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The objective of this paper is to provide the analysis of lifespan interview of Ms. W who was forced to take the additional responsibilities because her father died very young leaving her mother to raise three young children. The study discusses the psychological, sociological, and biological stresses that a single parent and their children face when the father, who is the breadwinner of the family suddenly gives up. The study uses Ms. W case for the narrative analysis

Ms. W was very young when her father died to leave her mother to shoulder additional responsibilities of taking care of three children. Ms. W case was an excellent choice for the review and analysis because the information collected for a review assists in providing the in-depth understanding of the individual personal problem who has experienced a sudden a loss of a father at a younger age and being raised by a single mother. The analysis provides data on social, historical, psychological and cultural themes. Similar to other qualitative research, it involves content analysis requiring looking at the data in order to develop codes helping to explain information collected.

The outcome of the interview reveals that Ms. W's mother was highly stressed because she was taking too many obligations. However, Ms. W trusted her mother when she was adolescent revealing that the opening sentence was entirely true showing that Ms. W and her mother was getting along when she was an adolescent. Although, her mother may be highly stressed because of the additional responsibility towards her children however, Ms. W confirmed that she trusted her father when he was alive showing that she would be upset losing her father at the younger age. While confirmed that her mother lashed anger on her based on the sudden loss of her partner, nevertheless, Ms. W still believed in her ability. She identified herself as an individual filled with energy ready to tackle difficult situations. Although, Ms. W confirmed having some close female friends, nevertheless, she prefers male friends than female friends because her female friends gossiped behind her back. Thus, Ms. W socialized more with boys than girls because she was more at ease with male counterparts than the female counterparts. The behavior of Ms. W is understandable because of the changes in the adolescent physical appearance can be dramatic. Moreover, their cognitive developments allow the adolescent to reason, think and understand issues more dramatically. Thus, their cognitive competence allows them to reason effectively and develop problem-solving skills. Although, there are still few different significant cognitive development, skills, and abilities between girls and boys, nevertheless, girls have confident about their social and reading skills. (APA, 2002). Thus, Ms. W was able to display this social ability to associate with boys than girls during her adolescent. Despite being more associated with male friends, Ms. W adolescent identity was primarily related to that of helper. Typically, her roles as a helper were to accommodate people assisting them, and showing…

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