispose your professor to view your paper much more favorably. Unless you are writing a creative assignment or your professor says otherwise, always have a clearly-signposted thesis at the beginning of your essay. It is also a good idea under most circumstances to have a general outline for the body paragraphs of your essay. In the classic five-paragraph essay format, this usually means approximately three separate and distinct points to support your original thesis. Think of a good introduction as a roadmap, and a good map always has appropriate ‘signposts’ when needed for readers.

How to write a good introduction, in terms of the actual writing process? Well, many experienced writers advise writing (or at least substantially revising) the introduction after you write the rough draft of the main body paragraphs of your essay. Often, it is difficult for a writer to know what he or she will cover in the essay until embarking upon the research and drafting process.

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