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policy makers with information regarding the potential savings in safety of Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) (Oei, 2005). The problem and opportunity is presented with, "In many countries in Europe accidents and casualties related to speeding are a manifest problem" (Oei, 2005). And, "Police lack the manpower to contain the problem, as well as, infracture measures are unpopular, costly, and time consuming" (Oei, 2005). The authors present the purpose of this study is "to review other types of measures that are effective" (Oei, 2005), which would include types of ISA. The main objective is to provide information regarding the potential savings of ISA, which is important for decisions concerning more research to be conducted.

Based on reviewing the conclusions, the research questions answered were: How can ISAs save on safety? How do the ISAs effect driver perceptions, behavior, and acceptance? How are the calculations of average speed reduction validated? The data collection was based on document review. The study explored and analyzed results from five different field studies conducted in different areas of Europe. The variables that were analyzed in each of the studies were; acceptance of ISAs, effect on behavior, effect of ISA on speed and road safety, speed per road type, casualties per road type, and effect of ISA on reduction of casualties. The design used corroborations of perceptions compared to previous research findings. It also used triangulation of multiple data sources consisting of the five previous research studies to increase credibility.

Evaluation of Methodology

The qualitative method was appropriate in this study because it was used to study human behavior and habits, to assess the acceptance of a product, in this case ISA, and allied with interviews (Qualitative Research Design). Even though this study did not do the actual interviews, it evaluated interviews from previous studies by way of document review. The study also aligns with the qualitative method in respects to purpose of seeking to understand perceptions (Key, 1997). The focus was using the document review of the five previous studies to determine a total and complete picture of the perceptions, behavior, and effect of ISA in order to examine information for decision making for further research. The data was collected in a subjective manner as documents for each of the studies were reviewed with the research questions as the focus or each review.

The investigations were conducted on the document review under natural conditions by analyzing each document and, then again analyzing the results of each review. The results were validated with focus on real, rich, and in depth data, including the statistical analysis of the previous studies and the interview and survey results that were conducted previously. The findings were comprehensive, holistic, and expansive. Additional questions were raised during the review in the integration of the navigation of the systems, the maximum safe speeds, as well as others concerning the road types, conditions, and areas concerning pedestrian crossing, etc.

No strategies were actually discussed, but it is obvious the findings of all the previous studies were compared, particularly where speed was concerned, as well as human behavior and perceptions associated with the use and effect of ISA. The research question on saving with ISA is consistently examined where the study focus was on speed control and casualty reduction with ISA. Driver perception, behavior, and acceptance has internal consistency where surveys were conducted in previous studies and examined in this study to identify the behavior, perceptions, and the acceptance of ISA. Calculations on the validity of speed reduction were also evaluated and confirmed.

Considering the manifested problem of increased accidents and casualties, this study aligned with the problem statement in respects of considering the speed control, human behavior, and the perceptions throughout the study. The purpose statement was to evaluate other effective means. The analysis of the different types of ISA and the effect they had on the speed control and human behavior is consistent in the study. The problem statement, purpose statement, research questions, and the analysis of this study shows internal consistency and alignment.

Author identified limitations, implications, and recommendations

The authors identified the limitation of assuming a 100% penetration level where all vehicles were assumed to be equipped with the ISA when, in reality, all vehicles are not equipped with the…[continue]

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