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Application Essay

I am interested in an Indian Health Service Dental Externship because it is an opportunity to obtain real-world dental experience while finishing my final year of dental school. I believe that experience is very helpful for students and that shadowing professionals in the field that you are about to enter can be a very good way to understand more deeply the types of challenges and solutions that everyday practitioners come across. Additionally, I know that I have already benefitted substantially for my time as a student and it would be especially good to buttress my last year with practical knowledge of what this career is like.

Shadowing gives students immense opportunities to see dentistry up close and in a truly personal manner. It is a chance to meet real life patients, see first-hand their concerns, hear their questions and note how professionals apply themselves. Taking my knowledge from the classroom and implementing it throughout an externship would be like taking a tank for a trial run after spending years learning all about how it works, what it can do, and how its instruments can be used. Students dream of the opportunity to get out into the field and gain experience. They dream about because experience is a great way to boost confidence,…than to spend it with IHS working in the field, listening to and learning from others, contributing to their work, building relationships with team members, and gaining a sense of dentistry in action.

Please consider me for this externship as it would be a perfect opportunity for bridging my career as a student with my future career as a dentist. I would love to cross this bridge with the people of IHS, as they are some of the best and brightest in the industry. To be able to spend time with them, working in their shadow, seeing them up close and on the job, can be incredibly eye-opening and…

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