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I need a title for my essay about Shakespeare?


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Shakespeare may be the most popular broad topic for essays in English classes.  He wrote some of the most well-known works in the English language and, while he is known for his plays, he is also known for poetry.  English essays may focus on his works, but it is also possible to write compelling essays about Shakespeare’s life, including the enduring popular topic of whether Shakespeare was the true author of the works credited to him. 

Here are some essay title suggestions:   

  1. Bringing Home the Bacon: Questions About the Authorship of Shakespeare’s Plays
  2. The Real Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: Both of the Protagonists Are Idiots
  3. Racism in Othello: Looking at the Moor of Venice Through Modern Eyes
  4. What’s the Deal with Gertrude?  Understanding the Most Puzzling Character in Hamlet
  5. Witchy Ways: The…

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