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......paraphilias & fetishes; (Do not engage in any contact or activity that would be considered inappropriate!) In your reflection discuss: What was the site? To whom did it apply? What were the sexuality issues? Specifics? Include the content & resources found there.

Salirophilia is defined as a "parphilic" sexual fetish in which individuals sexual arosal is obtained by basically getting really dirty -- in the literal sense. Individuals will use dirt, mud, or other soiling techniques to make the other person look dirty. This paraphilias does not involve any physical harm however, rather the only harm is done to the person's appearances. There are some reports where some deviations include the use of bodily fluids in some deviations. Treatment is only sought when this practice becomes problematic in some manner.

Part B

1) Watch and reflect on a movie containing material related to class topics: alternative sexual behaviors as covered in the chapters in your textbook. (Movie may be recently released or one on TV.) Submit a brief, written reflection on how any or all of the concepts were implemented within the story line of the movie. In your reflection discuss: What was the movie? To whom did it apply? What were the sexuality issues? Specifics?

Normal Adolescent Behavior

This film is a drama that focuses on a young group of friends who engage in polyfidelitous, which is an arrangement where all of the individuals only have sexual relations within their own group. The teens in the movie believe that this is a better situation that what they otherwise could achieve on their own through conventional teenage dating. For example, with various partners the group's members can experiment freely in different arrangements without having to worry about disease or pregnancy to the same extent as they would otherwise. Although such an arrangement could potentially have merits, the group shows how the emotional aspects of these relationships take a toll on the group's cohesiveness.

Part C

2. Infertility. It is not uncommon in the U.S. today to remain "childless by choice." But people who want biological children and have been unable to conceive can feel as if the choice was not theirs to make. Although the causes of infertility are not fully…

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