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Physical Security Design

The physical security of any entity is largely pegged on the risk assessment mechanisms used. Prior to implementing any physical security plans, it is fundamental to comprehend the types of threats that the entity is faced with, the possibility that the threats will occur, and the level of damage likely to be inflicted in the threat happens. Firms involved in risk management should be able to assist in the identification of the vulnerability areas and thereafter form a functional and sound physical security plan. Schools, businesses, government agencies, and private institutions and individuals and can enjoy the benefits of using exert help in risk management.

In order to prevent theft business entities with large inventory, schools, government institutions with confidential and privileged data and personal private residents require comprehensive physical security systems. Physical safety is one of the most vulnerable. The times we live in today detail potential terrorism. No single person is perfectly safe notwithstanding their location and their domicile. Risk assessment for business can help mitigate elemental and environmental concerns like fires, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

Physical security

This can be described as security measures that are intended at preventing unauthorized personnel from physical access to some space or from accessing stored resources or information (Elert & Associates, 2013). It details also the procedures put in place for the designing of structures that will help in preventing various types of attacks. Physical security is primarily intended to convince the prospective attackers that some location is essentially inaccessible and it is not worth the effort and the time to make an attempt at overcoming the different layers of defense put in place (Elert & Associates, 2013). It is difficult to achieve this level of layered security because criminal elements are quite resilient and persistent.

Entity Example (American Federal Government Pentagon Building)

An example of physical security is the installation of bullet proof glasses in an enclosed teller office in a banking hall to keep the clerks safe from gun attacks (Elert & Associates, 2013). The American Federal government Pentagon has mazelike corridors that are identical. The corridors are designed this way to frustrate and confuse any intruders. The Pentagon is a good example of the complexity of physical security. The design of the Pentagon is such that the occupants can walk from any point to another within 7 minutes (Elert & Associates, 2013). The design is made this way to make it possible for security officials to handle incidents fast.

The identical hallways and corridors are also uniform in every way including the furniture, and pictures used in the decoration. Anyone who is attempting to break into the Pentagon without close and comprehensive knowledge of the complex would get lost easily (Elert & Associates, 2013). It is only the people who’ve had intimate knowledge of the Pentagon through working in the complex who have learned their way around. More than the design of the structure the Pentagon has many security checkpoints, locked doors, security cameras and guards. This affirms the fact that this complex is not just a typical building. It is indeed a secured fortress (Elert & Associates, 2013).

Physical security is made up of three elements which are security, detection, and obstacles (Elert & Associates, 2013). Each of the element handles a particular attack phase. The threats come from potential physical harm or theft. For obstacles the intention is to frustrate, slow down, and disrupt the attackers. This allows for the defense personnel to overcome the attackers. If the setup is perfect, the obstacles will allow for assessment and formulation of a plan. Where there are enough obstacles against an attacker it will dissuade them entirely although there may be no guarantee. Obstacles may include walls or fences surrounding premises, barbed wires, electric fences, locked doors, security windows or bars, shatterproof glasses etc. (Elert & Associates, 2013).

The detection system raises awareness concerning an attack that is already underway or has already occurred. If for instance an attacker overcomes an obstacle set in place the breach of security should be immediately discovered (Elert & Associates, 2013). The detection system could be alarms, surveillance systems, security…

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