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The Protesting Of The National Anthem Essay

Freedom of speech is ensconced in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, penned in even before the right to bear arms. Then why are so many Americans upset with Colin Kaepernick? All Kaepernick did was, at first, refuse to stand for the national anthem and then, knelt. His kneeling has become a symbol of political...

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Black Lives Matter Essay

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This essay focuses on the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. One of the more controversial movements in recent American history because of critiques that it is anti-police, the Black Lives Matter movement began as a response to George Zimmerman being acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin and gained force as people became increasingly aware of the killings of unarmed or compliant African Americans by police officers. The result is that opinions of the Black Lives Matter movement vary, with some people considering them a vibrant new civil rights movement, while others consider them domestic terrorists. (Read More)

Hollywood's Dirty Little Secrets Essay

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The accusations against Harvey Weinstein may be a turning point in gender and power relations. Women who have spoken out about sexual harassment and rape in the past have often been silenced or ridiculed. Anita Hill is a perfect example. Countless women around the world are victims or rape and harassment with little in the way of legal or even social support. What makes the Harvey Weinstein case so important, and so pivotal, is that it might actually lead to greater change than ever before. (Read More)

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