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Employment Issues at Hand

There are several different changes in employment and in employment status that any particular employee could potentially experience. Whereas most people merely consider termination and promotions, there are also lateral ways of moving within an organization. For instance, an employee could get transferred to a different department. Such a move could be potentially positive or negative for an employee, and perhaps produce no impact at all. Employees could still gain -- or lose -- the sort of salary and other professional benefits moving laterally as they could moving vertically in an organization. Additionally, employees can face situations in which they no longer work within an organization because their position has become one in which telecommuting is involved....


If the employee has the requisite skills, he or she can perform his or her job autonomously from a home office with significant professional and personal repercussions. Finally, employees can experience a change in employment status. For example, one can go from a part-time employee to a full time employee, and vice versa. Additionally, it is possible for employees to become a contractor, which is a different employee status from either part-time or full time employment. Such a major change could be positive or negative.

The first step required for the successful preparation of a phone interview is to research the company for which one is applying. Most any professional organization has a web site and a general expectation that any new employees should become acclimated to their organization and its basics. Thus, it is necessary to find out as much about a particular company as one can prior to interviewing with a representative over the phone. The next step then is to find out as much about the position for which one is interviewing. Again, it is best to do so in the context…

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