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.....abuse and/or neglect of children and the elderly is a major issue in the American criminal justice system because of increased prevalence of such cases. However, getting accurate information regarding the extent of child and elder abuse is increasingly challenging in the United States. Some of the major issues contributing to this problem include the fact that most child and elder abuse cases are not reported, misreporting of these cases, seeming inability of victims to report the cases, and the fact that most perpetrators are caregivers. Children and senior adults are more likely to be victims of abuse, neglect or maltreatment because of lesser physical and mental capabilities, dependence on caregivers, and tendency to trust easily. The likelihood of vulnerable children and the elderly to fall victims to abuse can be decreased through establishing suitable prevention and intervention measures that effectively identify and deal with risk factors and improve reporting procedures (Wolfe, 2003). The criminal justice system has relatively been effective in responding to child and elder abuse cases through arresting, prosecuting, and punishing perpetrators. A holistic plan for restitution for these victims can be achieved through establishing policies that create harsh punishments for child and elder abuse cases and ensuring perpetrators pay for their crimes.

Week 4 -- Discussion 2

Some of the characteristics of these victims that contribute to their victimization include immaturity, dependence on caregivers, innocence, and inability to carry out daily responsibilities by themselves (Finkelhor, 2011). The criminal justice system responds to the victimization through law enforcement, arresting and prosecuting perpetrators, and encouraging reporting of such crimes. However, a holistic plan for offering restitution to child and elder abuse victims would help enhance effectiveness of the criminal justice system in dealing with the problem. A proposed restitution plan is for criminal justice professionals to ensure that perpetrators do not offer compensation for their crimes but instead pay for the kind of damages they cause on the child or senior adult.

Week 5 -- Discussion 1

School and workplace victimizations are violent and non-violent forms of victimization within the school and working environment respectively. Violent forms of school and workplace victimization are activities carried out to cause physical harm on the victim while non-violent forms of victimization do not cause physical harm but are associated with psychological and emotional harms on the victims (Lichtenfels, n.d.). These forms of victimization are usually targeted towards individuals who appear weak, unsuspecting or vulnerable and sometimes perpetrated by those in positions of authority. Victims of school and work victimization contribute to their own victimization through positioning themselves in places that provide opportunities for perpetrators to carry out their activities and failing to report. School and workplace victimization has been addressed through creating organizational/institutional policies for prevention and punishment. While the criminal justice system has appropriately responded to school and workplace violence, it has failed to discourage and prevent the rise of more offenders.

Week 5 -- Discussion 2

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