Ethical Principles And Code Of Conduct Among Psychologists Essay

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The field is social psychology, and the selected title is bullying. The articles selected as follows:

Mundbjerg Eriksen, T. L., Hogh, A., & Hansen, A. M. (2016). Long-Term Consequences of Workplace Bullying On Sickness Absence. Labor Economics, 43: 129-150. doi:10.1016/j.labeco.2016.06.008

This peer-reviewed article explores the effects of bullying at the place of work. The study done in the article indicates that sickness, boredom, and poor productivity are some of the results of bullying from among employees. The article is significant in that it helps to understand the effects of bullying at the workplace and hence aids in deriving ways to reduce its occurrence. The social setting at workplace relates to the social psychology effects as seen with the occurrence of bullying (Mundbjerg Eriksen et al., 2016).

Priest, N., King, T., Becares, L., & Kavanagh, A. M. (2016). Bullying Victimization and Racial Discrimination among Australian Children. American Journal of Public Health, 106(10), 1882-1884. doi:10.2105/AJPH.2016.303328

This article addresses a social issue on bullying which has often been attached to racial discrimination in many societies today. The article finds out that discrimination takes advantage of bullying and often leads to consequential effects among the young people. The article is significantly relevant in seeking ways to protect children from discrimination and abuse. The article applies to social psychology in that it addresses an issue in the field of social setting and cohesion (Priest et al., 2016).

Huang, F. L., & Cornell, D. G. (2016). Question Order Affects the Measurement of Bullying Victimization Among Middle School Students. Educational...
...Doi: 10.1177/0013164415622664

The article addresses victimization in the form of bullying among middle school students. It reveals that most of the victimizations are characteristics of bullying (Huang & Cornell, 2016). From the study, it is found that bullying can be suppressed categorically if the necessary measures are installed in such schools. The study is invaluable because it provides an understanding of the negatives of bullying and hence provides the urgency and guidelines that can be taken to curb it in schools.

Fox, C. (2016). Archers Abusers. Spectator (00386952), 332(9812), 18-19.

The article addresses issues on addictive domestic abuse that affects the daily growth and development of the members of the society. The article shows that most of the abuses in the societies occur because strategies of controlling bullying have not been adopted (Fox, 2016). In the field of social psychology, the article provides an understanding of the issues at hand and hence provides a leeway into managing them and providing the society with coherent measures of dealing with discrimination.

Shellenbarger, S. (2016, September 14). When a Bully Targets Your Child. Wall Street Journal - Online Edition. p. 1.

This peer-reviewed article explores the possibility and effects that are felt when a child becomes a target of a bully. The article is significant because it creates awareness, as with its findings, in the aspects of bullying detrimental to the growth of a child. The issue here is related to social psychology in that it addresses the specific details that are common when it comes to understanding how the society and its members influence each other positively and negatively (Shellenbarger, 2016).

Week 1: Discussion 2

It was a challenge accessing the needed articles and integrating them together. I had to search every article and explore it individually as a way of mastering it before moving on to the next so that coherence was made possible. Future research should be based on factual aspects of the study as I identified differently from the different sources encountered. The resources in Ashford University Library and the Ashford Writing Center were useful in accessing the specific topic and the field of study, and providing important information that answered the research questions effectively. For future assignments, resources are multifaceted and I recommend further reading on them.

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