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How does homelessness affect a community?


Social economic, interpersonal ,intrapersonal


Answered by Professional Tutor: Mary

Homeless affects a community in a number of ways, including social, economic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal. Socially, there is a stigma associated with homelessness that implies the person is mentally ill, a drug addict, or an alcoholic. While a number of the homeless population do fall into one of these categories, there are other reasons for homelessness. It is also hard on the economy, because these people don't contribute financially to society. There is a cost to feeding them and allowing them shelter, and that cost can be a lot for a community to handle. Homeless people struggle in interpersonal and intrapersonal areas, as well, because they are often angry about their plight. They can take that out on others or on themselves, and they can end up alienating the people who might have been able to help them. If they become too discouraged or hate themselves for the difficulties they have, there is little incentive for them to attempt to change their situation.

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