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However, there is a progression inside of the Psalm that needs attention. First of all, the message of verse one is telling us that the company that we choose to have around us can affect our happiness to a large extent -- that is, the people that we choose to have in our lives can have a big influence on our own happiness, whether we are aware of it or not.

The first passage is Psalm 1 isn't necessarily saying that the "wicked" are those people who are actively pursuing evil, rather, the Psalm is talking about life, in general, and how it is filled with immorality and immoral people. There is deceit and lies all around us and that is what the Psalm is warning about.

Psalm 1 warns us that there are friends of God (whom he calls righteous) as well as enemies of God
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(whom he calls godless). In order to become happy people we must not ever do what the godless people tell us to do and not go where there are sinners. Another teaching from the Psalm is not to scorn what God is teaching us.

Psalm 1 is teaching man that he must light up his entire soul with the inspiration of God. God can bring both refreshment and light to a person. When one brings God into his life, he can endure anything (like a strong tree), enduring all sorts of hardships. Like a tree, a life that does not have its roots in the ground (i.e. God) cannot absorb the spiritual sustenance from God and it becomes dry and it becomes so weightless that the wind can blow it away in a single gust.

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