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US Presidential Elections

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Presidential Elections

Because of the extreme conditions of the 1930s depression, the New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt went further in expanding the powers of the federal government than any previous administration in history, certainly far beyond the very limited role permitted to it by the conservative administrations of Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover in…… [Read More]

United States Presidential Election of 2006

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Appleman E.M. (2007). The Evolving Field. Online. Internet. Avail:

http://www.gwu.edu/~action/2008/cands08txt.html. Info Acc: 27 October 2007

AFL-CIO (2007). Working Family Issues. Online. Internet. Avail:

http://www.aflcio.org/issues/politics/issues.cfm.Info Acc: 27 October 2007

Bush, G.W. (2004) Victory Speech. Online. Internet. Avail:

http://www.presidentialrhetoric.com/campaign/speeches/bush_nov3.html. Info Acc: 27 October…… [Read More]

2012 United States Presidential Election

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The results of nearly every American presidential election in the past century have reverberated around the world. The same is true for this election, the 2012 presidential race between President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and a handful of under-represented third party candidates. This paper outlines some of the core issues that were on the table this…… [Read More]

Presidential Election Campaign

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Presidential Campaign

revolves under the presidential leadership from its formation. The presidential candidate has to undergo an electoral process so that they are declared winners. The nation has faced challenges like the world wars and even the civil wars due to differences in ideologies. The paper is going to cover U.S. political campaign of President Woodrow Wilson…… [Read More]

Presidential Election Comparison of Candidates

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A primary is another system of electing delegates with a mandate to vote for a given candidate. Unlike caucuses, primaries are votes conducted by the government on behalf of the political party. This vote can be open, closed, semi-closed or semi-open. Open primaries allow citizens to vote in both parties' primaries; semi-closed only the primary for…… [Read More]

Election The Coming Presidential Elections in the

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The coming presidential elections in the United States will be conducted on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and will be America's 57th quadrennial presidential election. As the election approaches, various initiatives and measures have been taken to educate and empower America's voting public and create an increasingly responsible government. These efforts have primarily involved the provision of…… [Read More]

United States and France Freedom Liberty

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The American and French Revolutions occurred within decades of each other, influenced by similar changes taking place in European society. Concepts of freedom and liberty therefore evolved concurrently within these two societies, in part due to the vibrant interchange of ideas and philosophies. French philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville epitomized the bilateral ideological communications that flowed between France and the United…… [Read More]

2012 Presidential Election President Barack Obama vs Governor Mitt Romney

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Presidential elections in the U.S.A.

The United States Presidential election that was held on 6th November, 2012 was the 57th in the United States history. Such elections are held after every four years. The Democratic Party nominee was President Barack Obama while his running mate was Vice-President Joseph Biden. Both were re-elected for a second term in…… [Read More]

1968 Presidential Election Analysis of

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Hubert Humphrey, Johnson's VP, announced his candidacy shortly after Johnson stepped down, and won the nomination during the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Humphrey chose senator Edmund Muskie as is VP running mate.

ISSUES of the CAMPAIGN (Republican Candidates) New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller ran in the primaries as a dove (anti-Vietnam) but Richard Nixon easily defeated him.…… [Read More]

United States Government Is a

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The Supreme Court is the most powerful body of men in the United States, contrary to what many people believe.

The powers of the three branches of government are enumerated in the three charters of freedom: The Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Together, these documents enumerate the rights and…… [Read More]

USA World Bank Case Study

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22 (United States Census Bureau). Finally, Best Market Research surveyed a disproportionate amount of those with incomes under $20,000 per year (United States Census Bureau), sample issues that most likely arose from the media of the survey, a survey. In addition to these severe sample discrepancies, the fact that the data was collected significantly earlier than the implementation date of…… [Read More]

United States and Nigeria Prior

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has stated that up to 50% of the heroin coming into the United States passes through Nigeria.

Concern over progress towards democracy -- that Nigeria is backsliding towards military dictatorship, and human rights violations.

In specific terms, the strategic importance of Nigeria from U.S. perspectives lies in the country's…… [Read More]

United States Social Welfare Programs

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The law also limits lifetime welfare assistance to five years, requires most able-bodied adults to work after two years on welfare, eliminates welfare benefits for legal immigrants who have not become U.S. citizens, and limits food stamps to a period of three months unless the recipients are working. Example: A young eighteen-year-old female who just had a child, but cannot…… [Read More]

US Security the Evolving U S

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To an extent, the idea of Cold War nation building has been in evidence in attempts to instill democracy in fronts such as Afghanistan and Iraq. But as a new president seeks to undo the damage of previous security policy conditions, it is apparent that this is an archaic approach to understanding the way individuals tend to behave under foreign…… [Read More]

United States A Polarized Nation in Recent

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United States: A Polarized Nation

In recent decades, the United States had become a far more self-interested nation, that is, a nation in which most people are more concerned with their own interests, or their own small group's interest (e.g., the AARP lobby; the pro-life movement) than with the interests of the nation as a whole. As…… [Read More]

Presidential Election & TV the

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Also, viewers may perceive the negative advertising as an infringement upon their right to decide for themselves. Such a perception may result in reactance, a boomerang effect in which the individual reacts in a manner opposite to the persuader's intention. What these studies show, then, is that a candidate is never going to know how for sure how a negative…… [Read More]

Impact of the Presidential Election of 1912

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Consequences of the Presidential Election of 1912

The 1912 presidential election had significant outcomes and consequences on the history of the United States. This election was contested by four candidates including a former president, a current president, and a future president who campaigned on different platforms and agendas in attempts to woo voters. This presidential election was…… [Read More]

Catholic Church in Spain and the United States

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Catholic church and public policy have remarked that the members of American clergy in general, without even excepting those who do not admit religious liberty, are all in favour of civil freedom; but they do not support any particular political system. They keep aloof from parties, and from public affairs. In the United States religion exercises but little influence upon…… [Read More]

Presidential Election and the State of the

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Presidential Election and the State of the Market

finance and capital market fluctuates to both positive and negative events. It is argued that the presidential election in November 2012 in the U.S. can have worldwide financial ramifications. There are arguments from economic agencies like Bloomberg that there is an importance of elections for the markets, but it…… [Read More]

United States at the Beginning of 1855

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United States, at the beginning of 1855, seemed to be the strongest it had ever been with Western expansion, a flourishing economic outlook, and thousands of new immigrants bringing their hard work to America's newest factories and fields. However, the tension was mounting politically, tension that would lead to an inevitable, long-suffering war that killed thousands of Americans, and changed…… [Read More]

United States District Court for the Northern

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United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama ruled correctly in awarding partial summary judgment in this case. The summary judgment was granted in accordance with Rule 56(c) (3), Ala. R. Civ. P. Under Rule 56(c)(3), "summary judgment is proper when there is no genuine issue of material fact and the moving party is entitled to a judgment…… [Read More]

US History and Politics

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Conservative American Presidents

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the return to conservatism in the American presidency after the 1980s. It will compare the similarities to earlier periods in the 19th and 20th century, and discuss what relationship there is between this return to conservatism, and the continued struggle for U.S. military dominance…… [Read More]

United States Operates as an Indirect or

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United States operates as an indirect or representative democracy meaning that a select group is elected by the whole to serve as representatives while attending to public matters. This is in contrast to a direct democracy which holds that all eligible members of a society can personally direct public affairs. This distinction is often overlooked by most Americans who believe…… [Read More]

United States of America Consists

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Parties that may have been overlooked due to lack of advertising, can now demonstrate to millions of people at a time what their party beliefs are, which at times can be radically different from the two main parties.

The third party proposal has been around for a very long time, but like with everything, change is met…… [Read More]

United States Political Government

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Political Government
Congressional Ethics
Due to the level of trust the general public has on them, members of Congress ought to ensure that they conduct themselves in a manner that does not betray this level of trust. In the past, many members of Congress have been charged with various ethics violations. Those whose ethical inclination has been put…… [Read More]

US Blockade of Cuba

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Cuban Embargo

American-Cuban Sanctions

Implications for the Future

The United States has a long and complicated history with Cuba that dates back over 100 years (Ciment 1115). The United States assumed occupancy over Cuba after defeating the Spanish at the end of the 1898 Spanish-American War. Cuba became an independent country…… [Read More]

US Foreign Policy

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U.S. Foreign Policy

American foreign policy occupies a unique place in the world. American foreign policy regarding interacting with other nations is a non-homogeneous mixture of politics, economics, and the unique American culture which believes that both the success of political and economic agenda's cannot be separated from the ways which a country treats it's people. To…… [Read More]

Us and the Amerenian Genocide

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Barak Obama recognize the Armenian Genocide?

The killing of more than 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 by the erstwhile Ottoman Empire rulers in Turkey is one of the biggest mass murders in human history as recognized by many countries. The Turkish rulers intended to drive away all of the Armenians during the time of the first world…… [Read More]

US Foreign Policy Under President Obama

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Foreign policy is one of the major issues that have played a critical role in the history of the United States. The significance of foreign policy in America’s governance system is shown in the influential role it plays during U.S. Presidential Elections. Foreign policy has been at the center of America’s politics, especially in the recent past because of the…… [Read More]

United States Is Increasingly Becoming

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In high school, I frequently demonstrated my future abilities to be such a teacher. I was chosen to be part of a task force called Peer Group, which was responsible for a number of various activities that were related to helping young students and orchestrating fund-raisers and special events. In addition, on a weekly basis we…… [Read More]

1932 U S Election Elections of

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1932 campaign is considered different with respect to communication. Breaking the tradition of republican to restrict themselves to front porches Hoover went out and traveled far and wide to deliver speeches. This pattern of traveling to all places is still followed today by the presidential candidates. Public speeches became the hallmark of the 1932 campaigns for…… [Read More]

American Presidential Election Process

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Characteristically, each voter is given the alternative of casting votes separately in each tier, which in this study we refer to as nominal vote and the list vote. On the other hand, there are instances wherein the voter gives only a nominal vote. In such instances allotment of assembly-seats in the list-tier is founded on a combined-total of nominal-votes on…… [Read More]

Federal Campaign Contribution Laws for Presidential and Vice Presidential

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Federal Campaign Contributions

Over the last several years, this issue of campaign finance has been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because the influences of the affluent and special interests in the field of politics have become more perverse. However, the issue of the involvement of special interests in elections has been a major challenge (with…… [Read More]

Leadership United States Had Been Involved With

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United States had been involved with the world affairs from 18th century to the present and its most prominent role was during the pre-world war era and post-world war affairs of the world.

Particularly when President Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy ruled, the economic prosperity of the United States began to grow on…… [Read More]

U S Presidential Election of When Considering the

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When considering the context of American history, 2012 was a year that saw many important anniversaries. One of these was the 100th anniversary of the critical U.S. Presidential Election of 1912. Some of the important players in this election were Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Woodrow Wilson, and socialist Eugene Debs. This election was…… [Read More]

Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election The Agenda-Setting

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Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election:

The agenda-setting function of mass media has largely been influenced by concerns regarding news coverage and the public's view about the significance of the stories covered by mass media. Consequently, some theorists have stated that news editors and anchors have a relatively significant impact on determining the public's views of social reality.…… [Read More]

2008 Presidential Elections - Mccain

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S. such as providing affordable healthcare for all, paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy; making a sincere effort for energy independence, and generating more jobs while investing in renewable energy and conservation (Borosage and Heuvel).

America, after decades of its love relationship with Conservatism, topped by eight years of the disastrous Bush presidency that has…… [Read More]

Current 2012 Political Campaign Funds of Presidential Election

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2012 Political Campaign Funds of Presidential Election

Various reasons contribute to the usage of money by politicians during the campaign period. Some of them include conflict of interest whereby the politicians use their power to lure the public in supporting them. However, the American government has various set regulations of which the politicians are supposed to follow…… [Read More]

Primary Factors Contributing to Obama's Victory in 2012 Presidential Election

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2012 Election

Primary Factors Contributing to Obama's Victory in 2012 Presidential Election

For some, the outcome of the 2012 U.S. presidential election was a foregone conclusion; incumbent presidents rarely lose their second election, and the challenger did not provide enough of a contrast to warrant a change in leadership at this point in history.…… [Read More]

U S Constitution the United States

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In cases of treason accusations, the testimony of two additional parties, or an open court testimony of the defendant is required: "No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court" (Section 3).


-…… [Read More]