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I was looking for help in writing my learning outcomes for population health nursing clinical using bloom taxonomy?

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Bloom’s taxonomy is a way of using three hierarchical models to classify learning objectives.  Bloom’s taxonomy breaks learning down into three broad models based on learning styles: cognitive, affective, and sensory.  It then further divides each of these three larger categories into smaller areas. The cognitive domain is divided into knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  The affective domain is divided into receiving, responding, valuing, organizing, and characterizing.  The sensory domain is divided into perception, set, guided response, mechanism, complex overt response, adaptation, and origination. It can be helpful to keep these various categories and subcategories in mind when writing learning outcomes or goals for nursing students.  Learning outcomes describe the skill set a person should have at the end of a unit or course. Population health nurses are involved in collecting data, identifying at-risk individuals and communities, and watching for population health trends.  They are always useful, but the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has provided a stark demonstration of just how critical to the public health their role can be.

Here are some possible outcomes that could be the goal of a population health nursing clinical:

The nursing student show the ability to convey diagnosis information to the patient.  This involves the technical knowledge of the condition, the ability to present the information in a way that the patient can understand it, the ability to call for help if a patient is in distress, the ability to assess whether a patient is in emergency stress or can be triaged or even discharged, and the ability to provide medical care that is appropriate to a person impacted by that disease or condition.

The nursing student is aware of the impact of socioeconomic factors on a patient’s willingness to comply with medical recommendations and/or seek medical help at the first sign of a disease or injury.

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