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Change management is one of the most important components in the successful operations of a company or business organization. The modern business environment is characterized by numerous changes that are attributable to various factors including technological developments and globalization. In this regard, business organizations or companies increasingly face the need to adopt changes in their operations in order to align their businesses with the industry they operate it. However, the process of instituting organizational change in complex and can hurt a company’s operations if not conducted appropriately. As a result, there are various change management models that have been developed to help the management in instituting and managing organizational change. These models help in management of planned and unplanned change in the organization in order to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness in the industry or market it operates in. Some of these change management models include Kurt Lewin’s Three-Step Change Model, The Action Research Model, John Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, and The Positive Model (Ha, 2014).An organization or company should consider using a change management model for various reasons. One of the reasons for the use of a change management model is its role in planning given that change management models are essential planning...


In this regard, these models provide a suitable framework for predicting how the process change will take place and prepare people for this process (Connelly, 2017). Secondly, change management models provides a suitable framework for measuring results of the change process, enhances people’s confidence regarding the change process, lessens resistance during implementation of the change, and provides significant returns on investment. Additionally, change management models are associated with role clarification, shared approach, and accountability.

Transformational Change in an Organization

One of the companies requiring transformational change is Uber, which is one of the world’s most valuable start-ups in the recent past. The company has a short history since it was founded in March 2009 as a transportation technology company. Since its inception, Uber has experienced tremendous growth and profitability coupled by rapid global expansion. The company has developed to become one of the most reliable and commonly used transportation services in various places across the globe. However, the firm’s success and operations are facing numerous challenges as reflected in a series of bad news and some major setbacks in its management (The Economist, 2017). For instance, in the last few months, Uber’s six major executives…

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