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solid form to be observed by other people. The power of idea should be that it should mobilize the efforts of the people and should bring changes in system or society or at least the life of some. The military ideas are often very lifesaving and they are based on a detailed background analysis. The ideas are analyzed by many means like comparison and feedback.

Any military or administrative idea can be conceived by observing how the enemies or the friends do the same processes. England is a relatively small country as compared to America. Yet the gun control in England can be an indication for the newly elected President of America that a strict administration is needed to control the movement, acquisition and use of guns.

Rational Action Model

Many idea implementation models are synthesized to help translate idea into an action. One of these is Rational Action Model or the Rationalism. The steps involved in the model are defining problems, Establishing Goals and Objectives, Generating all possible alternatives, considering consequences, evaluating consequences, choosing an Alternative and finally implementing the idea.

1. Defining Problems:

The gun control program in USA is as important as difficult it is. The youth and the underground people in America can easily get access and control on the weapons that develops risks of misusing weapons in the country (Swanson, 1999). The idea implementation starts from defining the problem. This means that the ides should be defined in facts and figures. The guns are so much penetrated in the American society that out of every 10 American citizens, 4 are found to have a gun and about 30% have a personal gun (Carroll, and Poll, 2005). The problem is that often these guns are used in purposes other than self-defense that can harm the society.

2. Establishing Goals and Objectives

The people in England are not openly allowed to keep guns. Even the British police do not display guns in public. Thus the culture of the country is such that the guns are not used as a symbol of power and authority. In the United States, you can declare that it is your constitutional right to bear arms. But in the UK, you need to spend hours filling in paperwork and proving to police officers that you are not a danger to society (Casciani, 2010). The people need to be certified to own to use a gun. The people cannot simply buy a gun and get license for it but they need to first apply for gun ownership that needs them to pass several different layers of administration and check (Casciani, 2010).

3. Generating All Possible Alternatives

The ideas and the facts need to generate possible alternatives that can solve the problem. The possible alternatives of the gun control can be:

The government can make plans to issue new guns as well as require the old guns to register with a gun control panel.

The taxation on keeping guns should be introduced and these taxes should be high to discourage keeping guns.

The guns can first be collected form the society in an organized manner and then given back after check and control.

New guns should be issued only to a few certified people and not to more than two family members in a home can own a gun.

Cutting the display of guns in the police and the media.

4. Considering Consequences

There are serious costs and time concerns involved in this gun control alternative. The guns can be retrieved from the system but this will need a lot of time doing so. The people may also agitate if they have already legally applied to get the guns, they will not be willing to hand over the guns and get them after the new registration (Ivan, 2012). The costs of cleaning the existing system of guns can be very high but this can be very useful at the same moment.

5. Evaluating Consequences

The consequences of retrieving all the guns from the system can be overwhelming. The new guns registration option is more convenient as well as hassle free than the immediate take back of all the guns from system. The evaluation of the alternatives will be much critical since the result depends on it.

6. Choosing an Alternative

The model tells that it is better to focus on the registration of new guns yet the old guns in the system cannot be over looked. Thus the new guns plan will be implemented immediately while the system will not ignore to count and register the existing guns in the system. The legislation, judiciary and executives can lay guidelines about what is important in the system and what costs the system can bear and what costs cannot be borne.

7. Implementation

The gun control will be implemented in America by first cutting the display of guns in the police and the media. Thus the system will not be promoting the increased use or the misuse of the guns. After that, the policies for having new guns will be introduced that will be far more strict than the old ones.

Steps to pass

The policy makers at different level of American government will be using these steps to come up with the final policy against the issue of gun control. There is a separate job of each of the component of United States government.

1. Executives

The executives, the president and his cabinet's role are more active in decision making. They will be informed about the alternatives and briefed about the consequences of each of the alternative. The executives are finally responsible for the decisions they make and have to take the responsibility of the consequences too.

2. Legislative

The legislative bodies evaluate if the alternatives are legally valid or not and how they can be translated into a bill. The elected members of the congress represent their states and tell what will be the impact of the law in their state and how the people of that area will be affected. Thus the President should take consult from the legislation so that the representation of all the states is ensured (How It Works: The Federal Process, n.d).

The legislation has the advantage of being directly in touch with the people thus they know the needs as well as the response of the citizens in advance. The president thus needs to take the legislation in confidence and to ask them to conduct solid surveys via their staff and committees to give an overall idea of how sever is the problem and what do people want in order to control violence and accidents occurring because of the gun use in the system.

3. Judiciary

The President will seek help from the Judiciary to design new penalties for the violations of the law (How It Works: The Federal Process, n.d). The law will be ensured to affective in terms of stopping the penetration of guns in the system as well as discouraging the use of existing guns in the system. The law will be applied on the public, civil servants as well as the police. Nobody will be allowed to display excessive weapons in the public or media otherwise it will entail legal actions or cancelling of the hard earned license of the gun.

Gun Control Implementation

The gun control implementation is a 360 degree idea and it needs the efforts of all the elements of the system. The people and the administrators are equally important in making a policy successful. The President should realize this and thus believe that everyone has a role to play as well as everyone will be directly or indirectly affected from the gun control policies. There is anticipated regulation and peace in the society as a result of gun control.…[continue]

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