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Democratic Party in Massachusetts in the last few years of the decade. Particularly, the paper will assess why the Democratic Party seems to have lost its historic continuity with middle-income voters as evidenced by the popularity of republican themes and issues. The paper will also specifically, examine the role of African-American problems in the philosophy of the democratic party and the receptivity of office holders and office seekers to identify with minority people's problems. The press will be used to help reflect on this idea in Massachusetts. The analysis and information regarding the democratic party of Massachusetts will be further included in the paper so as to present the readers with the relative information regarding the actions and strategies of the democratic party of Massachusetts. In the end, a conclusion will be provided in the paper with respect to the evidences and information, which will be discussed throughout in the paper.


The Democratic Party demands responsibility and accountability from candidates and officials using its name. It shall be a party within which all social, economic, ethnic and geographic groups can gather to clarify issues, affect public policies and implement systems of equal opportunity regardless of race, national origin, creed, sex, age, religion or sexual orientation. It shall be receptive to new solutions to social and political problems. It shall promote the election and appointment of Democrats to public office. In office, the Democratic Party shall act as a coordinator and mediator among the various governing agencies of towns, cities, counties and the Commonwealth; out of office, it shall act as a responsible opposition, a channel for legitimate dissent. To these ends, we pledge ourselves to leadership in a democratic society through this Charter of the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the last few years the Democratic Party has faced many problems regarding the affairs of the party. The responsible authorities have tried to implement effectives strategies regarding the betterment of the state but have failed in some cases because the people and the citizens are not cooperating with the authorities of the party. The party has always supported the Equal Rights Amendment and it has also evolved others strategies for the support of the people and for their betterment. The researches and analysis show state the Democratic Party had to face many problems since its inception. But gradually the party gained its reputation and a good position in the country.

In the 1830s, under the starkly new leadership of Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, the Democratic party developed the characteristics it retained until the end of the century. It was willing to use national power in foreign affairs when American interests were threatened, but in economic and social policy it stressed the responsibility to act cautiously. Democrats argued that the federal government should do nothing the states could do for themselves, leaving everything in control to the smallest denominator. Jackson, when president, acted to reinforce a coalition, and built the foundations of the party. Thus the major source of the party's cohesion was its strong organization, which enabled it to fight in elections effectively and shape government decisions. The Democratic organization, with its local, district, and statewide committees, conventions, and rallies, spread everywhere to promote the party and principles, drawing up lists of voters."

There were many problems, which the authorities had to face during the years of its development. After the Democratic Party regained its power, it started implementing its derived strategies and methodologies in order to support the people of the state and to provide them with effective opportunities and a suitable living environment to survive. However in particular, the Democratic Party seems to have lost its historic continuity with middle-income voters as evidenced by the popularity of republican themes and issues because the authorities of the Democratic Party have lost their importance as the society have condemned their rules and strategies whereas the republican their themes and issues are given much importance in comparison with the issues of the democratic party. Despite of all these circumstances and situations the authorities of the democratic party are still of the view that "The Democratic Party has been, and will continue to be, the defender of individual rights, while remaining a strong champion for the common good. We strongly oppose the use of discriminatory racial profiling practices in law enforcement. It is not only unfair; it is a violation of the basic American principle of innocent until proven guilty. We are deeply concerned by evidence of striking racial disparities in certain sentencing patterns among persons convicted of similar or identical offenses."

The Democratic Party seems to have lost its historic continuity with middle-income voters as evidenced by the popularity of republican themes and issues but the authorities of the Democratic Party are still making continuous struggle in regaining its position and to regain confidence of the middle-income voters. The researches have visualized that the role of African-American problems in the philosophy of the Democratic Party is of major importance for the authorities of the Democratic Party. The press declares that African-Americans are the minority groups in the state and therefore the Democratic Party has given special importance to these problems in fact, the philosophy of the Democratic Party has also been evolved on the basis of the African-American problems. The authorities of the Democratic Party are implementing strategies and methodologies, which could help the African-Americans to demand for their rights.


Massachusetts is a state of the United States of America, part of the New England region. Its U.S. postal abbreviation is MA. It is properly called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, although there is no legal distinction between states and commonwealths.

The colony was named after a local Indian tribe whose name means "a large hill place." The Pilgrims established their settlement at Plymouth in 1620, arriving on the Mayflower. They were soon followed by the Puritans, who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Massachusetts was one of the thirteen colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution. Although the Puritans came to Massachusetts for religious freedom, they were not tolerant of any other religion than theirs. People such as Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams, and Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts and went south because of the Puritans' lack of religious tolerance. Williams ended up founding the colony of Rhode Island and Hooke founded Connecticut."

This state is the most populous and crowded state and as the state is most populous therefore, the society have to face many problems in this regard and the number of social problems is increasing day by day. The paper has addressed the political and local conditions of Massachusetts, the analysis and consideration of the relevant facts have been made in the paper, which states that the democratic party of Massachusetts have faced many problems after its inception. The paper has discussed related questions and has provided answers regarding the democratic party of Massachusetts.

The analysis and researches, which have been made on the Massachusetts and its democratic party, reveals that the African-American problems are the major factors which has helped the authorities to develop their philosophies. The findings, information and evidences are collected from various websites. These information are collected from authentic sources and therefore, the readers can rely on the information which have been provided in the study. The findings and researches have been made in order to know the real status and the importance of the state court, the information has also been added in the paper to support the hypothesis and to reach at proper conclusions regarding the topic of discussion. Hence, it can be said that all findings and relative information, which have been, quoted in the paper do support the hypothesis statement,…[continue]

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