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Medical Use of Marijuana Increasing Use of Essay

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Medical Use of Marijuana

Increasing use of medical marijuana

Having looked at the various areas that medical marijuana has been brought into use and the various forms in which marijuana is administered, it is also important to take note of the various challenges that come with it. There have been various researches that have been conducted that covers the medical as well as the ethical side of the medicinal marijuana, and there have been a dilemma in the balance of the two sides on whether to institutionalize the drug or to stop it, and even on whether the medicinal use can be made to work without the proneness to abuse as is the case at the moment.

Medicinal marijuana has neither medical nor ethical standing within the contemporary society where drug abuse is one of the biggest worries of governments across the world and the alternative medicines that medical research can appropriately come up with.

There are various factors that point at devastating effects and after-effects of marijuana use be it for medical purposes or not. These reasons have left a trail of destructions some of which are non-redeemable. The calls for medical use of marijuana are not anything new in the field of medicine particularly taking into account the past errors with more lethal drugs. For instance, the past president for California Narcotic Officers Association Ronald E. Brooks (2010) submitted that heroine was initially developed to act as a non-addicting analgesic that would effectively replace morphine and the devastating results are now known all over. Sigmund Freud made the same mistake by indicating that cocaine was a non-addictive and quite harmless drug, the same mistake replicated in 1980s by Dr. Lester Grinspoon when he publicly pronounced cocaine to be as harmless and safe to use as aspirin, the society now knows the truth about both. These are…… [Read More]