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I find that what motivates me most are intrinsic and extrinsic types of motivation. Extrinsic types of motivation include things like praise and simple communications of appreciation for a job well done. They also include things like bonus time for vacation or raises or even job promotions if a project really turns out to be a big success for the company. However, even just little things like smiles, compliments and positive feedback—things that have no direct cost on the company—are good extrinsic motivators, as Hauser (2014) points out, and I find them to be good motivators for me all the time. Appreciation and kind words from a manager or shows of respect can be enough of an extrinsic motivator to fill me with a sense of worth and pride and make me want to do a good job on projects. When managers show that they are aware of how I am contributing, I feel that they are paying attention to my efforts and that what I do is not in vain.

I also have intrinsic motivators, however; these include the pleasure I take in doing my work well, the ambition I have to rise up in the company, and the desire to gain power with...
...Extrinsic motivators help me to maintain them, but they are mainly there on their own already.

Norsworthy and Zabala (1990) have shown that when worker attitudes are positive the company benefits in terms of cost and production. In other words, there is a direct link between keeping workers happy and maintaining high levels of performance. Thus, I am always surprised that managers do not put their employees at the front and center of their strategies to boost performance on a regular level. Creating a company policy that puts the needs of the worker first would help to create a positive workplace culture which would satisfy employees and give them an incentive to achieve the objectives put forward by the organization.

Another great way to motivate people—and one that I particularly like—is cognitive motivation. I love it when a company introduces the opportunity for me to learn a new skill or take extra training at no cost to myself. I feel that I am improving my own skill level, which is something that I…

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