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Virological tests indicated that in all (64.6%) or 558 of 864 URI specimens were positive for viruses. Results from the tests showed that Adenovirus and rhinovirus were the most common viruses associated with URI. However, the results further revealed that coronavirus, RSV and adenovirus were the three most commonly associated virus types in URI complicating AOM. This result is in concurrence with previous studies by Henderson et al., Heikkinen etc. Adenovirus was responsible for almost 23.6% of AOM, while RSV was implicated in 15.8% of the cases of Otitis media. The high rates of these two viruses and their association with AOM incidence offers new implications for treatment of URI in children. The Overall results from this study indicate that over 61%
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of the URI is OM complicating with 37% AOM and 24% OME respectively. OM complication was manifest in 50% of children with URI by adenovirus, coronovirus and respiratory syncytial virus. Other viruses such as influenza, parainfluenza, rhinovirus and enterovirus were also associated with the onset of OM as evidenced by the fact that almost a third of the subjects infected by these viruses had OM complication. The inference is that the overall incidence of OM among children can be largely contained if viral URI is controlled among children. In particular, targeted therapeutic interventions that focus on preventing URI infections with adenovirus, RSV and coronovirus should significantly reduce the OM infections among the pediatric population.


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