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In this essay about net neutrality, we provide an overview of what net neutrality is and why it is a current political issue.  The essay will define net neutrality.  Furthermore, it will describe the pros and cons of net neutrality, including reasons that net neutrality is beneficial and ways that it could be detrimental.

The essay will discuss the current legal status of net neutrality, as well as the potential future of net neutrality.  In doing so, the essay will discuss some figures, including head of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai.   In addition to giving you an overview of net neutrality, the essay will also provide you with an excellent guide for how to write academic essays.  It includes all parts of an academic essay: introduction, hook, thesis statement, a body that includes evidence and analysis, a conclusion, and a works cited section.  All sources are properly quoted and cited in the essay.  Therefore, you will be able to use it as a template in your own academic writing endeavors.



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Ajit Pai- Ajit Pai is the controversial chairman of the FCC, who has made it his personal mission to end the concept of net neutrality.  While Pai has made efforts to appear hip, he has alienated most of the internet community, including many service providers. Although he may be reviled by some, Pai retains an inordinate amount of power over internet service in the United States.  This essay would focus, not only on Pai’s official role, but on some of his personal behaviors that indicate that ending net neutrality is a personal issue for him.

The Role of the FCC in Regulating the Internet- The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for overseeing several types of communication in the United States, including internet communications.  This essay would focus on how it carries out that role and whether it has the power to determine issues like net neutrality on its own.


Net Neutrality
Is Net Neutrality Coming to an End?
Is Net Neutrality a Good Thing?
Would Ending Net Neutrality Really Change the Internet?
Can the FCC end Net Neutrality?


I.  Introduction

II.  Body

a.  What is net neutrality?

b.  Pros and cons of net neutrality

c.  Why is it bad?

d.  Why is it good?

e.  Current status of net neutrality

f.  Future of net neutrality

III.  Conclusion


Net neutrality refers to the idea that Internet service providers (ISPs) should provide equal access to all content and applications on the internet.  True net neutrality requires that ISPs treat all types of data the same, without regard to content, website, platform, application, method of communication, user, or equipment used.  Net neutrality not only means that ISPs will not block access to certain websites, but also that they will not provide surcharges...

Like many issues in modern American politics, it becomes clear that the debate over net neutrality is a debate between those who control the internet and those who use it.

What is Bad about Net Neutrality?

According to arguments made by many ISPs, net neutrality has many negatives.  For example, ISPs complain that competitor services, such as Netflix, Google Phone, Skype, and YouTube, require enormous amounts of data, slowing access for all of their customers without requiring the paid-for services that…

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