Blood of Tyrants George Washington and the Forging of the Presidency Essay

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Beirne, Logan. Blood of Tyrants: George Washington & the Forging of the Presidency. New York: Encounter Books, 2014.

Book Review

The book explores the beliefs and specific actions undertaken by George Washington as he spearheaded the distinct meaning of the United States Constitution in the midst of the battle for independence. Blood of Tyrants delineates the manner in which the role of being President of the United States was fused and amalgamated with that of Commander in Chief, owing to the course of the American Revolution. In particular, subsequent to independence, when determining the role of America's first ever President, the public revered and had a high regard for the excellent leadership demonstrated by George Washington, who was a recognized and sure success. Washington was deemed to be a lively motivating commander, valiant and courageous; he endeavored to ensure the protection of all Americans for the benefit of the new nation (Beirne 245).

The author, Logan Beirne, gets rid of the cliched disguise of the passive, standoffish perception of George Washingtonand portrays in its place a fervent and valiant leader dedicated to the revolutionary cause (Beirne 50). In turn, Beirne portrays Washington as a moral and principled individual who fought with predicaments comparable to those being faced by presidents in the contemporary. What is more, he divulges an adamant revolutionarycombatant and superintendent who was unyielding and, from time to time, brutal and unrestrained in his principles and beliefs of safeguarding the freedom of America. As a result, George Washington institutes standards that outline and delineate presidential powers up until the present day (Beirne 304).

In the book, Beirne spends a great deal of time outlining the critical and fundamental actions as well as decisions undertaken by George Washington all the way through the period of the American Revolution. The author is successful in this endeavor particularly with respect to indicating the significance of George Washington to the present day United States. The book demonstrates just how much Washington was deemed an ideal character or model for dignity and charisma (Beirne174).

Subsequent to the culmination of the American Revolution, the United States was at a point of confusion and disorder. The American people at the time did not fathom or perceive themselves as a binding nation made up of different expanses. Rather, they considered themselves to be a confederacy of self-governing associated states where numerous residents felt greater loyalty to their own expanse and not the nation as a whole (Beirne 16). This was one of the major issues faced by George Washington, which indicated just how much of an incredible leader he was as he brought the nation together, and also freedom and protection of the citizens (Beirne 19).

The author employs numerous primary sources to shed light on numerous facts that are linked to George Washington that have been considerably been disregarded by history (Beirne 6). In particular, Beirne utilizes events in history backed by official documents as well as the personal letters of George Washington. These documents can…

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