Human Sexuality Issues and Films Essay

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...difficult, if not impossible, to clearly define "sex" because of the diversity of human sexual experiences. For some, sex is vaginal intercourse only. For others, sex includes everything from masturbation to oral sex to nude role-playing games. Because people tend to have multiple sex partners in their lifetime, sex may also mean different things to the very same person.

With regards to oral sex, attitudes have changed tremendously over the years and vary throughout cultures. Saletan points out that historically, oral sex has been perceived of as "not only more intimate than intercourse but also reserved for those who were married," even though now, oral sex is commonplace among people who have casual sex (1). There are not necessarily specific sectors of the population that have strong opinions about oral sex, except that in some societies sex is viewed as only something done to procreate. In those cultures, oral sex and homosexuality would be viewed as "wrong" or "immoral."

2. The cost of rape on the individual and also on society is tremendous. The financial costs of rape are actually quantifiable, with some estimates at $450 billion per year including medical costs, loss of earnings, and reduced quality of life ("Economic Costs of Sexual Assault," n.d.). In addition to the measurable costs, rape also creates mistrust and fear in communities. Women who have been raped may be afraid to meet new people or cannot have intimate relationships after being assaulted. In some cultures, rape is something women are taught to be ashamed of, reflecting sexist attitudes. For this reason, sexism itself needs to be addressed so that women can be unafraid to report sexual assaults. Costs to the individual who was rape also include years of post-traumatic stress, fear of intimacy, inability to enjoy sex, and if the person were to get pregnant, having to make the difficult decision of whether or not to abort the child.

3. The series of films Kill Bill by Tarantino are about a woman who is self-empowered and who is not afraid to express her sexuality, and use her power over men. In fact, the films are based on her desire for revenge on Bill, her former lover. Sexual intercourse is not shown in these films, but sex, power, and aggression are all entwined in the Kill Bill movies. The costumes the women wear are…

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