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). Such security should also preplan strategic responses to attacks associated with the network (Dawkins et al.).

A book entitled "Surviving Security: How to Integrate People, Process, and Technology" explains that the rapid expansion networking and networking technologies necessitates greater security needs. The author asserts that parts of the network such as routers, switches and even network printers are vulnerable (Andress). The article further explains that the router or switch contained between the firewall and the internet access or between the firewall and the internal network are often vulnerable. Organizations with networks should work hard to secure them at these points. The article also states that if attackers can gain access to a network at these points, they can gain access to sensitive information and compromise the stability of the network. Also attackers who gain access to a network at one of the aforementioned points will also be able to develop man in the middle attacks that often involve rerouting internet traffic so that consumers cannot gain access to the organizations sits (Andress). This can result in a loss of revenue and a loss of customers.

Because converged networks are even more vulnerable than conventional networks, it is important that network managers properly secure the network. A failure to do so can result in catastrophe. For businesses a poorly designed network security system could result in loss of revenue. For organizations such as emergency responders' poor security can result in not having the capacity to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. Regardless of the type of organization that utilizes the network, security is essential to ensuring that the network operates successfully.

Both the advantages and disadvantages of converged networks are important for organizations to understand, so that the proper decisions can be made as it pertains to implementing a converged network. An article published in the Bell Labs Technical Journal, explains that successful converged networks have the capacity to allow subscribers to get access to voice, video and data in a manner that is effortless. It is evident that organizations must develop a network that is consistent with their needs.


The purpose of this discussion was to examine network management as it pertains to a converged network (i.e. voice, data, and video). The research suggests that converged networks are emerging as an organizational norm. Such networks care convenient and cost effective. In fact the popularity of such networks exists because they allow businesses and organizations to cut cost dramatically. Such reductions in costs, lead to greater profitability for businesses and the ability to reduce costs for other types of organizations. In addition convergent networks are easier to manage because it combines various functions into a single network.

Additionally such networks allow remote employees to have access to the internet, organizational internal networks and voice and data communication. The research also found that converged networks can also be difficult to secure. As such organizations must develop network security that ensures that networks are less vulnerable to outside attacks. Overall it is evident that the presence of converged networks is sure to increase in coming years. As technology and security options continue to improve organization will view converged networks as a viable option to meet the needs of the organization.

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Network Management. Glossary. 24…[continue]

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