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Emergency Plan

Business Name: MWV located in Covington VA

Number of Employees 190

Emergency management plan entails a system of managing resources, information analysis and decision making in the event of a tornado hitting the facility (Hubbard, 2009). The emergency management plan acts a guide to the responsible personal, the staff and residents within the facility on the steps to take upon the occurrence of a tornado. The emergency plan gives a description of the role that the pre-appointed Emergency Management Group (EMG) is expected to carry out in the event of a tornado. The Emergency Management group will serve as the overall authority over the activities in the facility relating to the occurrence of a tornado.

The emergency management policy is to ensure the safety of every individual within the facility and bring the facility to normal operations after an accident.

The head of the Emergency Management group is an appointed Incident Commander (IC) who serves as the facility's ground director in normal facility's operations. In the emergency plan, the IC supervises all technical aspects of the response to the incident. The EMG will provide support to the IC by allocating resource, providing an interface with the outside response organization, the media, the community and the regulatory agencies. The chair of the EMG is the director of operations in the facility and in-charge of all aspects of the emergency. The other members of the EMG are departmental managers and have the task and authority to:

Assess the short-term and long-term impact of the emergency,

Give and order to evacuate or shutdown the facility

Issues press briefs

Interact with partnering organizations and the media.

The facility emergency plan is for an expected tornado. In the event of a tornado, the designated safe point within the facility is the basement parking lot. The EMG and IC will coordinate activities concerning the incidence in the security room located in the building's basement packing.

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency management is the process of preparing for, mitigating, responding to and recovering from an emergency. Emergency management is a dynamic process. Planning, though critical, is not the only component. Training, conducting drills, testing equipment and coordinating activities with the community are other important functions (Safety, 2002).

Direction and Control

Upon receiving warnings of a possible hit on the facility from the national weather service, the Incidents Commander will:

Immediately set up an incident command base center pre-designated for a tornado,

From this center, the IC will issue orders for the facility's staff and residents to prepare for an evacuation exercise to the designated safety regions within the facility,

Issue an order to house those individuals outside the facility's main building,

Undertake to investigate the condition and capacity of the designated safety location putting in mind the number of people within the facility.

The Emergency Management Group will undertake to:

Assess the situation inside and outside the plant,

Give reports on the current operations within the plant in their respective departments,

Evaluate the set up emergency management plan,

Assess the available recourses within the facility to operate through the incident. The EMG should assess fire equipment; facility's blue print; buildings security system; emergency supplies; facility's data; alternate communication and power equipment; supporting emergency partners; first aid Kits and the responsible personnel,

Assign responsibilities to the departmental heads and the senior supervisor on relevant coordinated actions to take. This will involve giving direction to the staff and residents in the facility, shutting down risky operations undergoing in the facility, establishing alternate communication and power resources and Recommend subsequent action upon the assessment

Upon this assessment, the EMG shall

Define and assign duties to responsible personnel and provide a checklist for all the procedures,

Define a procedure for evacuation, facility operation shut-down and medical and health operations,

Determine succession line and protocol to ensures continuous leadership, authority and responsibility

Ensure the accessibility to the designated arrears and emergency supplies

The staff and facility residents issued with responsibility will be tasked to Recognizing and reporting an emergency

Warn other employees and residents in the area

Take security and safety measures

Ensures safe direction during evacuation and shut down

Close the doors, widows and directing colleagues in creating a safe harbor within their respective safety regions.

This team of responsible person comprises of persons with training in tornado disaster management. They will be required to follow the laid down chain of command to relay any…[continue]

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