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Reflective Essay

Since becoming a college student, my writing process has changed in the sense that I am now more mindful of having a purpose when I set out to write. In high school, I would just begin writing whenever I had an assignment due: I did not prepare an outline or identify a thesis. I usually just wrote off the top of my head whatever I was thinking at the moment. Now that I am in this class and am picking up tips and lessons from the English 1301 course, I have a better idea of how writing is really more of a science than that. Writing is about having a vision and then communicating that vision in...


If you don’t know what that vision is to begin with, the writing will just ramble or meander and never go anywhere. In order to connect with the reader, the point should be clear. In this paper, I will show how my writing process has changed since becoming a college student and how I am working to meet the English 1301 course learning outcomes.

Before getting to college, writing was a spontaneous act: when tasked with doing it, I would simply aim to spill out the contents of my head onto the paper, not bothering to sort anything out. Now, however, I try to think about what ideas are relevant; I brainstorm, jot down the ideas that I think might work; organize points to see if there is coherence and consistency; and then I create an outline to see if I have enough to work out a thesis statement. If I don’t, I go back to the drawing board. If I do, I begin drafting an essay based on the configurations of the outline. Once finished with the draft, I go back and edit it, looking for grammar mistakes, gaps in the thought process, and areas where I can trim out the fat to give the writing more punch.

In terms of meeting the course learning outcomes, I am doing my best to practice in each of the competency areas. First, I am demonstrating knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes by working on my own and with classmates on writing assignments. I share ideas when appropriate and proofread with my peers on occasion. Second, I develop ideas with appropriate support and…

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