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Death Penalty Should Not Exist in the United States

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Death Penalty

Whether or not the death penalty should be utilized as a punishment for serious crimes is a contentious issue, one that is hotly debated throughout the world. In the past few decades the number of nations that sentence criminals to the death penalty has dramatically decreased, as more than two thirds of countries in the…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment in the U S A

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However, on the contradicting side, the question is "Can death penalty really deter criminals?." Several studies show it does not. An online source indicates the following evidences.

From 1976 to 1996, the number of executions per year in the United States has increased from 0 to just under 60. The homicide rate per 100,000 population has remained…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Death Penalty Is

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[DPIC] Similarly, many other researches were conducted but failed to offer any conclusive evidence as to the effectiveness of capital punishment in deterring crimes. The lack of consistency in these results presents a complex problem before us in evaluating the utilitarian value of death penalty.

One more aspect to be considered under the utilitarian thought is the…… [Read More]

Death Penalty

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As such, it is unlikely to change in light of knowledge or information about the death penalty and its administration" (Vollum & Buffington-Vollum, p. 30). Furthermore, "those who scored higher on value-expressive attitudes were less accepting of information critical of the death penalty and, in turn, less likely to change their views in light of the information presented." Thus, the…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Justified Justice the

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Politically correct or not, criminals should pay for the crimes they commit. In no society do we see no punishment for crimes. Walter Berns notes that Aristotle taught anger is just and those who kill should be held responsible. We do not live in such a politically correct society that executing justice is perceived as wrong. Justice is never wrong…… [Read More]

Death Penalty as Justified Murder

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However, the reasons why people commit crime are as different as the individuals themselves. Intentional murder comes in two different flavors. The first is the carefully plotted, well thought out, planned act. In this scenario, motivational theory takes over. The person must feel that they will gain some type of value from the action. It may be that they gain…… [Read More]

Death Penalty and Race Arguments

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Statistics show that black murderers are far more likely than white murderers to get the death penalty, especially if the victim was white. Blacks make up 12% of the population but 40% of the population on death row, as noted. Georgia can serve as a case in point. Statistics show that a black man accused of killing a white person…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment the Issue of

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What happens at this point is the issues are then prioritized, and the death penalty can potentially be considered less important than personal taxes, abortion, or whatever other issue the voter deems as important. This results in an extremely clouded concept of what the majority of the population actually supports in this country -- not just on the death penalty,…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Viewpoint Summary Convicted Wrongfully for

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Death Penalty

Viewpoint Summary

Convicted wrongfully for the murder of a man by the name Delbert Baker, Juan Roberto Melendez-Colon spent more than seventeen years on death row awaiting his execution. His eventual release came after Mr. Baker's real killer confessed to the said murder. Now a free man, Melendez-Colon adds his voice to…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Nowadays the Crimes

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Through which he concluded that each execution prevents around seven or eight people from committing murder (Worsnop 402). In 1985, an economist from the University of North Carolina by the name of Stephen K. Layson published a report that showed that every execution of a murderer deterred eighteen would be murderers (Guernsey 68). While the numbers from these studies seem…… [Read More]

Death Penalty This Is Accomplished

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I would set aside the death sentences imposed as violative of the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments." ("Top 10 Pros and Cons," 2012) This is significant, in showing how the use of the death penalty is considered to be a violation of the basic civil rights that are provided to everyone.

Conclusion of why we should abolish
…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Having a Death Penalty in

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Death Penalty

Having a death penalty in the United States doesn't make sense. We are the only civilized Western nation that still has it (Clark et al., 2004). Other nations consider the death penalty immoral and opposed to democratic principles because it allows the government to kill citizens, which violates fundamental human rights and increases the likelihood…… [Read More]

Argument for Abolishing Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is defined as the legal infliction of death as a punishment, or the death penalty. The United States is one of a decreasing number of countries who still practice capital punishment, using methods such as lethal injection, electrocution, gas chamber, hanging, and firing squad. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, the first known execution in the United…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment in the United States

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Capital Punishment in the United States

Capital punishment is one of the comprehensive, but debatable punishments given to criminal offenders in the U.S. And many other nations across the globe. Capital punishment involves the issuance of the death penalty because of committing serious crimes like crime in the society. Capital punishment has received tumultuous public support touching…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment or the Death

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The death penalty may exact a high cost but so does remaining behind bars for life imprisonment (Haag 1986). But righting wrongs in a society has a higher option than entailing the costs. Penalties are also acts of social retribution to restrain personal or private vengeance aimed at vindicating the law and social order, which has…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Thirty-Eight States in

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The victim is unable to make peace with himself, say goodbye to his family or have his constitutional rights seen too. When a murder is committed, I believe that the perpetrator does not forfeit his rights, but rather some of the respect and convention which is usually given to a dying person. After all, what respect and convention was awarded…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Evolution of the Death Penalty

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Death Penalty

Evolution of the Death Penalty in Supreme Court Jurisprudence

Capital punishment has been in existence for centuries. As early back as the Eighteenth Century B.C., the use of the death penalty was found in the Code of King Hammurabi (Death Penalty Information Center [DPIC], 2010). The utilization of the death penalty for…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Although it Lasted

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Coming across cases in which people were charged with crimes that did not commit and as a result risked being executed, people in Maryland appear to be unsupportive toward capital punishment, as they recognize that one cannot be brought back from the dead. (Will Maryland follow Illinois's lead and abolish the death penalty?).

With death penalty being…… [Read More]

Death Penalty

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Death Penalty is the most severe forms of punishment that can be accorded to a criminal who has committed a crime and deserves to be punished. The brief history of death penalty shows that this is nothing new, because it was something that was practiced right from the eighteenth century BC, in Babylon, and thereafter in Athens, and in Rome,…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Ethics and Effectiveness

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However, sociologists argue that the retributive justice theory suffers due to the lack of appreciation of circumstantial causes involved in the commission of crime. By counting 'free will' as the only factor involved in a crime the deontological thinking lacks in the comprehensive analysis of criminal behavior. For instance the disproportionate number of crimes by the economically disadvantaged African-Americans when…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment the Use of

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It is important to note that though the victim's family also does suffer, the accused could be somebody's mother, father, spouse or even best friend. In such a case, it becomes hard for many to come to terms with death as a form of punishment for a loved one. Thus though capital punishment may be viewed as a symbol of…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Like Abortion the Institution of

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Capital Punishment

Like abortion, the institution of capital punishment is a very divisive topic. The line dividing the supporters and opponents of capital punishment is variably drawn across political philosophies, race, sex and religion. The Governor of Illinois, not long ago, declared a moratorium on death penalty cases in his state. This essay is dedicated to a…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment in 1966 Kenneth

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(Though this does not factor in geriatric care) Capital cases apparently cost between one million and seven million to prosecute, confine, and execute. Non-capital cases cost about $500,000 -- including imprisonment. "In 1991 New Jersey spent $16 million to impose the death penalty. The next year the state laid off 500 police officers because they could not afford to pay…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Unsatisfactory Approach To Serious Crimes

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Studies consistently and generally show that, all factors held constant, the race of the accused is a critical variable in determining who will be sentenced to death. Black citizens are, thus, subjected to double discrimination. From initial charging decisions to plea bargaining to sentencing by the jury, Black defendants receive harsh treatment and, as victims, their lives are given less…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Currently 38 States Have Legalized

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Capital Punishment

Currently, 38 states have legalized capital punishment statutes. In most states, the reinstatements of the death penalty were a response to public outcry over the perceived increase of violent crimes. There are now more than 3,000 people on death row, and more are being convicted each year.

Despite this legalized status, a…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Capital Punishment

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Death Penalty: Social Attitudes and Modern Alternatives

The issue of the death penalty raises deep emotions on all sides of the debate. Many feel that the death penalty no longer holds value as a tool for society to prevent heinous crimes. In the past, the prevalence of the death penalty created a measure of deterrence on social…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Society's Primary Responsibility Lies in

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Death Penalty

Society's primary responsibility lies in working towards assuring the physical and psychological well-being of its honest and upright citizens. Implicit in the preceding statement is that government and other social institutions must bring about a social environment that is safe and free of crime, especially serious offenses that can endanger lives. Viewed from this perspective,…… [Read More]

Death Penalty -- Part One The Death

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Death Penalty -- Part One

"The Death Penalty Costs Too Much" -- George Sjostrom: The arguments presented by Sjostrom follow other similar lines of argument by those who oppose the death penalty. He doesn't take the ethical line or the line that putting a criminal to death doesn't deter crime. He is concerned with dollars and cents.…… [Read More]

Death Penalty the Debate Surrounding Capital Punishment

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Death Penalty

The debate surrounding capital punishment is not as clear as one might think -- in fact, there is a great deal of gray within this debate. The actual definition is State controlled taking of a human life in response to some crime committed by a person who was legally convicted of that crime (Lacayo, 2009).…… [Read More]

Against Capital Punishment

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Wrongful Executions Are Likely

There have been cases where people are convicted and sentenced to death although they were innocent and committed no crime. "In the United States not only do countless men and women get arrested for murders they did not commit -- they get convicted and often sentenced to death as…… [Read More]

Death Penalty as a Deterrent for Murder

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This paper examines the death penalty as a deterrent and argues that states have not only the right but the duty to apply the death penalty to criminal cases because it is incumbent upon states to back the law with force. The death penalty acts as a forceful and compelling consequence for those who should choose…… [Read More]

Death Penalty One Is Most Deterred by

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Death Penalty

One is most deterred by what one fears most. From which it follows that whatever statistics fail, or do not fail, to show, the death penalty is likely to be more deterrent than any other.


If it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to prove statistically, and just as hard…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Is One of

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Additionally, although Uniform Crime Reports states that women are responsible for approximately 15% of all criminal homicides, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that they only comprise 1% of all death row inmates. According to the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, more than 33% of these women were sentenced to death for killing their abusers. Equally disturbing…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment the Legally Authorized

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We should be thankful for this amazing technological development," (Hatch, 2000).

The death penalty must be altered, not abolished. In all new cases, if DNA evidence is not provided as conclusive for the conviction of the arrested, then capital punishment should not even be a consideration. There are already appeals processes in place for those who presently…… [Read More]

Death Penalty

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Death Penalty

From the beginning of a capital punishment trial, the focus of the legal process is on the perpetrator's rights. If found guilty of the crime for which he or she stands accused, and once the death penalty sentence is imposed, the subsequent legal processes and efforts continue to be focused on the perpetrator's legal rights,…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Both Sides of

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Not only does that solution clog the prison system with additional inmates, it adds tremendously to prison costs. Housing just one death row inmate for 20 years could cost over $600,000, and that does not include inflation and other rising cost factors. Thus, keeping inmates on death row simply adds to the taxpayer's costs and creates additional crowding in prisons…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Today the United States Is

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Death Penalty

Today, the United States is virtually the only remaining industrialized and democractic nation in the world to apply the death penalty, although a few other countries have the options on their books but the punishment is rarely enforcement. The heated debate over the efficacy of the death penalty continues, and the arguments on both sides…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment the Death Penalty

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A philosopher looking at this article would likely believe that the author was using consequentialist arguments, because the author appears to feel that the action that must be taken is one that would make everything better. This betterment would be the 'consequence' of not allowing capital punishment for anyone that was under 18 when his or…… [Read More]

Death Penalty Debate

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Legalizing Death Penalty

Pro-death sentence

In civilized states like the U.S.A., there are various means of punishment that are meted out against offenders and capital punishment is one of them. This goes on in chagrin of many pressure groups who argue that this kind of punishment denies the convicts the chance to change and…… [Read More]

Capital Punishment Be Eliminated Death Penalty Is

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Capital Punishment be Eliminated?

Death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and is a relic of the times when practices such as slavery, branding, torture and other harsh and arbitrary punishments were common place. As civilized societies developed and evolved they began to follow higher standards of justice and respect for human life. Unfortunately, capital punishment, which…… [Read More]