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For me, that afternoon was like a raid siren in the dead of the night as I could see Allen Ginsberg's poetry come to life in front of my eyes; also, I am positive that afternoon changed my perception not only of poetry, but of art in general. I became interested in the life of the artist, and the period of time a particular piece of art was created.

I can now look back and attempt to accurately evaluate the impact of Ginsberg's work on my life. Nonetheless, I am not sure how objective I can be in this assessment. Since Ginsberg has become an integrated part of my system of thought and belief, it is quite difficult to separate myself from what I believe in, and evaluate my own mind. What I can say though is that thanks to his poetry, I was able to get a more profound and meaningful understanding of a certain era in American and even world history. It might sound pretentious, but it was Ginsberg who made me more aware of the importance of history, and of the fact that one cannot even attempt to grasp the present without looking back. His life and work have increased my interest in the study of civil rights, his tireless crusade for an end to the Vietnam War determined me to aim at acquiring a wider perspective on
...There are two things I am completely sure of as far as Ginsberg. The first great thing about Allen Ginsberg was his refusal to be embarrassed or to deny himself be it in terms of political belief, social position, or even sexual orientation. The other great thing was the poet Allen Ginsberg whose work spoke in so strong a voice that his talent could not be denied.

From the age of conformity in the 1950s, through the political and social revolutions of the '60s and '70s, and until Ginsberg's death in 1997, the reforming minds of the Beats established themselves in the foreground of American minds. The visions of the Beats, along with their groundbreaking writings and principled lives have inspired entire generations of American poets and activists, and have helped open and enlighten young minds such as my own. But these are all words, and sometimes it is necessary to feel in order to understand. So close your eyes and imagine a small dark New York City tavern at two in the morning, listen to the jazz musicians jamming on stage, and watch Jack Kerouac buying rounds at the bar while Allen Ginsberg advocates gay rights, Zen Buddhism, an end to the Vietnam War or political transparence. This was the Beat…

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