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Deductive vs. Inductive

The author of this report is given a test case example of a sociologist that is conducting research. The author is being asked to discern whether the sociologist in question is engaging in deductive reasoning or if the sociologists is instead using an inductive approach. The author of this report will first define and quantify what each of those terms means along with examples of each. The author will then summarize the test case that was offered and clearly define which method the sociologist is using. While the two methods of research are similar in some ways, the way in which they start and finish is clearly different.

As defined by Alina Bradford on the Live Science website, there is a clear difference between the two types of reasoning. Bradford explains that deductive reason is a "basic form of valid reasoning." She explains that deductive reasoning, also commonly referred to as deduction, starts out with a general statement. This general statement typically comes in the form of a hypothesis or children, if they have any. For example, the sociologist might wish to observe whether the women lead or carry the child or if the man would do so. Unless the sociologist is posing theories or hypotheses about what he will see in advance of doing so, he is engaging in…

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