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Analyzing the Bitcoin Phenomenon

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Explain the Functions of Money

Money as a Means of Exchange

This is a vital function of money in an economy because without money, the only way of exchanging goods and services would be by means of barter, which implies a direct exchange of one commodity for another. The economies…… [Read More]

Why the World Needs a Bitcoin Gold Exchange

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Business Proposition for Opening a BTC-Gold Exchange in Palestine
The world economy is fast increasingly unstable as social issues such as massive migrations, economic issues such as crushing national debts, and political issues that are leading to threats of war among many nations, are becoming more and more apparent with every passing day. To protect against these issues, investors…… [Read More]

impact of Cryptocurrency on the Future

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Forms of digital money have been on the rise in the past few years. Today, a broad assortment of transactions can be undertaken without using cash and conventional types of money. Cryptocurrency is the latest entrant. Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, several other cryptocurrencies have been introduced, such as Ether, Litecoin, and Monero. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets intended…… [Read More]

Pony Botnet

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Pony Botnet attack. Details about the attack, resolutions, and concerned parties will be studied.


Botnets can be loosely described as a collection of interconnected compromised devices, known as 'zombies', synchronously working with compromised devices to execute malicious tasks. Zombies are not self-directed like internet worms; they need proper direction to carry out a…… [Read More]

Dark Coins and Crypto Currencies

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Crypto Currency


Crypto is a term that is an abbreviation for cryptography. In accordance to Vacca (2010), the word cryptography emanates from two words crypto and the Greek term graphikos. The former means a secret that is hidden or concealed while the latter means for writing. The two words when joined together mean…… [Read More]

Are Video Games Art

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Pervasive Video Games as Art

The form and function of art has evolved and changed quite a bit over the years, decades and millennia. Paintings and sculpture have been artistic mainstays for much to most of the world of the civilized human race. However, with the technological revolution that has roared up over the last fifty years…… [Read More]

Overstock com Business Strategy and Analysis

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Strategic Choices

The author of this report is asked to do a few things within this report. First, the author is to look at and assess the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix. Second, the author is to review and assess the general business model and strategy of Overstock.com. The author of this report is to then select which…… [Read More]

Law Enforcement and Technology

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Technological Challenges of Today

The objective of this study is to answer as to what challenges law enforcement officials have faced in the light of technological advances throughout the global environment and to discuss a minimum of three problems that such changes have created. This study will answer as to what the recommendations are for future action…… [Read More]

Problems With the American Economy Go Far Deeper Than High Taxes

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Economic Implications of Tax Cut

With Clinton set to make tax cuts part of her platform for the 2016 election campaign, the implications of a tax cut on the U.S. economy are something to consider (Meckler). However, the fact that the political elite are using "tax cuts" as a stumping platform should indicate exactly how much "impact"…… [Read More]

Comparison of Four Crimes

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Crime is everywhere. People commit a variety of crimes for a variety of reasons. Four of some of the biggest and longstanding crimes people commit are human trafficking, drug trafficking, organized crime, and corruption. These crimes often go hand-in-hand; they do not exist without the other. Therefore, they will have various similarities. They will also have some differences.
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How to Plan for One S Retirement

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Trudeau Case Study

Situational Analysis

Alternatives including Analysis

Recommendation and Implementation

Surviving Accounts

Current Account Balances/Payments for Trudeaus at Ages 60-13

Current Account Balances/Payments for Trudeaus at Age 67.5

The Trudeaus are seeking to retire in either 6 years…… [Read More]

How to Use New Media to Connect People

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21st Century Communication: A Reference Handbook: Chapter 54: Traditional and New Media

"News providers then are struggling with brand identity through content" (Weldon, Eadie, 2009, p. 7). That content is what now defines the news providers should not come as a surprise: what is surprising is that there is now so much diversity in terms of content.…… [Read More]

several questions about business

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Knowledge Integration Project

1A) Business owners must take a number of different factors into account when determining the form of business. They have to consider the sources and types of risk that the business takes, if there will be employees, and considerations about raising capital or splitting ownership, which can be quite a complex issue depending on…… [Read More]