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Individualized Education Programs

The journal article reviewed in this document is entitled "Guidance and Research Centers (GRC) managers' perceptions of problems encountered in the identification, placement -- follow up, Individualized Education Program (IEP) development and integration practice." It is written by Hasan and appears in Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice. This article discusses the fact that there are several different aspects of implementing an IEP for a student that need to occur correctly in order for that plan to actually improve the learning process of students. The article makes it quite explicit that there are common problems in the IEP process that reduce its efficacy for students.

One of the primary benefits of this particular article is the fact that it stratifies the various aspects of implementing an IEP according to initial evaluation, placement and follow-up, development of the actual plan and integrating the IEP into daily classroom use. Unfortunately, the article examines these factors as they appear in Turkey. As such, the article was obviously written by a non-native English speaker, contains a multitude of foreign jargon, and assumes the reader is familiar with educational processes in Turkey. Still, the information it provides regarding the problems of implementing...


Nonetheless, to get to this information the reader must first navigate through a multitude of grammatical and syntactical areas, an inflated introduction regarding the need for IEPs, and a pithy (and inconclusive) literary review regarding the study of this subject in Turkey.

The crux of this article is the original, empirical research that the author conducted. He created a questionnaire that was distributed to Guidance and Research Centers that addressed the two chief research questions: the first of which codifies the IEP process into the aforementioned four categories, and the second of which seeks to assess whether or not the input of GRC managers is affected by personal information including age, seniority, gender, and other factors (Hassan, 2012, p. 2027). The questionnaire issued was thorough and was able to categorize the responses (and the respondents) according to the stratifications of the research questions.

One of the most salient obstacles regarding the proper implementation of an IEP is in failing to correctly utilize parents as helpful resources in this process. The author (2012) identified numerous problems with notifying parents about the…

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Hasan, A. (2012). Guidance and Research Centers (GRC) managers' perceptions of problems encountered in the identification, placement -- follow up, Individualized Education Program (IEP) development and integration practice. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice. 12(3), 2025-2031.

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