Social Problem and Human Services Essay

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Social Problem Related to Human Services

Social justice implies citizens’ equal entitlement to the self-same services and rights. In this paper, the inequalities in providing various human services to different societal groups in the nation will be addressed.

Beginning with education, a fundamental human service, it is a highly concerning fact that the nation’s educational system continually fails unwanted, abused and neglected children. Also, foster children totally at society’s mercy for survival are largely ignored. As children don’t have any avenue for voicing their views and demands, and cannot finance political campaigns, protest for improved services, or lobby elected representatives in order for being heard, it is the responsibility of society’s adults to speak for this faction of society. Attempts at organizing an effective child welfare system can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, when the nation’s contemporary system of foster care was established and Charles Loring Brace initiated his Orphan Train Movement for resettling New York’s orphans to Midwestern states and beyond. Despite efforts like strategic planning, privatization, transformation of systems, thinking out of the box, increased accountability, computerization, etc., child welfare in the form of a national priority is almost an afterthought. And if no child deaths are publicized from time to time, this issue would probably fall completely off the radar. Unfortunately, their tale is usually dark and reveals an alarming underbelly of society. However, some like turning a blind eye to such images, thereby exacerbating the issue (Bowen, 2018).

In the year 2015, three million child abuse cases were reported in the US (2.9 for every thousand children) and four children succumbed to abuse daily, with experts claiming this figure was only 33 percent of the actual figure; the rest go unreported. This is unsurprising given society’s staunch defense of adults’ right of physically disciplining children. So long as there are no injuries, children may be struck by their parents at liberty. Neglect, linked frequently to poverty, resulted in slightly more cases of annual child deaths as compared to abuse. Latest census figures reveal 17.6 percent of minor children lead an impoverished life (the poverty level set by the federal government is 20,000 dollars annually for a 4-member household). An alarming 42 percent of children hailing from female-headed families live below poverty line (DuMont & James 2015).

Social workers who directly deal with individuals suffering from tough living conditions and chronic deprivation understand and report their feelings of insecurity and powerlessness. These underprivileged individuals harm themselves through self-medication, unsafe sex, discontinuing education, unemployment, suicide, ineffective parenting, crime, murder, abuse, attacks and disregard for self-care. Social workers possess the expertise and professional obligation of promoting positive coping (in the form of community activism and other social advocacy, and financial, health-related…

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