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adult life, I have been immersed in the healthcare professions. Working in several different sectors of healthcare has afforded me the opportunity to understand different models of patient care, different administrative systems and organizational cultures, and also different philosophies and theories of nursing. After many years of working in the emergency care sector including work as an emergency room paramedic and ambulance worker for ten years, I transitioned to working in a position of leadership in my organization. As Director of Nursing, I have grown tremendously both professionally and personally. I have also witnessed transformations in care delivery as evidence-based practice and new medical information systems have been increasingly normative in healthcare. Although I love my work, my career has never once stagnated and I aim to continue to develop myself through ongoing professional advancement. The natural next step for me is to become a family nursing practitioner, which is why I am currently applying to the university's Family Nursing program.

Family nursing has long been an underlying goal of mine because my philosophy of nursing is holistic and grounded in caring theory. Caring theory is patient-centric, non-judgmental, and individualistic. The family nursing model is also one that takes into account issues related to family systems, culture, and
underline!important;' target='_blank' href=''>worldview. Caring is more than an ethical, moral, and professional duty for nurses. I echo the sentiment that caring is a "complex and trans-cultural process, grounded in an ethical and spiritual context," (de Guia-Rayos, 2014). Throughout my decades of experience, I have had the opportunity to work in diverse healthcare settings and most importantly, with a diverse patient population. Working with patients as a family nurse practitioner will allow me to apply the principles of caring directly to my community. My university career will help be develop the core competencies needed to succeed as a family nurse practitioner.

Family nursing also combines the core strengths of nurse leaders with those of the nurse who works directly with patients throughout daily practice. Because I have worked in both capacities as a nurse manager and a nurse practitioner, I understand all elements and aspects of the profession. Family nursing will come easily to me because I am able to understand the big picture issues related to health care administration and staff management, as well as the immediate needs of acute and long-term care. It is my vision to have a private practice or partnership with like-minded professionals, in which we can provide healthcare services to the community. To achieve this goal, I will be able to combine my knowledge of nurse leadership with evidence-based practice.

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