Religion As a Source of Conflict and Purpose Essay

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Religion, in whichever form of it, has over the centuries been upheld by various groups as the ultimate guide to good living, harmonious coexistence and the sole source of spiritual nourishment. Virtually all religions uphold their beliefs as the truest path to a purpose driven life and a fulfilling existence on earth and even beyond. The religious writing have situations, case scenarios and story of individuals that are geared towards teaching the readers the purpose for which they are alive and how to overcome various challenges like the religious sages did in the various writings from varying religions. Being that the religious writings define our livelihood and are our spiritual guide, there is the interaction between the spiritual and the physical. The physical body is deemed complete once it is given that functional purpose by the spiritual aspects of religion.

However, the flip side to it is that the same religion can be and has been a source of conflicts within the society. From the centuries old religious records like the Holy Bible, Holy Quran among many others, there are incidences where religious instigated conflicts and wars have been experienced. These have been as direct command from the supreme beings, religious leaders or the gods that have existed depending on the religions. In the recent history, religion has seen the rise of mass campaigns to murder people who do not ascribe to other religions like the massacre and subsequent dispersion of the Jews across the world, the murder of non Christians by the Christians in the so called crusades and the current terrorist attacks that predominantly have their basis on the Islamic faith that the sinners, the unclean, also referred to as Kafir should be killed. There still exists religious intolerance even in silence in almost all societies and this is a form of calm but not peace, or rather a docile conflict in the society.

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