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  1. How the Criminal Justice System Treats Women - Affordable Healthcare for Hispanic immigrants
  2. Plato Descartes and The Matrix - Organizational Staffing Model
  3. Vietnam War - Population Based Health Nursing
  4. Management of Bronchopulmonary dysplasia - Castro Power and Authority
  5. Tax Evasion - Lessons Learned from the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings
  6. Ancient Rome - Standards and Structures
  7. Racial and Ethnic Profiling Gang Violence - Smoking Diet and Exercise Effects on Hypertension
  8. place matters documentary film - Off Label Drug Use in Pediatrics
  9. MMR vaccine and Development of Autism - Pneumonia Evidence Based Problem
  10. SEC vs Panasonic 2018 - Asian Americans Suffer from Diabetes
  11. Research Theories - criminal justice policy analysis and evaluation
  12. How Philosophy Influences Society Starbucks Restroom Controversy - Antoine Jomini’s Thoughts on Statecraft War and Sustainability
  13. Comparative Analysis of Rhode Island and Florida Medicaid - How UPS Trains Its Employees
  14. Chipotle's Business and Stock - How Staffing Legislation Affects Hospitals
  15. spirituality in health care - US Priority Populations
  16. Health Care and Religion - Minimum Wage Increase Benefits
  17. Improving Patient Outcomes by using Biomedical Devices - special education emotional and behavioral disorders and teaching
  18. Nursing and Leadership Issues - Making Health Changes in Life
  19. Role of Resiliency Factors and Positive Psychology in Overcoming Leadership Challenges - Netflix strategy and competitive environment
  20. students with ADHD instructional strategies best practices - stance on the migrant caravan for or against
  21. Infancy and toddlerhood s Developmental Stage Age Group - The History of London s Great Plague
  22. education child adolescent development - Electronic Health Record Software Solutions
  23. The Distinguished Gentleman - organizational planning
  24. Strengths-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - How a Book is Marked
  25. American News Coverage of Speaker Nancy Pelosi - Tourette’s Syndrome
  26. The Green New Deal - The ChaConnie in “Where Are You Going Where Have You Been ”
  27. Patient Interviewing for Nurses - Race and Empowerment in Literature
  28. Personalized Training and Medication Analysis - The Nature of the American Educational System
  29. Is the Family in Trouble - Family Therapy Approaches
  30. Preventing HIV Infection Pre Exposure Prophylaxis PrEP - Dealing with Suicide in the Military
  31. opioid epidemic - Application of Public Health Concepts for the Uninsured
  32. Personal Leadership Plan - Tesla Globalization and the Corporate Strategy
  33. How Good Government Works and Functions - Impact of Teams
  34. Retirement Plan Selection - Complications of Type II Diabetes
  35. Army Design Methodology - Positive and Negative Punishment
  36. Paraeducator Evaluation - Climate Change