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Improving student achievement and parental involvement can be achieved by creating an action plan that incentivizes both groups, provides support for each, and promotes positive interactions. This action plan will describe how student achievement and parental involvement can be boosted in the school.

To improve student achievement, the first step is to offer them incentives to want to be successful. Incentives could be as simple as this: Perfect attendance for the quarter earns a student a ticket to a community event or a free pizza or a gift card to a local book store. Second, it is important that students also receive discipline, as this sets parameters and provides support for them as they grow and develop. For example, students must make a visit during a teacher’s office hours if their grades in the class reach below a C level grade point average to assess what reading an hour before school starts to help students become better readers. Finally, a positive school culture must be promoted: The school must create and maintain an environment in which it is evident what the expectations of students are and what is expected of them must be set at a high level so that students have room to grow and develop. Likewise, there must be consequences for students who fail to achieve objectives and reach standards.

Improving parental involvement should include incentives for parents to participate in the educative process: Parents who review their child’s lessons, sign off on a homework sheet, and take responsibility for seeing that all homework assignments are completed by the child receive a restaurant gift card of $20 at the end of each…

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