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Can you help me by providing essay titles that could be topics on an "escape story" as well as tips and an example introduction?


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An escape story refers to a story where a person is getting away from some type of negative situation.  The escape story can be a literal escape from something or an imagined escape.  Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour is a famous escape story, because the protagonist imagines all of the freedoms that she has now that her husband has been declared dead, only to discover he is not really dead.  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is another popular escape story, even though his escapism is in his head.  However, escape stories can also detail literal escapes, such as prison breaks. 

Some essay titles/ topic ideas for an essay about an escape story are below:

  1. Escapism Versus Pure Escape: Exploring the Value of Daydreams in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  2. The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up: How Peter Pan Explores Both Sides of the Escape Story, from Wendy and Her Brothers’ Efforts to Escape Neverland to Peter’s Efforts to Escape Becoming an Adult
  3. Examining the Movie Get Out from the Context of the Traditional Escape Story
  4. What does Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption Reveal About the Importance of Inner Escape When Outer Escape Is Impossible?
  5. In The Count of Monte Cristo, Does the Desire for Revenge Prevent the Count from Ever Actually Escaping?
  6. Viewing Sidney Carton and Charles Darnay through the Lens of the Escape Story: An Exploration of the Role of Escape in A Tale of Two Cities
  7. How Even Unlikeable Protagonists Can Fuel Escape Stories: A Critical Look at Amir in The Kite Runner
  8. Does Eliminating the Possibility of Escape Eliminate the Possibility of Hope?
  9. Exploring Roots through the Lens of an Escape Story: What Does Kunta Kinte’s Recapture Mean for the Protagonist?
  10. Real Life Escape Stories: Examining the Life Stories of Victims like Jaycee Dugard

Example introduction:

An escape story is any story that describes an escape from a bad situation.  They have long been a popular type of media, but seem to become more popular when cultural conditions make escape seem unlikely.  For example, teens seem to be drawn to escape culture because of the very real desire to escape the confines of their childhood homes.  That desire helps explain some of the facets of escapism in the popular work Peter Pan.  

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